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Blade Band Reunion Must Be Stopped!
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Moonstone publishing has announced that Carl Kolchak: The Night Stalker will return to print in the form of paperback, sometime in the fall of 2005.

For the first time, Kolchak will be at the mercy of a number of contributing writers, of whom are included Max Allan Collins, Ed Gorman, Stuart Kaminsky, Elaine Bergstrom, PN Elrod, Richard Valley, Mark Dawidziak, Peter David, Steven Grant, Chuck Dixon, Robert Weinberg, Brett Matthews, Mike W.Barr, James Bates, CJ Henderson, Fred Van Lente, Dave Ulanski, and Joe Gentile.

In the series of short stories, we will have the first ever face off between Kolchak and that old Dark Shadows friend we all know and love, Barnabus Collins. For a guy like me, weened on this show, this is just too much.

Must say I am looking very eagerly for the day that hits print.

Having just read the strange diatribe in Oddservations, I'm still unsure if it isnt just some hoax dreamed up by Andy, or maybe Nolan working toward some self-fullfilling free advertising thingy, but I am sure about this: There are just too many people on this planet with too much time on their hands.

Here we are, a nice, friendly webzine, whose sole purpose is to spur conversation between not only ourselves, but our reading public, canvasing the entire culture we live in, be it politics, entertainment, death or taxes, and all the Culture Clubettes can write about is something this as rediculous as being offended by a band that played what, 8 years ago?

The only thing a Blade reunion represents is the love of old friends getting together and reminiscing about old times. To see how this could, in any aspect, be a threat to anybody is so ridiculous and silly it really has no merit. Possibly to members of this group my words are thoughtless, or maybe even cruel. But are they any more cruel than the thoughtless accusation that anyone of us in the group Blade itself would ever be connected with the kind of stupid behavior directed toward these ones of culture?

It is overwhelmingly apparent to every single individual human being walking this planet that has had anything remotely to do with any one of us that none of us are remotely close to being bastians of hate and makers of dumb folly at the expense of others. Rather we ourselves from time to time were the targetees of stupid behavior.

Much like now.

I'll add to this that I find it incredibly sad, that with everything going on in the world today, and everything that is covered on these pages, that someone took the time to write in what they did, when they could have utilized their time making a point about something, anything that is worthy of discussion.

Instead, all they've done is show everyone who reads us that there is a group of people somewhere, who are currently acting like knuckleheads, who don't know how to apply themselves to measures that warrant it. And no, that isnt directed toward the Clubbers, but anyone who has nothing better to do than threaten people they don't know and harrass them without cause.

At any rate, I'll remain hopeful that one day you'll care about, and lend your voice and energy to, something that really matters; like ending world hunger, obliterating starvation, the fight for peace and brotherly love, and the end of corporate and political corruption, the last two of which I realize as the ultimate pipe dream.

Of course those things maybe don't rank with your sensitivities. And if that's the case, then its even more sad than the campaign of hate against a bunch of guys who just love to jam.

I'm still not sure if this letter is legit or not, but at least it gave me something to add to my rail, which was really struggling this week, so..... thanks guys, I look forward to seeing you in August. And while I never really cared too much for David Essex......

Rock On!!!! For peace and love. Not hate and anger. (Agreed, Matthew. And yes, I thought Andy's little hoax was pretty funny as well as convincing at first glance. But, hey, he's a lunatic out for an easy April Fool's gag so I played along. --Nolan)

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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