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I know, I know. I swore I'd never fly them again, but sadly I had no choice as my Pittsburgh travel directive came in too late for me to be picky and choosy. And since my company is unlike the current administration - fiscally responsible - it is a given we need to go for the lowest fare, which US Air was. Much to my growing chagrin.

Anyhow, here I am at the airport for my return flight, which is a connection thru Philly with a time span of about 5 hours travel time, when I learn there is a non stop leaving at 5:40pm which I can get on standby.

The lady at the ticket counter was super, suggesting I try to catch the 5:40 by keeping my bag with me and checking them at the plane should I make the earlier, less traveled, flight. After all, on standby, there is no fee, she told me. Super, I thought, coming to the realization that this was all coming way too easy for this to be true.

Getting to the gate for the earlier flight, I was once again introduced to the wonder of bad customer service....

I was stonewalled.

"Well, there's no availability so it won't do you any good"
"You'll never make it on"
"It's 25 to 100 dollars to get on standby"
"It's oversold and no seats remain"

Really, these people just did not want to help me at all for no particular reason. I wasnt even really a jerk about it in the big scheme of things. Was I put off? Of course I was. Here I am, two trips in a row, being treated like a piece of dirt from the very airlines I decide to give my business to!?!

Having been served enough of this plate of bullshit, I ask to speak to a supervisor to lodge a complaint and am, suprise, stonewalled when I'm told one isnt available. I then get some song and dance about how they are not even allowed to do standby for me because they work for US Air express...NOT US AIR.

Now, I do admit to taking drugs in my wilder days of youth, but not so many that I am now cranial challenged. So imagine their suprise when I say "Well, hey, I have my cell phone, and I've had just about all of this I can stand. I don't care who I talk to, but someone is going to know about this".

Of course, being in retail and wholesale the majority of my life, I know that sugar works better than shit when trying to get somewhere with salesmen and management so when the guy gets on the phone I tell him:

"You know, I just want to let you know how great this person at the gate has been to me. Even though I was told at the ticket counter their was no fee for standby as I was a US Air connect, I've just learned from this person that they don't work for you, but for US Air, and they don't have to follow your policies. I also learned that there is a fee of 23 to 100 dollars to get on standby, and that the ticket agent gave me completely errant information."

After stuttering and finding his way, the guy asks me who said there was a fee?

"The girls here at the gate, who told me they don't follow your policies. But I want you to know, I was kind of a jerk because of all the misinformation your representives keep giving me, but this person was just super, and you should know when you have someone like that on your team"

Imagine her suprise when I had her my cell phone at the behest of this US Air supervisor. And while I have absolutely no idea what he said to her, I do know that within micro seconds of her hanging up I was number one on the standby list.

As I sat there awaiting which fortune I would experience, good or bad, I was astonished to see not one, but two people approach the gate to get on standby, and they were given standby immediately, with no fee, no charge, and no bullshit.

Nice to know there are some benefactors to my grief. Including me, as I made the flight.

While Ray Ferry continues to publish FM, there are rumours rampant throughout cyberspace that Ferry still does not own the trademark and is still in direct violation of the court order against him.

According to Forry Ackerman's longtime friend and confidant, Joe Moe, Ferry continues to publish at will because the court has removed the foot dragging trustee and replaced him with someone new. Sadly, this new person seems to also suffer for the desease of foot dragging and has done nothing to enforce the judgement.

Not suprisingly Ferry continues to rebuke this as nonsense. And really, being outside of the fence, who's to say he isnt telling the truth, or some form it. The info I've goten in the past is from the lawfirm representing the trustee, so I see no need for them to lie. But who knows.

So far RF has published FM's #236, 237, 238, and 239 and they havent sucked. I know that because he sent me the last two issues to fullfill my subscription. Suprised? So was I, but I must admit he did me right in this instance.

Of course, he still had my original Masters of Horror site waxed by the unthinking folks at Yahoo, but I forgive the dude. You just can't let stuff like that get the better of you, and he's human and errant just like we all are at some time or another. God knows I've done many things I regret. Although I don't know that he's in a moment of any kind of regret, but my decisions arent dependant on someone elses.

I'll try to verify Mr.Moe's statements with my contact and have that for you shortly.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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