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Well golly, I just can't tell you how suprised I am that there are no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. All the claims that Saddam was stockpiling to blow us to smithereens ends up being the lie to the real truth and fact that it just is not, and probably never was, there. Of course, that statement is mere speculation and conjecture, but has an equal chance of being one or the other.

Surely just as there have been in the past, there will be those ready to run to Bush's defense. In a way, I can see how those folks feel the way they do. Heck, there is the possibility that Bush agonized over this killing of innocent lives, whether ours or theirs, but sadly I do not believe he did. WMD was his ticket to nail Saddam, and as far as I can tell he bled it like a slaughtered lamb.

All the billions of dollars wasted. All the lives lost over a world leader's error. All the non-caring about it all.

You want to find WMD? I'll tell you where it is. Just south of the nose of Bush's face.

My 44th year started just like most others; with minimal fanfare. The lone exception being that of my trumpeting wifey who wanted to try and make sure the day was special, and not just blasé.

She succeeded in this endeavor by just caring, but improved her standing by securing me a 100 dollar Gift Card which, needless to say, will go straight to my ever growing all-consuming, out of control, like-of-its-own DVD collection. Sweet.

A very close second was the chocolate Birthday cake, which was covered thick with chocolate icing. Mighty tasty, if I do say so myself.

Of course, as always, the ultimate Birthday moment is the realization that I still have my Mom around, I have friends who love me enough to remember, and a most awesome wife who I'm very lucky to have.

For those of you who didn't dabble in your classic child poem when you had young impressionable minds, or missed out on the entertaining TV Movie of the '70s, you may not be acquainted with Miss.Bordon. But her parents sure were.

To keep the record straight, Lizzie Bordon was a girl who "supposedly" took an axe to her mother and father. In rather brutal fashion, I might add. The poem goes:

Lizzie Bordon took an axe
Gave her mother 40 whacks
When she saw what she had done
Gave her father 41

The TV Movie had rather stellar ratings if I remember correctly, and I was surprised to learn recently that it was not yet available on DVD. And for those of us pop culture '70s TV Movie children, that just will not do.

Therefore, I'm happy to announce that there is a petition recently started to get the ball rolling down DVD Boulevard. If you are so inclined, take a minute and sign the petition. And if not....heck, sign it anyway. Better for the rest of us who care.


As some of you may know the NFL is now in playoff mode, with winners advancing and losers going home. The golden egg, of course, is the Vince Lombardi trophy that goes to the SUPER BOWL winner. And since I've amazed myself with a certain football prowess this year at picking winners, I thought I'd throw myself to the wolves and show just how potent the mustard is, or isn't. Thus......

  • Jets over Steelers
  • Pats over Colts
  • Rams over Falcons
  • Eagles over Vikings

Till next time take care, and God bless

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