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PCR #261  (Vol. 6, No. 12)  This edition is for the week of March 21--27, 2005.

The Ring Two
 by Mike Smith
"American Pie", I Love You!...."The Ring Two" Number One
 by Andy Lalino
The Ring Two....The Human Race, #1
 by John Lewis
Scumbag At Large....Steroids Aplenty
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Another List....As Seen In 3D....Passing On....Jaws: The Story, Part 11
 by Mike Smith
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Andy Lalino
Oddservations by Andy Lalino

"American Pie", I Love You!
I complain a lot, as you know, about today's genre films not measuring up to the standards set in the '70s/'80s. A lone exception comes from, of all places, the great Teenage Sex Comedy genre! The makers of the "American Pie" series have bucked the odds (something I thought was impossible) and created a 'franchise' every bit as good as the classic sex comedies of the '80s ("My Tutor", "Hot Chili", "Private School for Girls"). Okay, so the AP series is a tad bit more politically correct (the female characters are more fleshed out) than your typical sex comedy, but it works.

The AP gags had me howling, just like Bubba Beauregard and his gang of clowns did when hoisting up ladders to see in through the girls' sorority house window in '84. Stiffler and Finch are the best! As demonstrated in "American Wedding", you can put these two characters at odds, set it on auto pilot, and you've got 2 hours of instant hilarity. Hell, you don't even need Jason Biggs or that chick from 'Buffy'!

Come to think of it, some of the other Teenage Sex Comedies of today have been pretty damned good as well ("Eurotrip", "Van Wilder"), proving that although we're not seeing the astounding quantity we did back in the '80s, the quality seems to be there. The AP series remains the best of the lot, and a giant thank you should go out to the makers of the series for sticking to their guns and making a raunchy series that is wholly satisfying to those of us who grew up during that wonderfully insane time.

"The Ring Two" Number One
Happily, "The Ring Two" (reports say it's sub-standard) beat out the herky-jerkie CGI voice-over epic "Robotoids" in the weekend box office battle fer yer buks. Uther flicks wallowing in the slop include 'The Pacifier'; 'Ice Princess'; 'Hitch', 'Hostage', and 'Be Cool'. Once again, I ask - am I getting out of the house and going to the movies or am I just paying $8 to see a 2 hour TV show? That makes sense, being that they do play friggin' commercials before the movies start. Unbelievable.

FULCI, LYNCH, BAVA, LENZI, O' BANNON -- save us from "The Pacifiers"!!!!

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