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Really, it seems like we've been over this ground before.

NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is at it again. Putting down his quarterback in the papers, whining about how 49 million is being underpaid, threatening to hold out, demanding a trade, and crying because nobody seems to understand.

I understand.

In fact, I can see alot of things. Like this guy doesn't deserve the honor of donning a helmet representative of a great sports league like the NFL. Because the only thing he represents is the heightened conceit and punkish demeanor that has absolutely no place in sport built on team concept.

Here he is, threatening to hold out and talking smack, just like he did with the 49rs. This time, with Philly, Owens started with Donovan McNabb, whom he blamed for their Super Bowl loss in the papers. Was he man enough to say this to McNabb's face? Of course not. That would at least be respectful if not still insulting. But this bad version of Bozo the Clown (sorry, Bozo) does it in the media, crucifying the guy so his family now has to put up with the negative press and answer stupid questions some in the press are always more than happy to ask.

Next, he threatens to hold out unless the Eagles redo his contract and give him more money. The same contract he was more than happy to sign last year before the season started. The same contract that has a spot at the bottom of it for Owens to sign if he accepts the terms of it and willing to honor it. But there you have the real issue. Something this guy, and many others in sports today lack......


There just isn't too much of this today. But fortunately, for those of us who are sick to death of T.O.'s carousel of crap, he's done the worst possible thing he could do in this situation. Insulting the owner of the team, Jeff Lurie, who, being a Philadelphian isn't a believer in eating the sandwish of crap and cabbage. Instead, he gives as he receivers and delivers appropriate awards to those he employs. That's why what was once an agravating rash of stupid remarks and self glorification in Owens has swiftly become nails in the coffin of unemployment if he holds out, as he is threatening.

For their part, the Eagle front office is doing what every sports fan was hoping, rather begging, them to do. Telling Owens he either shows up and honors his contract, or he sits out the year and doesnt play for anybody. One of those moments we sports fans just love, and something that sadly doesn't happen all too often; holding a player to account.

All too often these guys get their way and suckle on the Blow Pop of their selfishness. Unfortunately for Terrell Owens, he pulled this schtick in Philly, where they have a reputation of not putting up with this kind of thing. Because, well, you just don't mess with Philadelphia.

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