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Along with Nolan I must confess to being completely shocked by Andy Lalino's departure from PCR. What is most unsettling is the abruptness with which this has taken place. I can't recall any signals of time constraint to where this could be the conclusion. Although I'm certain Andy has his reasons, though they appear phantom to us all.

Oddservations is, without question, one of the finer entries in these pages. Filled with info and insight, and one of the more entertaining personas of Pop Culture Review, the big "O" always offered up what you'd least expect.

Mucho Manly Kudo's to Mr. Lalino for keeping Oddservations fresh and sincere. And if you're reading this, I'm really bummed, dude. Please reconsider and return to where you really belong. And keep Oddservations right above Matt's Rail and Mike's Rant in the sidebar.

Much to my incredibly happy delight, John Gruden must have checked out Matt's Rail a couple weeks back when I suggested he take the stud of all studs, Carnell "Cadillac" Williams.

Because Gruden did just that.

Using his fifth overall pick in the first round of Saturdays NFL Draft to take Williams, Gruden gushed in front of cameras as he spoke of the magical one I told you about two Rails ago. Strong and forceful, this dude is the real deal, and I'm pulling a JG by frothing at the mouth at the prospects of what this kid can do.

Speaking to the media, the "Cadi" suprised me by announcing his purpose for even playing at the Senior Bowl (where Gruden met him), was specifically because he wanted to introduce himself to Gruden and his staff, and pitch his case to become a Buc.

Oh yeah, baby. We have a winner. And it's us.

I really think fun times are on the horizon, because assuredly, Bucco fortunes have drastically changed for the better.

Peter Jackson's King Kong has wrapped up production on the film, and you can see Jackson's send off message to the crew at www.kongisking.net.

At the site, you can also see some of the first official release posters of the film, and I must say they are very sweet, and make quite awsome desktop wallpaper. Although it was difficult supplanting Bruce the Shark.

I've spoken on Warner Bros. work on the dvd release of '33's King Kong before, mentioning how they located a print in Europe that was 'prestine' and were working on it for the dvd.

Now it's been reported that they didnt stop there, and scoured the world locating the best possible prints, scanning them into a 4K digital file. Emplementing HP's 'Dirt and Scratch Technology, the new print will supposedly be even better than that of the original theatrical release!

And in what I hope is correct information, the restored version will be given theatrical screenings before going to dvd.

Where do I stand in line?

Till next time, take care and God bless

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