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All of us would agree, I'm sure, that there is great respect to be given to those who decide to serve others. No, I'm not talking about the guy behind the counter at the Majic Market, or the girl who says "would you like a piping-hot apple pie with that today?". I'll even exclude political figures since, well, the majority of them serve only themselves.

The folks I'm diverting my attention to are the ones who lay it on the line: Law Enforcement, Doctors, Firemen, and EMTs. The ones on the front line between life and death in regard to a great many people.

What does it take for someone to want to chose such a profession? Obviously, it is an insatiable desire to help those who really need it. To be a life-altering force in the existence of some man or woman they may encounter, yet do not know. My nephew, Daniel (God bless him), has chosen this kind of job for his career. Of course, that doesn't suprise me, knowing him his whole life, and knowing the possible future he refused and how he made it on his own.

The really amazing thing is that sometimes you end up with someone filling that void that you wouldn't dream of in a kazillion years.

Residents in New York state who have needed EMT support couldn't possibly imagine who was tending to their needs in their most desperate hour. According to those close to this phantom helper you would never know the person they work and eat with every day was who he is. He's just a really nice guy who wants to help people, they would tell you. But why would he chose to do this job after where he has been and all he has done?

His fellow EMTs reported his answer being because he wants to help people.

My mind is completely and utterly blown out of the back of my skull. And when you come to realize that the person we're talking about here, this "phantom helper", is really none other than that marquee rock and roller David Lee Roth, I'm sure yours will be too.

Yes, you read that right. Ol' Diamond Dave himself, who has tried his best to keep this all secret. Apparently, the only reason it made the news was because he was spotted by a news crew while doing his job. To their credit the news crew did not report what area of the state he was working in, and I find that both rare and applaudable. It isn't like he's hiding, but most folks miss him completely, as he is now "sans hairdo" and low key.

It made me glad that I always prefered Van Roth to Van Hagar, and is why I will now forever hold this man in the highest esteem, regardless of the years of ridiculousness that was all so obviously part of an act.

And to this icon turned ICON, I can only offer this: Dude, you totally have my respect.

Till next time, take care and God bless

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