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Martin Luther King Day
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Does it seem like December '05 is too far away? For those King Kong maniacs like myself it sure seems like it.

And if the mere thought of this too cool event isn't enough, a new poster has popped up that is pretty cool in its own right. I believe the poster pubahs goofed, however, by mis-spelling one of the stars' names. Still, that notwithstanding, it is something I myself would not mind owning and hanging on my wall.


And just in case you've forgotten, you can not only get all the skinny, but watch the production of Peter Jackson's King Kong step by step with Jackson's own video diary at....http://www.kongisking.net

Some excellent news for fanboys across the nation tuned in to the history of the fanboy genre. And that is Jim Warren is back and in the public eye, looking to enforce his brilliance on yet another era of young fanpups.

I happen to have come across a most excellent interview with Jim, where he talks of reclaiming Creepy and Eerie, and where that may lead. And yes, there is more information about classic FM than you can shake a stick at. Plus you'll learn what shocked me completely, that Warren is not his last name!

Check it out. It is a most worthy read! http://citypaper.net/articles/2005-01-06/cover.shtml

I would like to thank two people for ruining a perfect weekend of football picks.

First, and not necessarily foremost, is Head Coach Mike Martz of the Rams who, for whatever reason, decided to stop thinking sometime around half-time. I say that because his plays became so predictable that the commentators were even grossing him for it.

Secondly, a big old Matty thanks to Doug Brien, place kicker for the New York Jets, who decided to pick last weekend to have one of the worst games of his career. My prediction that the Jets would whip up on the Steelers did come true, and they literally won that game twice. Unfortunately, Dougie boy didn't come to play.

As for the Eagles and Patriots (my other picks): Thanks studlys!

The Eagles, playing at home, face the amazing Falcons (who still don't impress me). You would think after last week picking against them, and them winning, that I would learn some kind of lesson. Well, I did. I learned that the Rams have possibly the worst coach in the NFL. Thus, I must pick the Eagles in this game, because I refuse to believe they will be denied their right to the Super Bowl after 3 straight years of missing it by one game.

The home boy Patriots last week made NFL MVP Peyton Manning of the Colts look like former Buc QB Jack Thompsons little sister. Manning, who has blistered the league with touchdowns breaking Dan Marino's seemingly unbeatable total, was held to zero by the Pats. Now they take on the best team in football. By record, anyway. It's the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the game is in Pittsburgh. And as strong as the Steelers are, and even though they've lost only one game this year, and even though they've already beaten the Pats once, I have to go with the Patriots. I just do not see them losing this game. Thus.....

  • Eagles over Falcons
  • Patriots over Steelers

Culminating in a Eagles/Patriots Super Bowl, predicted by moi at the beginning of the season. If this happens, it will be the first time that both of my pre-season Super Bowl picks made the big game. And that would be most cool.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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