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PCR #249. (Vol. 5, No. 53) This edition is for the week of December 27, 2004--January 2, 2005.
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Seems kind of small to be wishing Happy New Year with all that is going on in the world today, but maybe that's all the more reason to celebrate it.

Another indication that life goes on regardless of time or tragedy.

For me, we'll have some friends over from Vermont to bring in the New Year the right way. Haven't necessarily resolved to do anything different as of yet, but I still have time.

For you, I hope it is a very fun, exciting, safe and automotively uneventful New Year's celebration. And that your resolution is one that betters you substantially in whatever way that may be.

How horrific the tidal wave that has now claimed the lives of close of well over a hundred thousand people. Estimates now way surpass that, and with colera sure to follow, thousands more are certain to die.

As Nolan noted, this earthquake was so powerful that it shifted the earth's axis, which could mean a whole lotta things for the future or nothing at all. I've read one report on Netscape that said since the earthquake and its shifting of the planet, we have lost 1 second every day. You would hope this would eventually end, or just follow the normal course we now have where it's dark by 4pm in winter but light till 8pm in summer. Or will we just continue to lose a second every day until days are non-existent. I know that sounds completely irrational, but then I never thought I'd live to see an earthquake that would literally shift this planet's rotation, which it did.

Even more disconcerting at the present is that more alerts are coming that another Tsunami could strike this same region.

I've also seen that scientists are now very concerned with the plate movement 50 miles off the coast of Northern California, which apparently is more than similar to that which transpired before the quake and tsunami that just happened overseas with the grinding plates. It's no secret that California is a hotbed for earthquake activity, and we're all just living in la la land if we think that can't happen. Scientists say it has already happened once, back in 1700. Recent evidence of oceanic flooding in the Puget Sound has been dated back to that time, clearly indicating a tsunami event at some point. And to these same men, the current situation off California is a "loaded gun".

I'm also reminded of an earthquake back in '76 that killed over 250 thousand Chinese. And as I write this, I see the deathtoll has catapulted to over 120 thousand.

Why do disasters like this happen? Can there be any answer that will soothe the wounds of a broken family and broken hearts? Surely, some are asking, where is God in all of this, or making claims that this proves there is no God. Some are even claiming this is divine retribution for 9/11, which is absurd and disgustingly stupid.

These disasters strike us as we live our lives on this planet, this alive and still growing planet that is forever changing in its structure, which is why we have disasters such as we do. We are told in the Bible that these things will not only happen, but increase in happening, and that these will occur while the intelligence of man is at its zenith. Coincidence that these things are unwinding at the same time we have a president who allowed someone to call him "God in the White House"?

I sure hope so.

As for God, He is available at this time to everyone affected by this terrible event, as He is to all of us, not on a global scale, but on a personal one. Just as He always is. Surely some overseas are knowing this right now just as there are those who disbelieve because of it. Just as there always are.

One thing is certain. Just as certain as the grossness of this terrible event, is that there will be another one in the future and we are but mere mortals. When and where, as always, are unknown or speculative at best and reality shows us we will be ill-prepared to deal with it. We can only pray that the province of God for us is protection. That, at least, is my prayer.

Till next time, take care and God bless, and again,



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