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PCR #260. (Vol. 6, No. 11) This edition is for the week of March 14--20, 2005.
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Sometimes I ponder my thoughts and feel that I'm a little jaded over years of just negative and/or bad news. Seems like every time you turn around, some stupid criminal steeps to a new low. And it just doesnt really get much lower than this.....

The girl scouts of troop 4180 were selling cookies and candy at a booth outside a grocery store in Ohio. As one of the scouts pointed out some Thin Mints to a customer, that same customer reached over the table, grabbed their envelope of cash, and took off.

If ever there was a fitting time for the use of that vaunted insult, SCUMBAG, now seems to be it.

Naturally, the girls were crushed since El-Scumo made off with $320 dollars, which was to go toward their summer camp. The employees at the grocery store took up a donation and came up with $25, but I'm sure that couldnt take away the devestation and disbelief.

Young and innocent, now jaded with the reality of life. All because of some scumbag. Like a bad penny, they always seem to turn up.

Now you'll excuse me as I have to go pray and ask God to forgive me for calling another sinner Scumbag. And pray for the Scumbag. And for the girls to get on Leno.

Nice to see that Washington still has its pulse on what the people want.

No, I'm not talking about the congress who finally decided cheating in sport was a bad thing, and needs to be investigated. I'm talking about the Bush administration who has decided congress is wasteing it's time.

Certainly most don't like a cheater, although with W finally being elected to the Presidency some are ambivilant to it, but the fact is baseball is trying to sugar coat a major issue in its sport.

While Bud Selig bemoans the investigation and committee into his sport, he has to realize that after all that has transpired over this drug, baseball really did very little to stop the problem. I can say this because when the very guys accused and/or suspected of cheating, who happen to be its biggest stars, get a pass on the first drug screening, it just doesnt wash the dirt out. Only makes a bigger stain.

And with all the knowledge about the drug today, and its adverse long term effect, and it's ability to turn a 15 home run hitter into a 50, and the obvious unfair advantage that gives the player and his team over their competition...well, to give a unimpressive 10 game vacation for it is just enough to be insulting.

And exactly why is it the White House is trying to undermine the discovery of truth in this matter by questioning it? Is it just a coincidence that Bush was owner of the Texas Rangers, and is mentioned in Jose Canseco's book as being encourageing toward the use of steroids?

Can it be a coincidence Bush was owner of a baseball team when steroid use was really catching on?

Can every bad thing be his fault???

Sure. Why not.

Of course, W isn't the only owner baseball has ever had. But as an owner he is just as contemptable to fairness if Canseco's book is true in this regard. And while everyone initially started blasting old Jose as a liar and lowlife money hungry gossip machine, the tide has turned as several baseball executives have come forward and stated Canseco's revelations are true ones in the instances they know of personally.

So players, managers, trainers, executives, owners all knew this was going on. All are responsible, whether active of purposely silent to the fact. And now our government is investigating the cheaters of our favorite pasttime.

Seems almost too perfect that our most proven liars and cheaters investigate those of sport.

Due to this, I'm almost certain the only thing that will come of it all is our tax money wasted. Which is pretty much what happens anyway, but still.........

Till next time....
Take care and God bless Matthew

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