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"Fever Pitch"
 by Mike Smith
Liberal vs Conservative
 by Nicholas King
The Reptile Show...."The Amityville Horror"
 by John Lewis
Mike Spits In Jane Fonda's Face!!....Jawsfest
 by Matt Drinnenberg
It Wasn't Me....Here Comes The Force....Passin On....The Pope....Jaws: The Story, Part 15
 by Mike Smith
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Honestly, I don't know what to think about all this!

There I was, surfing the web, when all of a sudden I come across an article about Jane Fonda signing copies of her book at a particular store. Not really news worthy stuff until you add the fact that someone in line decided to spit tobacco juice in her face.

And that someone, was Michael A. Smith of Kansas City.

I kid you not.

So here I sit, perplexed at the thought that my beloved friend has lost his marbles. Or he really did take the Jody stuff in Coming Home really way too far. Although Jane sure looked good then.

Fortunately, my dispair was eraticated when it was pointed out the Mr.Smith in this situation was a Vietnam veteran. And the only war our Mr.Smith has been a part of was the Revenge of the Jedi Poster war staged on Ida Street years ago. Well, that and the "Mr.Pelican" wars, but that's another story, for another day.

That's right, folks. JAWSFEST is soon to be upon us, and with the ushering in of the fest, the good folks at Universal are releasing the 30th Anniversary Edition of JAWS on DVD mid-June.

What's this, you say? Didn't they just have a 25th Anniversary release. Yes, they did. But if you are a tried and true Jawsaholic, then you know as Mike and I do, that the 25th Anniversary release blows the big chunks in regard to the sound used on the DVD. Oh sure, the dudes who worked on Jaws won an Academy Award for best sound, but like George Lucas and Steven Speilberg have shown us time and again, some people just can't help but screw with a good thing. Thus, the award winning sound became ultra less than stellar. So much so that the shark explosion at the end has about as much thunder as a silent fart muffled by the sofa.

Thankfully, this new edition contains this "Oscar worthy" sound so sorely missing from the previous release.

Also included is a second disc packed with extras, which contains the long-awaited version of Making of Jaws documentary that was on the Laser Disc. And as if that's not enough, there is also a booklet on the film, loaded with photos.

What is "truly" cool about all this, is that Mike and I will still be on the heels of having one of our childhood dreams realized, having attended Jawsfest by the time of the DVD release.

I can still remember years ago, Mike and I talking about heading up to Edgartown in Martha's Vineyard, and dreaming of how cool it would be walking the streets of Amity. As most of you knowby now, I know exactly how cool it can be as I've been there many times now. But something has always been missing. That of course, is the accompanyship of my best friend. And that's why this will be entirely different. This will be the dream fullfilled to its utter completion.

Let the island be warned.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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