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PCR #258. (Vol. 6, No. 9) This edition is for the week of February 28--March 6, 2005.
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A Case of Microwave Mayhem or Misinformation in Northwest Florida? Part 2 of 2
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"Be Cool"
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The Oscars....Mega Conned Again....Latest Kong DVD News
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I Didn't catch The Name....Captured....Oscar Notes....Yo Adrian, You're Dead....Am I Blue?....Movie Notes....Jaws: The Story, Part 8
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Can't remember a time where someone I wanted to win didn't and I still completely enjoyed the awards. But with my boy Clint getting the Oscar for directing, "Million Dollar Baby" getting Best Picture, and my main man Morgan Freeman finally getting his due, I can get past Annette Bening getting hosed, once again, out of a deserved Oscar.

For the record, while I picked Bening as my favorite, I did predict that Hilary Swank would probably take it, which she did.

Also, Jamie Foxx winning ending up being one of the greater moments of the show. Loved his acceptance speech, and loved the wide-eyed look of love for her father that his daughter gave him from the audience. Pure TV magic.

What wasn't TV magic was "Passion of the Christ" not winning for best make-up. You have to be smoking some serious crack not to realize this movie earned this award. Just gut-wrenching and realistic, to the point of religious conversion of some viewers.

As for Chris Rock, I thought he did a great job, although I could do without ass-this and ass-that. Thought he was energetic, funny, and kept things moving. He also correctly blasted the morons who lack etiquette for playing music over an acceptance speech before the winners onstage even opened their mouths. Complete lack of class by the Academy for not making that right.

Overall, a winning show, and I believe Mike Smith only bested me by 2 selections this year. "1" if you give me the Swank vote. Ahem, I'm getting closer bro. Next year, your mine.

Of course, next year is for losers. BAH!!!!

As I predicted would happen, another con comes and goes and my good friend Nolan comes up dry in the FM#3 department.

Seriously, from all the grief I've given Nolan over this, I must confess that I've heard he did, in fact, actually peruse the scene, enough to notice not many mags were being sold at all, let alone FM.

Thus I thank him for his undertaking, yet unsuccessful, though thorough.

Thanks, Nol. (You bet. --N)

Crazed Fanboys who just happen to be Monster Kids as well will be happy to know that Kong is definitely in the works.

With a tentative release date of November 2005, '33's King Kong will come at the forefront of Peter Jackson's remake, due to hit theaters this coming December.

The nice guys are Warner Brothers were nice enough to come clean concerning Kong and a virtual plethora of other items of interest. In terms of Kong, WB says the DVD will be a 2-disc SE, and (and I quote) "We are currently doing a film element restoration on it from a gorgeous nitrate element located recently in Europe. Well worth waiting for. Kong will now fall from the Empire State Building without gaps!"

Nothing said of the infamous Spider Sequence, but if there was ever a chance it could show up, this could be it. "I hope, I hope, I hope".

Truly, this news is excellent, as is the entire conversation with WB. Something no Crazed Fanboy should not be in on, thus.....


Till next time, take care and God bless,

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