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PCR #257  (Vol. 6, No. 8)  This edition is for the week of February 21--27, 2005.

A Case of Microwave Mayhem or Misinformation in Northwest Florida?
 by William Moriaty
"The Sea Inside"
 by Mike Smith
"Filthy" and other Indie Filmmakers at MegaCon - Booth #721....Back, and Better Than Ever....Dr. Paul Bearer - 10 Year Oddservance
 by Andy Lalino
Miracle Turns 25....Oscar Predictions and Comments....Fear and Loathing No More....Speaking of Drugs....On To MegaCon
 by Brandon Jones
Constantine....Comics: Tom Strong
 by John Lewis
The 100,000 Club....Masters of Horror Back on Track....Rondo Winners Announced....Oscar Picks
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Attention Must Be Paid....Also Moving On....Last Hint....Next Week....Jaws: The Story, Part 7
 by Mike Smith
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Andy Lalino
Oddservations by Andy Lalino

"Filthy" and other Indie Filmmakers at MegaCon - Booth #721
There are obviously many Crazed Fanboys who will be attending MegaCon this weekend, so please stop by booth #721 (in the main middle aisle) to say hi to me at the "Filthy" booth. I'll be sharing the booth with four other Florida horror filmmakers: Rick Danford of Enigma Films, Chris Woods and Simon Lynx of Icon Film Studios, Greg Rivera of Relic Films, and PCR's own Jason Liquori of Hocus Focus Productions. Be sure to stop by and see lovely Krista Grotte ("Pussey" from "Filthy" and "Necro Nancy" from "The Nightmare Collection") will be present signing autographs. As an added bonus, B-movie queen Debbie Rochon will be at our booth signing autographs in promotion of her appearance in Jason Liquori's "The Lunar Pack".

Original props from "Filthy" will be on-hand, as well as special appearances by the actors. Chris Brooks ("Leonard") has just confirmed he will be attending.

"Filthy" will play on Friday, Feb. 25th as part of MegaCon's "Indie Film Expo", and I will be part of a independent filmmaker panel on Saturday where I will discuss the making of "Filthy" and answer questions.

MegaCon 2005
Horror / Science-Fiction / Fantasy Convention

FILTHY is located at BOOTH #721

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; February 25th-27th 2005
Fri. (2/25): 1pm - 7pm
Sat. (7/26): 10am - 6pm
Sun. (7/27): 10am - 6pm

Orange County Convention Center
9800 International Drive
Orlando, FL

FRIDAY, FEB. 25th 6pm - 8pm
(for actual "Filthy" show time, please check program schedule)

at the MegaCon Indie Film Expo
SATURDAY, FEB. 26th (time TBA)

For more info, go to the Official "Filthy" website: http://www.filthythemovie.com

Back, and Better Than Ever
Ah, it's good to be back! For those who didn't know, my PC got hit with spyware (probably a worm or Trojan; geez, that sounds dirty...) on Feb. 8th (which I think was the day before N'sPCR gets published), and it really knocked me for a loop. I had to hand off my PC to my whiz kid brother Doug, who re-formatted my hard drive and got me back up and running. Luckily, I had all my docs backed up (and they were virus-free!), but there were a few casualties, such as my WS_FTP program and my $1,600 scanner (which I bought back in 1996 when I had a Mac!), which Epson no longer supports with an updated driver. It's tough being at the mercy of these companies who don't bother to update drivers.

I'm still far behind on a lot of work that I got backed up on, so I appreciate your patience and understanding. To Ed Tucker: Loved your articles on DPB and Ray Dennis Steckler, and will comment by next week.

To make a very long story short, my PC is back up and running, but is better than ever. Sorry for the absence, although I'm sure some PCR readers were glad to have a break from my complaining.

Dr. Paul Bearer - 10 Year Oddservance
I join Nolan, Ed, Lonnie, and all the other Bearerheads in remembering the legacy of Mr. Dick Bennick ten years after his death. I apologize for not having a more lengthy commentary, however I had computer issues (see above) during the remembrance, and I thought Nole, Ed, and Lonnie conveyed all of our feelings quite adequately.

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