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PCR #283. (Vol. 6, No. 34) This edition is for the week of August 22--28, 2005.
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Hello, gang! Sorry again about my tardiness. Shall we begin?

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Hello, gang! After enduring years of losing my satellite television and internet service any time it rained hard or the wind blew I decided to subscribe to cable. My service was to be installed LAST Friday between 5-7. They never showed up. When I called, I was told they had been to my house at 3:45. They rescheduled for last night (Wed) and never showed up. When I called, the customer service rep told me the job had been coded like it had already been completed. Anyway, they ASSURED me that it would be installed tomorrow (Friday). Depending on when, my weekly Rant will be on line no later then Sunday.

Friday night I am seeing an unplugged Rick Springfield in concert (love the Ricker!) and I am working Saturday morning. I apologize to my readers (you three know who you are).

To make it up to you I promise you photos of Nolan and I from the '80s! (Oh...great. Ha ha ---N)

Thank you,

OK, now without further ado: THIS WEEK'S RANT

That was the title of an album by The Who, with a cover featuring the band members hawking fictitious products. I was reminded of this today when I caught one of those Time/Life commercials for their Classic Rock CD collection. Imagine my surprise when I saw Roger Daltrey staring out at me, declaring that "this is the best classic rock collection I've ever seen." His pretty assistant then says, "If it's coming from Roger Daltrey, it can only mean one thing." Yeah, he needs money.

This week saw the passing of Brock Peters. The veteran of film and television died Tuesday at the age of 78 from pancreatic cancer. Early roles in the film musicals "Carmen Jones" and "Porgy and Bess" led Peters to be cast as Tom Robinson, a black man wrongly accused of rape in "To Kill A Mockingbird." Peters and star Gregory Peck became lifelong friends. In fact, Peters delivered the eulogy at Peck's funeral. He worked steadily for the next 20 years, earning a 1973 Tony Award nomination for the play, "Lost in the Stars." In 1982 he began a seven year stint on the soap opera "The Young and the Restless." Other films include "The Pawnbroker," "Solyent Green." He also appeared as Starfleet Admiral Cartwright in "Star Trek IV" and "Star Trek VI."

Jessica Alba has signed on to star opposite Jimmy Fallon in the big screen version of "I Dream of Jeannie." Hopefully we'll get to see her navel this time. (In a just-released memo, Alba denies signing on to do "Jeannie". ---Nolan)

I finally got around to unpacking some boxes from my recent move and stumbled onto some photos I'd like to share. Hope you enjoy them (click on images to enlarge):
From top left: 1. Nolan, early 1980s. I'm thinking this is one of the last HATS get-togethers. 2. Me, 1984, learning 38 Special's "Hold on Loosely." I know it's "Hold on Loosely" because it's the only song I know how to play using barre chords! 3. Me and the late James Doohan. I recounted this meeting a few issues ago.
4. Probably one of my proudest moments in the film industry. This is a much fatter me standing in front of a display put on by Paramount Pictures at the ShowEast convention. If you look closely you'll see a section titled "Media Event." The photo is of me and Milvina Dean, survivor of the Titanic. Miss Dean was a featured part of my promotion for the film, "Titanic," for which I was awarded a Special Showmanship Award by the studio. 5. Benji. Back in my theatre days I wrote for our chain's in-house magazine. In 1986 I was sent to interview Benji. This photo was taken at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C. Benji had steak that day.

Staying on the subject of rip offs, this week I'll talk about the classic (NOT) "Grizzly." Directed by William Girdler, whose earlier work included "Three On a Meathook" and the blaxploitation "Exorcist" rip off, "Abby." The film starred Christopher George and concerned an 18 foot bear that was hungry for more then the occasional pic-a-nic basket. The film even features Susan Backlinie, who played Chrissie in "Jaws." And, just like in "Jaws," Backlinie is the first victim eaten by the bear. Director Girdler would go on to make "The Manitou," starring Tony Curtis. He died in a helicopter crash in Manilla at the age of 30.

Well, that's all for now. Again, sorry for the delay. Have a great week. See ya!

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