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I would be remiss if I didn't first respond to John Lewis's Creature's Corner in last issue of PCR. Specifically about Whiners crying about who's to blame for the mess from the hurricane.

I have to agree with JL that a leader like Bush whining and pointing fingers at everybody but himself was both childish and immature. Well, he didn't point fingers at everybody. Not at his boy and head of FEMA Michael Brown. Instead he spent the first four days of the disaster saying only "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job!" Of course, as we know, he was wrong to the tune of hundreds of deaths. Kind of like WMD that he was told repeatedly never existed. But that's another story. A true story. But another story, nontheless.

And while I have to give Bush credit for finally taking the reigns and trying to fix this, as well as taking responsibility for it, he didn't do so out of any sense of what is right or appropriate. He did so by the standard he does everything: Poll position. He saw that we're not all as stupid as he thought, and his numbers were plummeting. It is no stretch in my mind that if his poll numbers didn't drop like a rock from Mars he'd be at his ranch in Texas. I would like to mention those ranches surrounding the Bush compound because they were decent and humane enough to take in some of the helpless and homeless.

And as for news reports telling everybody everything was cool as the Creach implies, I'd like to know what channel he was watching. I was watching Weather channel and CNN, where the message was a constant and emphatic "GET THE HELL OUT WHILE YOU CAN". Not one of "sit back, pop open a cold one, and watch the walls fall".

Then there was the Mayor himself, 2 days before the landfall, making one last appeal to everyone to leave, saying that the biggest fear in the history of the city (that of being demolished) was not only real, but at the doorstep. His call was to leave everything behind, and get out NOW. Sadly, it was only the poor and indigent who got left abandoned by a less than lackluster attempt to save them by people unqualified for the job. People George W. Bush put in place who, like himself, had no business in the job at hand.

If anybody in safe zones missed this information of destruction and doom on the channels they were watching, then they either watch the worst news source in America's history, or they were drunk or stoned beyond comprehension while it all played out.

At any rate, the dead are dead, the living are struggling, and Bush's lackadaisical approach to his job and appointee's are strickly to blame for the mess. It's called "accountability". Something that quite a few people seem to have forgotten about.

Also, there is a huge difference between pointing fingers at someone (like Bush and his buddies) and DEMANDING truth and honorability from your leaders. Some prefer to stick their head in the sand and act intelligent while knowing nothing other than what the bowl of shit they were served for breakfeast has to offer.

I, however, demand more from my leaders, while accepting nothing short of what this country deserves. The way we do so as Americans is to (1) speak about it and (2) not let it go until it changes. Holding leaders to account and accepting nothing short of truth. If this was the standard all Americans lived by thru our existence as a nation we wouldn't be stuck with nothing but a bunch of bribers, liars, idiots and schemers. And just because that is where we are as a governmental body doesn't make it okay for those thieves to continue. Really, I don't know when screwing us over repeatedly became okay.

This is pretty much all I'm going to say on the matter as I'm just sickened whenever I think of Bush's ambivalence at the beginning of all this. Besides, I have to write my wife a note asking permission for a bathroom break.

Finally got my grubby little hands on this DVD. You may recall I spoke of its release in a previous Rail, railing on Brides of Dracula and Curse of the Werewolf; but railing in a good way.

Must say that my suspicions that these were treated with nothing short of love did indeed come to fruition. It is difficult for me to remember a release on DVD from such a long time ago that has colors so vibrant and stunning. Even the offerings in black and white seem spectacular.

I highly recommend this set, which is a must for any true monster fan of a more mature pedigree. Although I do know of some younger guys who are getting into these older films, and admiring them much more than the CGI garbage they get today. Kind of gives me a warm, fluffy feeling.

Well, our beloved Buccos are kicking some serious NFL ass, starting the season a very impressive 2-0. It's been a couple years since our defense smacked people in the face and demanded respect. Sure is a great thing to see. Kudos to Monty Kiffin and his entire defensive assembly for turning this around.

Bucco Bruce must be smiling. And winking!!!

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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