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Doors Closing and Doors Opening: Part Three
 by William Moriaty
The End of Summer
  by Mike Smith
Simple Minds, New Order CDs On The Way!..."Red Eye" Soars, "...Thunder" Blunder....Bob Denver Dies
  by Andy Lalino
Nolan And His Leg Up....Hurricane Bush....Hammer Horror Series DVD....Masters of Horror Update
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Aftermath....Please Donate....Our Little Buddy....Jaws: The Story, Part 32
 by Mike Smith
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Nolan is known for wanting to get a leg up on things but really, this took it way too far.

I almost fell out of my chair when Mike informed me of this crisis. And make no mistake about it, that's exactly what it was. When I called Nolan in the hospital I was almost immediately delighted to hear him proclaim "Hey, the swelling has gone down!". This, of course, was the greatest of news to receive, especially getting it as it happened.

Thankfully it appears everything is heading in the right direction and Nol' should have a complete recovery. And here's hoping that statement is prophesy in motion.

Man oh man oh man oh man. Just went I thought this administration couldn't be more dispicable and abbrasive, along comes a natural disaster just giving them a chance to show, again, how little they really care about the American people.

Not that I want to take anything away from the incredible sadness and tragedy that has taken place. Surely it goes without saying that what happened from the storm was of disastrous proportions, with lives, homes and families lost. Katrina did exactly as forcasters foretold and damn near demolished any and everything in its path.

Hurricane Bush is no different.

It's bad enough that he is the liar he is, but it's downright unacceptable that he completely ignore the issue DAYS after the initial hit. At a time when his people needed him more than ever he was silent to their cries. A man of supposed faith in God who had no words of comfort for anyone impacted by this. Further evidence and proof, though not needed at this juncture, that this man who called himself a Christian and compassionate is a fraud.

A good man? A man of compassion?

There's a reason the words Bull Shit start with BU+SH.

The sad thing is there will be people reading this who still support this guy regardless of what he does...or doesnt do..because he's a Republican. Even though, in the end, he is directly responsible for the catastrophe that has been plagueing those poor people since the storm hit. And not just the hungry and sick, but the babies and elderly now dead of dehydration from his policies of neglect and arrogance to responsibility via FEMA and pre existing flood control projects in the region. These issues are now widely known.

Fortunately for Dick Chaney's good friends at Haliburton, where he worked, and who continue to get every government contract presented, now have the job of rebuilding the entire territory and infrastructure.

Back on point, I guess I have to give Bush credit for something, so I give him credit for being able to read. Because when he finally did appear before the people that's what he did. Read. A list of things that were 'going to' be done to help. Not things already done. And even when the 'liberal media'as Bush calls them was touting the help the administration was giving New Orleans, we learn the truth from the Mayor that NO HELP HAD BEEN RECEIVED. DAYS after Bush's 'list'. Instead of speaking from his heart, he spoke from a list, because he has no heart.

While the rest of us watch Bush let his Saudi Buddies hose us all down like horses in a barn at the pump, we're also witness to one of the grossest examples of apathy in the history of this countries governmental system. He doesnt have time for a woman whose son he sent to his death, and he doesnt have time for the starving, dying, and sick in his own ravaged country, but he has time to hold hands with his Saudi Buddies. And hey, there not Americans in need so he feels comfortable with them.

Here's an idea: If we want a real leader with compassion maybe we should hire the guy in Luxembourg who extended relief and support before our own President even brought it up.

A good man? A man of compassion???


Okay Hammer Fans (Andy? Nolan?) here's what we've all been waiting for.

Just released yesterday was the Hammer Horror Series DVD, which is a multi movie disc set literally packed with goodies that have been long overdue.

Hammer Horror Series DVDIn the set you will find the much anticipated release to dvd of Brides of Dracula, Curse of the Werewolf, and Evil of Frankenstein. As if that's not enough to wet the palatte and get the saliva glands rolling, we also get in this set Kiss of the Vampire, Phantom of the Opera, Paranoiac, Nightmare, and Night Creatures.

Oh yeah, baby. This is some good stuff.

What has me really jolting the java is the fact that these have been remastered to their original Hammer color gory best. If you picked up the 6 disc set a little over a year ago you know that the colors are incredible. It's obvious these Hammer classics have been treated with kid gloves by someone like us who understands they deserve no less.

New to my Masters of Horror website is Monster JIGSAW! That's right, Universal monster fans. Now you can have a blast from the past with a Jigsaw that lasts. First up is Drac, Frank, and the Wolfster.

Just go to Horrorhead Freds Fiendish Fun and let the games begin.

There's also updates in the posters and lobby card sections!

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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