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PCR #247. (Vol. 5, No. 51) This edition is for the week of December 13--19, 2004.
Matt's Rail

 by Mike Smith
"The Life Aquatic"  by Drew Reiber
Atlantis Found!
 by Mike "Deadguy" Scott
"Filthy" Unites Friends....Hey, '90s, Git Your Own Station!!!..."The Machinist"....New Wave Concert: Duran Duran/The Go-Go's...."Ocean's 12" Fells "Blade: Trinity"....Mark Biero....Bye Bayfront Center....Yes, Jeff Strand, You're Allowed to See That...."Mandatory Guidelines" for the Week
 by Andy Lalino
Danger, Will Robinson
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Andy's Letter .... Congratulations .... Did Someone Say 20 Years? ... Meet The Beatles, Part 47
 by Mike Smith
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That is the first thing that sprang to mind upon learning that Nolan's Pop Culture Review was knocked down to the canvas of web site lore. As noted by the Nol'ster this was due to a kitchen fire of meltdown proportions in regard to the server, which as some of you may know I am unfortunately very familiar with.

The first idea that something was wrong was a couple days ago. I was heading to the Review to catch up on some articles I hadnt had time to peruse, when I was immediately diverted to Nolans webmaster sign-on screen. Very odd, I thought, as I tried unsuccessfully to hack into the program using every Canova phrase I could snag from my fading memory.

"Surely, Nolan can't know this is happening", I thought. If he knew, the page would be up. I considered calling him but as this was his usual 7-11 timeslot decided to wait until he was online. So I waited, and waited, and waited, but he never came online. At least not while I was and this was very odd in itself. To add to the mystery, Lisa Z IM'd me about the site, and we agreed it was very Un-Nolan-like to allow such a thing. I greeted her idea to phone the main man with great enthusiasm.

Then she IM'd me that Nolan's phone was disconnected! WHAT????? As with a horned toad with a scathing skin complex, the worry warts were beginning to form. I immediately began searching for the 7-11 phone number at his place of employ when Lisa chimed in that ol'Nol was safe and sound and, as we all now know, was undergoing great consternation at the failure of his server.

While this is a rather cruel thing to happen to a web master (their site being wiped clean), it appears that there was some recovered data so hopefully it won't be as extensive a problem as initially thought. The greater news, of course, is that my friend is fine and not treading deep do do in the course of real life, although he may disagree with that.

At any rate, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it's great to have PCR up and running again, and even greater that our friend was just temporarily MIA, even if it was just my rampant imagination.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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