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PCR #300. (Vol. 6, No. 51) This edition is for the week of December 19--25, 2005.
Matt's Rail

The History of Miami International Airport -- Part Two
 by William Moriaty
 by Mike Smith
Trials of a Mother
 by Mike "Deadguy" Scott
2005 Did Not Really Exist
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In Search of Christmas
 by Mark Terry
The Point of Existence
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Christmas Greetings....The Chronicles of Narnia
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Issue 300....Freedom of Holiday Choice....Christmas Time
 by Matt Drinnenberg
The Big 3 0 0....Merry Christmas....What The?...Passing On....India On Line....WTF?, Part 2....Jaws: The Story, Part 48 -- Final Chapter
 by Mike Smith
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It is almost impossible for me to be able to comprehend that PCR has reached its 300th issue. When I think of the time it takes for me to tend to my Masters of Horror website, and how miniscule my endeavor is in that regard when held up to what our esteemed editor and cheif has to do to pull off each issue...! All I can say is that my "Hat" is off to you my friend.

The amazing thing about it all is that PCR has been the pillar of web consistency in light of personal turmoil and near critically endangering illness. And any reader with cranial activity understands the steady flow of turmoil via the "personal spat" attacks. Really, I'm amazed sometimes Nol doesn't put us in detention. But then, I usually had fun in detention, so what penalty would that be.

Congrats on reaching yet another milestone Mr. C, you rock my internet world.

Ah. Here we are yet again at another Christmas. And another chance for many groups to squabble, bicker, insult, and slander each other to the stone age for the love of either God, or the rejection of Him.

For me, I have decided to separate myself from those who claim Christmas is under attack by the evil and wicked, and instead embrace the idea that this is America, and as such we are granted the right to celebrate the season as we wish. A novel concept, yes, and one a heckuvalotta folks seem to want to ignore.

Christmas means something else to most everyone. For those raised in a Christian home as I was, Christmas is not only an exchanging of gifts, but the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, whom we believe to be the world's Savior, and ultimate gift from God to man. A buddy of mine growning up, who did not live in a Christian home, couldn't have cared less about anything other the presents under the tree, and what that would net him. Yet another friend was Jewish and celebrated Hannaka, and seemed to care about its signicance in terms of the Temple of God in Jerusalum, just as I'm sure there are some who cared only about the 8 days of gifts they'd get.

We all celebrate the day for different reasons because we're all different. It would be a beautiful thing if everyone could just get a life and come to the understanding they shouldn't shove their ideals, beliefs, and feelings down other people's throats. And while I understand that is an (Alaskan) Pipe(line) Dream, it will be my Christmas wish to all, regardless.

If you wish someone Merry Christmas, don't be put off if they reply Happy Holidays, or Happy Hannuka, or vice versa....or versa vice. But instead rejoice in the fact that all it means if we are free to pursue our individuality, and what the heck is wrong with that?

Yes, it is there. Right there on my list once again. That one, great thing. That elusive pulp desire that seemingly evades me time and again.

Famous Monsters of Filmland #3, 1959, Warren Publication

Yes, it is there. Nestled amongst the totality of my capitalistic Christmas desires. Along with assorted DVD's, of course.

Will this be the year? Is the drought finally over? Do you really even care? The answer to all of those is probably not. But like me, you most likely have that one great thing that has been eluding you that would just make all right in the world. For some it may be deeper than a gift from a store. But whatever it is, my Christmas wish for you is that you get it, and in abundance.

Merry Christmas everybody!!

God Bless,

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