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Current Events From The World of "La Floridiana"
 by William Moriaty
"Lord of War"
 by Mike Smith
Couch Potato Fall TV Preview
 by Vinnie Blesi
U2 is Once Again Amongst the Dregs....So the Box Office is Dead, Huh?
  by Andy Lalino
Hurricane Katrina....Mother Nature...."The Brothers Grimm"
 by John Lewis
When Real Life and the Web Collide....Masters of Horror Poll....Birthday Home Boy....Bushwhaking....Laura Bush "Disgusted" at Criticism of "W"
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Don't Forget To Donate....Not A Long Time Enough....Time For Sports....Andrew, Don't Read This....It's A Conspiracy....Movie Notes....A Great One Gone....Jaws: The Story, Part 33
 by Mike Smith
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There are times in life where some things just can't be denied. Try as you might to smooth something over, and make it seem better than it really is, 'truth' often rears it's ugly head and makes it plain and simple. That"s the great thing about the truth; it is what it is.

For this week's moment of reality, I'd like to take you to the Google search engine. Type the word 'failure' in the search bar and hit enter. I'm not going to spoil it for you, but suffice it to say that some things just can't be denied.

Well, I guess I'm completely shocked at the totals thus far to my "favorite flathead" poll.

In what I thought would be a runaway win for Glenn Strange has turned into a nip and tuck battle with Lon Chaney Jr's "Ghost of Frankenstein" performance. And in what I personally think is the weakest performance in Bela Lugosi's "Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman" version actually has 2 votes!

You just never know how people are going to vote.

Would like to wish my fellow columnist Mike Smith a hearty and happy birthday weekend. While he is advancing in age (arent we all) he has never grown out of the guy I first met in Drama class years ago. I guess that can be said of most of the gang in that we are still very true to who we are. That isn't always the case with people, unfortunately, but I guess we're all just very lucky to have bumbed into each other along life's journey.

I know I feel very fortunate that I have Mike in my life. And that feeling is year round, not just a birthday reflection.

Happy Birthday, Bro. You rock (everything but a jukebox...huhuhuh). Sorry. Private joke.

All it took for Bush to finally accept blame on behalf of the government was his ratings plummeting faster than the stock market at the onset of the Great Depression.

Oh sure, he tried to blame everybody else, including the victims who had nothing even before the catastrophe. But we're a little wiser as a nation to this stroking of reality Bush likes to undertake. Unfortunately for him his deeds and arrogance are catching up to him. Still, he thinks if he acts like he should have acted at the beginning his numbers will rise again.

Sadly that won't bring back any of the dead whose life was squelched at his doorstep.

And for these idiots saying he's not to blame I have two words : Wake Up! He's the leader of a nation that knew for DAYS this tragedy was upon us. If he gave a shit about anybody he would have been on the phone with his buddy at FEMA (whom I don't blame) insuring everything possible was being done to save lives. Instead he did what he does when he's called into question and buried his head in the sand, but only after numerous photo ops as the storm was bearing down on the poor who had no way to escape.

But let's not harp on this too much longer. Besides I have a great idea!!

I'd like to offer my services as head of FEMA. Certainly Bush would see me as perfect for the job: I have absolutely no experience whatsoever in disaster relief, I've been fired from at least one job in my life, and I've never held an upper level position with any company. Since those appear to be the guidelines he uses, I'd say I'm in!!

Okay, so let me get this straight. Bush chooses to show his face with his rich buddies, shaking hands with his rich buddies, and completely blows off the real people in need, and me having problems with that is 'disgusting'?

He laughs and makes jokes with Trent Lott while people are suffering and children are dying of dehydration, and me having problems with that is 'disgusting'?

He doesn't lift a finger to insure the job is being done and people are being saved from a days long known catastrophe of biblical proportions, and me having a problem with that is 'disgusting'?

I'll tell you what disgusting is, Mrs. Bush. It's you telling foul-mouthed jokes about your husband jerking off a horse while thinking he's milking a cow. And you do so while proclaiming you live under the banner of Christianity. And lest you think I'm on my high horse, I'll admit I'm not the greatest Christian in the world, as I have issues of my own. But I'm not at the forefront of the world showing Al Queda and all who hate us becuase they believe our faith is built on falsness that they are right, giving them even more cause to think we're a nation of liars.

And your mother in law Barbara Bush has lost all credibility as far as I'm concerned, by saying those stuck in the Astrodome were better off now than before the Hurricane. Can you imagine the crass lack of caring for all those there who not only lost their homes and possessions, but family members to this tragedy?!.

It is no wonder Bush is completely lost all the time. His moral compass isn't broken...it was never installed by his parents.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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