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The Express was temporarily sidetracked but we're back with more reviews of outstanding mysteries that contain the supernatural or the paranormal as a part of the story.

We are still serving cheesecake on the Express and this edition's books are deserving of a heaping serving of cheesecakes for the reader to enjoy.

Roy Johansen's two books featuring ex-magician now turned police detective Joe Bailey. We hope that if you haven't read these books already, you'll go out and buy both of them, turn the lights dim and enjoy.

Please remember that if you are the author or publisher of a woo woo mystery (that means a mystery that has strong supernatural or paranormal elements) and want to get your books reviewed here on Murder on the Woo Woo Express, contact me my email address below. We are also interested in doing non-fiction reviews on paranormal books that might interest writers of woo woo mysteries. If you need more information on the non-fiction requirements, don't hesitate to email.

Enjoy and don't be shy about ordering an extra piece of cheesecake.

Patty G. Henderson

by Roy Johansen
Bantam Books

I grouped these two books together as they are a set with common characters, relationships, and theme. Both are questioning the supernatural gifts that some people seem to possess and both are constantly looking for logical answers for these gifts.

Joe Bailey is not your typical policeman in that he has a background by being a former magician and has the knowledge for exposing fakes in the psychic world. Due to his background, he is transferred into the detective division when a supernatural issue might be involved.  Unfortunately, Joe's wife died of cancer and he is left with a daughter, Nikki.  She is a delight and a perceptively smart and mature girl for her age.  Joe is always a little lonely but is starting to move on with his life now.  Another character was Detective Howe who is the typically experienced and crusty policeman.  I found myself enjoying the evolution of his character development during both these books.

by Roy Johansen
Bantam Books

In Beyond Belief, the murdered victim is the head of the parapsychology department at the local university.  Dr. Nelson was killed by an immensely heavy statue driven through his body and into the wall.

In Deadly Visions, there seem to be a series of murders each with a voice talking to them before their death.  Both books kept me wondering up until the end of who the murderer is and how these murders could take place without the supernatural.  As being one of those people who will not read a book if I can predict the ending, these kept me reading and wondering.  Definitely the sign of a good book.

4 Cheesecakes (I have to keep the 5 Cheesecakes for when that perfect novel comes along.)

Reviewed by Teri Davis for Murder on the Woo Woo Express

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