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Will's Key West Adventure -- Part One
 by William Moriaty
"Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story"
 by Mike Smith
An Afternoon at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase
 by Andy Lalino
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 by Ben Gregory
Is Political Outsourcing Corporation Centralization With Media Hype?....One-Shots
 by Brandon Jones
Edgartown Excitement....The Masters of Horror is Back!
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Tedd Webb....Bush Speak....You're Out!....Jaws 30....More on Moore....Meet The Beatles, Part 21
 by Mike Smith
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Andy Lalino
Oddservations by Andy Lalino

An Afternoon at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase

Live! From sunny (very sunny; scorching sunny) Maitland (for all practical purposes, Orlando, although Maitlanders may have an issue with that), Florida (sorry about all the parenthesis): presenting the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase!

Some beautiful landscaping outside the Enzian Theater.
A few weeks ago I received word from Brouhaha organizer Matthew Curtis that our short horror film "Filthy" had been chosen as an Official Selection of the festival this year. I was pretty excited, because I had been to the Enzian Theater, where it was to be held, once before when friends and myself trekked up there to see Herschell Gordon Lewis' "Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat" on the big screen. Besides the movie, I was impressed as hell by the Enzian itself - it's one of the most beautiful theaters I've ever been to (except maybe for Tampa Theater). The grounds are canopied in gorgeous, ancient oak trees and blooming azalea bushes. The outside of the building looks like architecture from Disney World's "Frontierland" (that's a complement) and even has a sparkling marquee above the box office (a lost art). Inside, instead of church-like rows of theater seats, Enzian has comfortable dining tables where you can actually order food and drink (alcohol), not just popcorn and soda. All-in-all, an unforgettable experience and well worth the drive to Orlando, if you live in Tampa Bay or a nearby area.

Approaching the entrance to the Enzian.
I immediately made plans to attend when "Filthy" was to be showcased (Saturday, June 12th, 2004), and put the word out to cast, crew, and interested parties should they be inclined to go. Finally, Saturday the 12th rolled around, and it was time to head out to the big O along with "Filthy" Sound Designer/Recorder, Music Composer, and good friend Eddie Sturgeon.

After picking up Eddie, we hurriedly scarfed down a quickie Taco Bell lunch, and hit the road, encountering unexpectedly good traffic. We made it to the Enzian with about 20 minutes to spare, and immediately ran into our good friend Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton and his girlfriend, one of the coolest chicks ever, Debi Moore. It was good to see Steve and Debi, who I haven't seen since the last I.F.F. meeting, and I'm glad they were able to attend Brouhaha. Steve and Debi are very involved in the Tampa Bay/Florida film network, and we're lucky to have them in our community.

The atmospheric interior of the Enzian.
I then had to check in with the Brouhaha organizers where I got my filmmakers pass; yet another cool little neck strap with a laminated card I can add to my collection. Eddie, Steve, Debi, and I made our way into the spacious theater and sat ourselves down in plush chairs. The theater soon went dark and the movies began. In this particular festival, the films were shown in 1 1/2 hour blocks in the afternoon, as not to interfere with the cash register movies that were to be played later on (in our case, "Supersize Me"). "Filthy" was to be played last in our given block; which meant it would be shown at about 3:15pm. Here's a run-down of the films that were shown in our block, which I believe were all produced here in Florida:

Andy Lalino, left with Filthy sound designer Eddie Sturgeon
"One Nation Under Tommy": An experimental film mutating the concept of a "patriotic" Tommy Hilfiger commercial. Apparently different filmmakers were given the task to produce 5-minute films based on the same theme (a Hilfiger-like bottle).

"Grandma's Happy Fist": Yet another "girls kicking ass" piece, this one using impressive 3-D animation by Ringling students. In this one Little Red Riding Hood whomps on the "Big, Bad Wolf" with a chorus of "Hiiii-Yahhh's".

"Committed": Another 3-D animated piece by Ringling - this one was my favorite animated film. The animation is well-done and the love-struck characters exceedingly bizarre.

"Ukulele": The third and last 3-D animated (by Ringling) film in the block. Like the other two, this one is impressive as well, featuring a make-shift character (made up of coconuts and a wooden bucket?) in love with a porcelain ukulele. Bizarre, yet heartfelt. Good stuff.

"Garriage": Personally, I'm not a big fan of being preached to in movies, whether conservative or liberal. This "film" (shot on video) chronicles a semi-drunken dorm room opine in which a band of tolerant skull-fulls of mush gang up on a fellow collegiate who dares voice an opinion contrary to theirs regarding gay marriage (which one slacker refers to as "garriage" - a combination of words; thus the title). The concept would have been utilized better in a call to Al Franken on Air America or NPR than being shot with a moving picture camera. Get this - the DVD this was played back on stopped near the end, and they showed it again! I think this was a gay conspiracy!

Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton and Andy Lalino
"The Exam": A funny, bizarre short about a son going to bat for his dad - proving to him that he's brave enough to get his anus probed in a colon exam! I love the subtitle "There's no way out but in". Will make you wince frequently.

"Leaving Bagdad": Florida State once again proves their film school is a national force to be reckoned with yet another short film winner. Tender, immaculately acted, and technically perfect, this is another film that will propel the state of Florida to national attention when it comes to quality independent student cinema. The story parallels the situation in Baghdad, Iraq to Bagdad, Florida, where lovers must separate as they move on to college.

"An Evening with Ivan Gorsky": What a treat! Orlando filmmaker Joseph Mauceri (who I met after the showing) pulls off a riotous comedy about a scary-looking Nosferatu-esque vampire pool shark who shoots a game against a doomed redneck. The make-up and acting (esp. the vampire, played by a Turkish actor) are wonderful, and the film even features oddball Burtonesque sets & miniatures (of the billiards bar), one being a very theatrical interpretation of Romania. A hit of the show.

"Filthy": I've seen a lot of motion pictures in my 37 years on this earth, but this has to be hands-down the best movie ever made. A beautiful love story.

The group assembles outside the Enzian: from left, Andy Lalino, Eddie Sturgeon, Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton, Debi Moore, Eric Molinares (Special Effects Make-Up Artist)
After the festival we retired to the heat outside, where we were joined by Debi's good friend Wendy, and Special Make-Up Effects artist Eric Molinares and his lady Heather. Eric is an uber-talented artist who has a Creature Shop set up at the forthcoming Detour Studio in Haines City. Eric e-mailed me some of his work, which is jaw-dropping. We all sat around for nearly two hours talking horror. It don't get much better than that.

After our pow-wow, we all went our separate ways, hoping to re-convene soon. Eddie and I stopped off at International Drive, where we went in search of "Filthy" actor Chris Brooks. Along the way we were surprised to learn that Orlando's "Sci-Fi World" shop was no more, having closed in Dec. 2002. What a bummer. While we were in the area, we stopped at Uno's restaurant for pizzas and fish sandwiches, then headed home after having a wonderful day at Brouhaha! A big thanks to organizers Matthew Curtis and Shannon Lacek for making the 13th Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase such a great Florida film event!

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