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PCR # 289  (Vol. 6, No. 40)  This edition is for the week of October 3--9, 2005.

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Movie review by:
Michael A. Smith
Three stars

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Lions Gate Films     
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long, Luis Guzman and Chi McBride
Directed by: Robert McKittrick
Rated: R
Running Time: 1 hour 29 mins

Anyone who has ever worked in a service-type job has their favorite "evil customer" story. I worked in the movie theatre business for 20 years and I've got enough to fill a book. And I must admit that I've often fantasized about putting that customer in their place. Luckily, Robert McKittrick, the writer/director of "Waiting" had the same idea and decided to make a movie about it.

"Waiting" takes place at the fictional restaurant called "Shenanigans," which could pretty much be any of ten restaurants you can find at any strip mall or shopping center, complete with signs and sporting goods hung on the wall and unhappy wait staff forced to sing "Happy Birthday" to every kid that comes in the place. Tonight finds head waiter Monty (Reynolds) leading a new trainee through his paces while his friend, Dean (Long) contemplates his future. We soon meet the chef, Raddimas (Guzman) who explains that all employees must be aware of each other as there is a game they all play. The rules are simple. As deviously as you can, you try to make someone catch a glance of a certain body part, with a sliding point scale depending on what is exposed. I really can't go into it here, but if you can show "the goat," you've pretty much got the game won! As a bonus, if you're having any kind of problems, you can go see Bishop (McBride), the dishwasher with an answer for everything.

Like "Wedding Crashers" before it, "Waiting" is a good old fashioned adult comedy, with the key word being adult. Nothing wrong with a little bawdy humor now and then, and the cast of "Waiting" fill that order well. Reynolds, so funny in "Van Wilder," is slowly becoming this generation's Chevy Chase. Well, let me clarify that. The Chevy Chase from "Caddyshack" and the "Fletch" films. Not the Chevy Chase from "Man of the House." Reynolds has such a great knack of using sarcasm that even a short line or a brief look starts me laughing. The rest of the young cast is equally funny, breathing life into what could easily be very stereotypical roles. Guzman, a great dramatic character actor, is hilarious as he tries to one up the staff. McBride is very good as the kitchen therapist whose advice, even when it goes against their better judgement.

A film with laughs from beginning to end, I highly insist you see "Waiting." Just watch out for the "goat!" On a scale of zero to four stars, I give "Waiting"  Three stars

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