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Liberal vs Conservative
 by Nicholas King
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Nicholas Rex

Liberal vs Conservative

Hello again readers, it’s me Nicholas Rex, back once again to take a bite out of whatever topic seems most appetizing. This week’s edition deals with a certain subject that has divided this country and also my own family. I’m talking about politics again folks. Now those of you that think a 25-year-old male doesn’t know anything about politics are probably the same people that re-elected Governor Bush. As always, I’m only speaking for myself. These are my opinions, nothing more.

There are two camps of people in this country, the right and the left. The right are typically your conservatives, the bible belt people, and the pedadogues of the Republican party. The left are the liberals, classic anti-establishment types who rail against everything and anything, seemingly without much of a point. Here’s the problem: its all a lie. Not one person is this world is any one thing all of the time. In my case, there are some issues I’m more liberal about, some that I am very conservative about. We’re going to go into those right now.

Tops on my list is the invasive nature of our federal government. This has been building for years, ever since the 1970s and a small man named Dick Nixon. I was born in 1980, the year we elected Ronald Reagan to replace the simple-minded Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan stated, “It’s morning in America!” Thus began the Me Decade, where the only concern was the pursuit of personal wealth and luxury. Never mind the fact that almost ten percent of this country, roughly 25 million people, were without jobs or affordable health care. This is a man who didn’t say the word AIDS in a news conference until 7 years after the epidemic had begun and already taken the lives of some 10,000 Americans. Fiscal responsibility was not in his vocabulary as our National Deficit topped over 2.5 trillion dollars.

Now I bring all this up because Ronald Reagan was elected and re-elected by the same groups of people, the Moral Majority, responsible for Governor Bush’s election and re-election. This was a group formed by the worst parts of American Christian leaders, namely Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, Robertson also being the founder of the Christian Coalition. I have nothing against the faith, I was raised on it. My mother is a testament to what faith can do to bring about wonderful change in a person. These people whom I refer to are not the crème of the crop, they are the best and the brightest of the bottom of the barrel. And now they are the in power again thanks to G.W. and his handshake agreement with the Christian Right to hand over most of this country’s values and freedoms.

However the liberals in this country are not always right, nor are the conservatives. Both have their good points and their bad points. Liberals have a right to be angry, considering that they’ve become demonized by our “free press”. Conservatives on the other hand are becoming more smug and arrogant, pointing to their control over the Senate, House of Representatives, and the White House as proof of their moral superiority. Yet this is not true power for them. It is simply a means to get back at the perceived liberal bias of the mid-to-late '90s that pushed them back into the rural parts of the American political landscape. Imagine if you will that conservatives and liberals actually allowed the rhetoric to fall and simply began to work together to make this country what its supposed to be, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

That is the day that I hope to one day see before I leave this piece of rock we call home.

Nicholas Rex

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