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PCR #247  (Vol. 5, No. 51)  This edition is for the week of December 13--19, 2004.

 by Mike Smith
"The Life Aquatic"  by Drew Reiber
Atlantis Found!
 by Mike "Deadguy" Scott
"Filthy" Unites Friends....Hey, '90s, Git Your Own Station!!!..."The Machinist"....New Wave Concert: Duran Duran/The Go-Go's...."Ocean's 12" Fells "Blade: Trinity"....Mark Biero....Bye Bayfront Center....Yes, Jeff Strand, You're Allowed to See That...."Mandatory Guidelines" for the Week:
 by Andy Lalino
Danger, Will Robinson
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Andy's Letter .... Congratulations .... Did Someone Say 20 Years? ... Meet The Beatles, Part 47
 by Mike Smith
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Andy Lalino
Oddservations by Andy Lalino

Oddservations/"Filthy" Brings Together Old Friends
A few months back I discovered I had sold a copy of my short horror film "Filthy" to a customer named E. Sebastian Hamman from Largo. The name struck me as very familiar; what threw me off was the "E." before the middle name. I thought to myself: "could this be Sebastian Hamman, my old friend from high school?". I figured not too many people around the area had the name "Sebastian Hamman", so I convinced myself it was he, and sure enough, a personal e-mail from Sebastian confirmed it!

Sebastian is an old (actually, he's very much still young!) "horror-buddy" of mine. Our moviegoing experiences date back easily to '84 to the late '80s. I gave him a call last week, and we had a great, lengthy chat about the old days and what we're doing now. We happily recalled our misadventures at the midnight movie circuit back in the venerable mid-'80s, such as "Re-Animator", Terry Gilliam's "Brazil" (yes, we were foolish enough to endure the 2+ hour epic at midnight!), and Jacinto Molina's re-release of "The Craving"! I guess '85/'86 were very busy horror years for us! Ah, the early/mid '80s, when midnight movies were the real thing!!! If I recall correctly, Sebastian fell asleep during "Brazil". How can you blame him? It's not a flick you'd want to see at a midnight movie!

Sebastian is still a big horror fan and had a lot of nice things to say about "Filthy" - glad you enjoyed it, Sebastian! We kind of lost touch in the late 1980s, when I went off to college in Coral Gables, and we're just now catching up on what we've been doing. I've learned since then that Sebastian had a successful tenure as a bass player for a Tampa Bay death metal band (I didn't have the heart to tell Sebastian that I still listen to Culture Club CDs!). He mentioned he and the band won an award in the early '90s as one of the best death metal bands in either the area or the state of Florida. Maybe Sebastian can write Nolan's Pop Culture Review/Crazed Fanboy and confirm the name of the band and the award. I know Nolan, John Lewis, and I believe Corey Castellano were all in a metal band back in the day, so this may be of particular interest to them.

Sebastian and I plan on meeting up for lunch this Friday afternoon and chat some more about the old days and how we can steer pop culture back to what it was in the '70s/early/mid '80s. Horror fans unite and down with the pixel wizards!!!

Hey, '90s, Git Your Own Station!!!
They say "nothing good ever lasts" - no truer words were ever uttered. It seems that VH1 Classic has been sneakily creeping '90s music videos into their rotation. To my horror, I've seen "Nirvana" and even "Wilson-Phillips" (AAAUUUGHHHH!!!!) being defecated onto my TV set. Hey, VH1 Classic, you've made me one of the happiest guys on earth by playing commercial-free, mostly '80s New Wave classic/wonderfully obscure music videos - don't screw it up by playing crap from the 1990s!!! You want to do that, give 'em their own worthless network!!! KEEP VH1 CLASSIC PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW!!!

"The Machinist" Playing at Tampa's Sunrise Cinemas
I realize there aren't many more days left in the week, and that this film may be gone come Friday, but here's some good indie horror info:

Reprinted from the CF Message Boards:
"The Machinist" has been an oft-mentioned indie horror film in horror circles, and to my surprise it made its way to the Tampa Bay area. Good work! The SPT's film critic Steve Persall gave it a very good review. The film is playing at Hyde Park's Sunrise Cinemas in Tampa and stars Christian ("American Psycho") Bale. Check your local newspapers for showtimes.

New Wave One-Two Concert Punch: Duran Duran / The Go-Go's
Unbelievable! The Duran Duran concert is Saturday, Feb. 12th, preceded by The Go-Go's on Friday, Feb. 11th! 2 days of New Wave concert bliss!

A Lame All-Star Caper Tale Fells "Blade: Trinity"
*Groan*. As if we needed a sequel to the caper film (a genre that should have went the way of the do-do bird) "Ocean's 11", we get "Ocean's 12", another all-star Hollywood A-list behemoth that packs in as many 40-something actors as possible. My own personal feeling is: I don't see Julia Roberts movies under any circumstances.

It managed to fend off the slick vampire flick based on the Marvel Comics superhero "Blade: Trinity", which came in second in the box-office charts. Guess Snipes and Biel are no match for the supermarket tabloid cast of O12. The lemmings have fed.

Mark Biero
I may a good NeoCon, but I was saddened to hear about the worsening condition of 970 WFLA talk show host Mark Biero's eyesight. I'm a loyal Sunday night listener of his, and although he's a self-professed liberal, he's always the gentleman and makes solid, rational arguments for his way of thinking. On the air, he frequently gives listeners updates on his condition, but I was surprised to read on N'sPCR that his sight had deteriorated into actual blindness - I was hoping for a reversal of misfortune; I'm an optimist.

Let's all pray for a miracle. If there's one thing that truly upsets me, it's when people lose their eyesight. One question for Steve Beasley: do you know if Mark has retired from broadcasting?

I wonder if most N'sPCR readers know Biero is a big classic horror/sci-fi fan. On many occasions I've heard him chat about "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and many other creature features he saw as a kid. He's one of us.

Bye, Bayfront Center
A week or so ago I was watching Fox News, where I saw a video clip of a building that was to be demolished. It looked like a U.F.O., and the clip managed to hold my interest for the moment. The anchor said that this was St. Petersburg, Fla.! They had imploded the Bayfront Center! I was heartbroken. I had no idea they were going to tear it down.

I didn't see Elvis there, but my parents took me to the Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey circus every year. Those will always be great memories for me. We also had our Northeast High School (that's in St. Pete.) graduation there. Perhaps the last time I was at the Bayfront was actually in the '80s, when some friends and I waited by the backstage door to catch a glimpse of INXS on their "Kick" tour.

Goodbye, old friend. You were a St. Pete. landmark and are now a good memory to those of us who grew up here.

Yes, Jeff Strand, You're Allowed to See That
Rising horror/humor star author Jeff Strand checked in, and asked if he be allowed to see "I Drink Your Blood" (Fangoria Video release) on DVD. But of course you can, Jeff. An excellent pick, I might add. In fact, you will receive 500 Oddservations fandom points for this excelsior selection.

If you don't know what I'm writing about, please see last week's Oddservations, where I established a fanboy system I call "Mandatory Guidance" were everyone, fanboy or not, must check into Oddservations to see which movies you're allowed to see, and those you aren't. This foolproof system, I believe, will restore sci-fi and horror to its rightful place as dominant choice of moviegoers. See below for this week's Mandatory Guidance restrictions.

Jeff, you have done well.

"Mandatory Guidance" Guidelines for the Week:
Not Allowed:

  • "The Corporation" (liberal propaganda) Penalty: 500 Fandom points.
  • "Ocean's 12" Penalty: 500 Fandom points


  • "Blade: Trinity" Reward: 250 Fandom points
  • "The Machinist" Reward: 500 Fandom points
  • "Red Lights": Reward: 300 Fandom points

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