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In what has to be one of the most brilliant moves in the history of DVD-dom, Walmart has decided to offer fans of Clint Eastwood a treasure trove of hits for that very low, Matthew-friendly price of $5.50 each.

When I stumbled upon this the other it was one of the happier DVD treasure hunting moments. If you're are not of the treasure hunting ilk, it basically means that anytime, anywhere I am on the hunt. Looking not only for my favorite hard-to-finds, but also incredible deals that just should never be passed up.

Not to be confused with the regular $5 DVD deals at the W, which are plentiful I assure you, the Clintster has his very own Eastwood tub that all these hits are piled into.

Among the classics available at the store I was in were Dirty Harry favorites Magnum Force, The Enforcer, and Sudden Impact. Also on hand were Every Which Way But Loose, Firefox, and Heartbreak Ridge. Sadly the original Dirty Harry, as well as The Dead Pool, were not available in this deal, but that could just be that the store I was in didn't have them yet. And I was very suprised that the only Westerns of the bunch were Josie Wales and Pale Rider, especially given the lowball price on his Man With No Name series.

But really, that's small zits on a buffalo's butt when you look at what they're giving us already. Check it out, and take Clint home, and let him make your day.

Seeing as everyone else is coming clean with their experience with the flying dudes from outer space, thought I'd share my little, if insignificant, "day in the UFO sun".

Not sure of the exact year, although I recall I was in the Montego with my dad, which means I had to be in junior high, or just starting Plant High. Truly, I don't look back on this with any kind of awe, because there wasn't much to it, and I've experienced other things since that far outweigh this tiny moment.

That said, my dad and I were heading home down Bay To Bay Blvd, when there in the distant sky, was a very, and I mean very, fast moving little light. It was there and gone in an instant. My dad and I both said something like "Did you see that?" in a very excited fashion. We kept our eyes fixed to the sky, and our faith was rewarded when it happened again in around the same spot. The main difference this time was that it (whatever "it" was) went in a straight line as before, but doubled back at a different angle, like the shape of a boomerang, and was gone.

My dad screamed out "There it is again!!!" even more excitedly. Once we got home we went outside and looked upward hoping to see it again, but it was not to be.

And even though I don't, as I said, look back on this with awe, it has in time become special, but more because the UFO moment is inclusive of the late, great (and he was) Louis Cooper Drinnenberg, than because of the lights themselves.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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