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PCR #275. (Vol. 6, No. 26) This edition is for the week of June 27--July 3, 2005.
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The Sanford Summit, Part One
 by William Moriaty
"War of the Worlds"
 by Mike Smith
NolanCon Cancellation .... Fantastic Films Magazine Revisited, Part 1....Bob Newhart Patient Dies
 by Andy Lalino
"Land of the Dead"...."Batman Begins" rating....Comics Talk
 by John Lewis
Happy 4th....NolanCon....Masters of Horror
 by Matt Drinnenberg
NolanCon....The Curse of the Pooh....Stupid People....Terence Must Be Smiling....You Talking To Me?...Jaws: The Story, Part 23
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Want to wish everyone a very happy, joyous, and safe Fourth of July weekend. If you're traveling to see family or friends, please be mindful of those around you who are stupid enough to get tanked on booze and get behind the wheel of a car. And if that refers to you......."for shame, for shame, for shame!!!" I'll also add don't be an idiot and assume that, just because you've been lucky in that regard thus far, your luck will continue. It takes nothing for good luck to turn to bad luck, as many holiday victims can attest.

Let's keep this Independence Day a happy occasion for everyone, including you!

Well, I really don't know what to say about all this. What started out as a mind expanding endeavor seemed to crash and burn in the twinkle of an eye.

My heart goes out to Nolan, who had the guts to blaze this trail in fandom on a wing and a prayer. That it now isnt happening takes nothing away from the glory of the dream and the promise of what was to be.

Looking for answers to why it was cancelled, it seems too easy to point fingers at people who may have gotten free tables or access due to their involvement in trying to get this off the ground. And while I initially agreed with this assessment, after consideration I came to the conclusion that if they knew Nolan needed their financial support in terms of tables and the like, they would have given it without question or hesitation. (There is horrible horrible confusion on this point over what was and was not expected vs regular convention protocol. I never accused anybody of taking advantage of me. It was suggested by others, but it wasn't their Con. ---N) It's good to see Nolan has friends to come to his defense, like Terence, who has the gonads to call it as he sees it, which I consider highly honorable.

What is quite sad is that it appears this now cancelled event was the ultimate undoing of any potential future NolanCons, as the Nol'ster has announced plans to never try another one. Certainly understandable given the trials and grief, and ultimate letdown, this experience has brought to bear.

Still, Nolan deserves the highest respect and gratitude for caring enough about his friends to try and pull the ultimate reunion together. And I'll say now that if I'm ever in a financial position to make this happen for my friend, it will come to pass, and NolanCon will exceed the dream into reality.

As you are all aware, I havent had time for much of anything lately in terms of not only PCR, but my Masters of Horror site which has been unchanged for, well, ages.

Until now.

I've just reformatted the home page with a new graphic, have updated the featured monster mag cover (in the Welcome Message link), and have plans to update several poster pages, including (but not limited to) Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. Have located the entire Lobby Card set and have them close to being ready to post. They should be up by Friday Nite, the 1st.

Some new Bride posters are also on the way, but havent had time to format them yet. Will let you know when they're ready to rock.

Would also like to extend an offer to all crazed fanboys out there who love this genre as I do to send in commentary of your first Universal encounter, and your overall feelings and/or thoughts toward the genre. These will be posted in a new area of MOH for fellow fans to peruse and ponder.

That's about it for now, so remember to have a great 4th, don't ruin it for someone else, and don't ruin it for yourself. And if you party hearty marty, let your partner have the keys, unless they're worse off. Then crash on the sofa.

Till next time, take care and God bless

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