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As you may know, some around these parts consider me to be "end times dude". Mainly due to my End Times trilogy that sparked much heated debate on these pages, even though the third installment was delivered via email to those folks I will again graciously thank for requesting and commenting on it.

Most of my third installment dealt specifically with Biblical scripture, and the incredible and eerie similarities that exist between the book of Revelation and 9/11. Not something I considered unimportant, I spoke in depth about these issues with many people, and was not only suprised, but gratified to find that the large majority of people agreed with me. Most asked for, and recieved, a copy of my End Times finale. Again, I thank them for their support that was much needed.

Being a firm believer in Biblical prophesy, and the prophesy of saints, I was thrust yet again into an End Times thinking dilema. Well, maybe not dilema, but understanding that quite possibly we are headed where I thought we were a couple years ago. Of course, I must temper this which Christ himself tells me I should do. Wait it out, and test it with great ferver, to PROVE it true or false.

With prophesy, all it takes is time, knowledge, and a discerning eye to see if it plays out. When the prophesy is specific, as the God given kind tends to be, it makes it quite easy to know what to look for. This can sometimes be true with the prophesy of saints, in that you know it's true when it comes to pass.

This takes me back to the 12th Century, when St. Malachy of Italy was given by God the popes in order of ascention, all the way to the last two popes, at which time the end as we know it would come. Only recently this prophesy has been tarnished with the word 'Legend', but it can't be denied that time and again this prophesy has come to pass.

That is until Pope John Paul II came along. Well, supposedly anyway.

Malachy predicted that the 110th pope, John Paul II, would be De labore Solis or "of the eclipse of the sun". Turns out JP was born on the day of a full solar eclipse and died on the day of a partial solar eclipse. He was also born behind the Iron Curtain, in Poland, in the East, where the sun rises.

Moreover, the pope to follow John Paul II, pope #111, was tabbed by Malachy as Gloria olivŠ or "Glory of the Olives". The new pope took upon himself the name of Benedict as an honorarium to Benedict XV, who was a pope of peace. In Christiandom peace is oft times associated with the olive branch. And the XVth himself prophesied that a member of his Order would become pope before the end. The Order of St.Benedict has a branch called the Olivetans. Further, instead of holding the traditional palms as Catholics do universally, Benedict was seen holding Olive branches during Palm Sunday in 2005.

After #111 in Malachys prophesy is #112, the final pope, un-numbered by Malachy himself. Yet he predicted:

"In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End."

I don't think I have to tell most of you what that implies.

Netscape just recently had an article outlining some of what I'm telling you now, but it no longer has its link. At least I can't find it anymore. And for whatever reason, some of it was incorrect like the specific quotes of Malachy. And they don't mention John Paul I being "of the half moon", and that his reign lasted only from one half of the moon, to the other, or one month. Or Paul VI, who died in 1978, being the "Flower of Flowers", and whose Coat of Arms having lillies on it.

Another thing they don't mention is that the Mayans also predicted the end as we know it, and its timeline is looking like it corresponds with this one in that their prediction is also soon to pass.

The Mayan calender has long been said to end in the year 2012. And that has been found to be a measuring stick for time, giving an outline of when time as we know it will supposedly end, or rather, change. Just recently that has been debated that quite possibly the calender ends from 2004 to 2007. With the pope issue thrown in, it's more conceiveable I think that it is closer to 2012, but that's merely my opinion. With popes coming in the elder style these days, and with pope #113 needing to lead 'before' the judge is to judge, it will require more than a couple years I think.

I've pondered over this for some time, knowing of this prophesy and the Mayans, being the "end times dude" I am. But whether or not you believe any of this, I think it should be pointed out that End Times doesn't mean the destruction of the planet. Not in the least.

Life will go on, just in a different way. A way where the gross, insulting hypocricy and bullshit we're forced to suckle at the hands of our leaders will be put down and destroyed forever. I also feel certain that God will judge as He says He will. And that a lot of evangelist are going to be asking why they are rejected. Likewise I feel there will be many who will be suprised they are not only still around. But chosen.

For another Biblical prophesy is that the sheep will be suprised they are the goats, and the goats will be suprised they are God's sheep.

It's really exciting. And all it's going to take is time to test it, as I'm told to do.

Till next time, take care and God bless

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