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PCR #255. (Vol. 6, No. 6) This edition is for the week of February 7--13, 2005.
Matt's Rail

"Finding Neverland"
 by Mike Smith
Neil Gaiman's Return To Comics....Black History Month Notes....Numb3rs vs Murder in Suburbia....Super Bowled....And Now The Couch Potato Super Bowl Commercial Awards
 by Vinnie Blesi
Let's Review: I Killed The Maverick?....More on Mike....Check Your Pocket For Change
 by Brandon Jones
I'm Back....King Kong (Dark Horse Comics)...."The Boogeyman"....Creature Productions: "The Incredible Comic Book Murder" and Film Fest #1
 by John Lewis
Back On The Couch....Rondo Picks Up Steam.... Super Bowl Pooo-bahhh .... Welcomings
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Super Bowl Notes....School House Love....José It Ain't So....Welcome Back....Hello There, Ladies and Gentlemen....Passing On....Jaws: The Story, Part 5
 by Mike Smith
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I'd like to personally welcome back Vinnie Blesi and his Couch Potato Confessions. I look forward to this column whenever a new issue is offered and am glad it's back in full swing.

While this has been mentioned before, it bears mentioning again that one of the more appealing aspects to PCR is the amazing diversity that comes with each and every installment. Vinnie's work obviously lends itself to that diversity.

Holy Gawanga! With a little over a week left in the voting, the Rondo Awards has surpassed the magic 1,000 votes and should easily add another hundred or so before all is said and done. For a ballot as intensive and extensive as this one, this is truly an amazing feat.

A true testament to like-minded horror/sci-fi folks. With votes continuing to come in, it will be exciting to see what the final tally will actually be. Apparantly, the majority of the categories are still very tight, with no clear winner!

Possibly the best thing out of all of this is us fans having a voice. That is what many are saying in their emails to writers and Rondo pubahs. Even one of the nominated writers, Jessie Lilly, chimed in to mention emails of acknowledgement by supporters citing their joy over this award.

And to the countries I mentioned in my last Rail, we can now add Chile, Scotland, and the Netherlands to the countries that votes have come from. Very exciting stuff.

Yes, folks. Chalk it down. As with the New England Patriots winning their third Super Bowl in four years, I have accurately predicted the Super Bowl winner in each contest they've been in.

Of course, it's sweeter than that, as I've predicted correctly the last 12 our of 13 Super Bowl winners. The lone miss being Giants/Ravens five years ago.

So who should get the Mattster Game Ball? It's a tie. Normally, a player on the losing team should not get such an honor, but this guy is truly deserving thus will share in the honor. For the winning Pats, it has to be Dieon Branch who won the MVP. Just a phenomenal gutsy performance that has easily placed this guy amoung the best in the league.

For the Eagles, I just have to pay homage to Terrell Owens, who came back in gladiator form and substance, delivering one of the most impressive performances ever, due specifically for playing on a leg that isn't healed from a break, has two screws in it, and wasn't cleared by a doctor to play. Not wanting to let his teammates down, Owens sucked it up, put on the pads, and defied logic to help his team. Amazingly, I really feel that if they had gone his way more, the Eagles would have won this game, and I would not be 12 of 13 today.

Welcome Joe Davison to Nolan's Pop Culture Review. Always exciting when someone new joins the ranks, offering a fresh perspective on things.

Also looking forward with great eagerness to Will's UFO story, and have greatly missed La Floridiana the past few weeks. It's truly been an eyesore with no column.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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