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T.R.E.E. Inc.ís Florida Arbor Day Weekend 2004
 by Will Moriaty
 by Mike Smith
VH1's "Bands Re-United"
 by Andy Lalino
Burlesque and The Suicide Girls....plus, guest editorial by Black Dog
 by Clayton Smith
You can go back...
 by John Lewis
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 by Mike Smith
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The Ogre by Clayton Smith

Nolan here---As y'all may recall last week I introduced a new concept I'm playing with, getting radically younger writers from the neighborhood with a distinctly different viewpoint from our own (for the most part) to write for the 'zine. Joshua "Black Dog" Montgomery's lambasting of Bush's foreign policy was enough to get our own Matt Drinnenberg to write into the lettercol with positve praise. This week, Josh's best friend Clay, 24, joins the fray with his foray into the local night club scene, and together with Josh, review it in a little episode we call....

Burlesque and The Suicide Girls
January 21st 2004. This was the night that I would go to my first Burlesque show and damned if I wasn't impressed. The night first started off when Josh and I drove all the way out to my friend and co-worker Justin's house, in St. Petersburg, to meet up with him before we went out to the State Theatre. All I was wearing was my grey tank top, black Hot Topic styled shorts, a black Psych Ward over shirt and boots. Josh was wearing his usual blue jeans, black tanktop, and bandana. We all headed out from Justin's place to downtown St. Pete to spend an hour just goofing off and to get more smokes before the show began. Our time there was well spent as we saw bums pan-handling, groups of goth kids huddled together to keep warm, and some bizarre pieces of artwork in the local stores in the area. Finally 9 O'clock came arround and the doors to the State Theatre finally opened. As myself and two compadres entered, I looked around noticing how the place was in much need of repair and paint.........but then again this is also the place where most punk and metal bands play, so I guess it really was needed!

Around ten o'clock the first band came out. Dressed in white labcoats and a wild hairstyle, "RetardoBots" made their introduction, walking around calmly the lead singer then began to spaz out as soon as the band played. I can't really recall any of their songs or lyrics with the exception "Ghetto Bitch", their music was a lot like Mindless Self Indugence. Through each song, the lead singer continued taking off one article of clothing, all of which made Josh want to scream anything indecent out (man I love it when he does those things)! Throughout all this hardcore punk playing not one person made a move to start a mosh pit, making me even more confused than that everyone was pretty much just sanding still! No bobbing heads, no tapping feet, nada! Well finally RetardoBots ended and their lead singer which I ended up calling "Spazzy McSpazter" left the stage, everyone applauding.

Now would be the time that I would tell everyone about the next band, but I believe Josh is covering that little bit of info. Finally the moment I waited almost most of my perverted life for had arrived. After the stage was cleared a single chair was placed in the center with all the men and most women eagerly awaiting the girls of "Suicide Girls dot com" to come out from behind the curtains and begin stripping! The first performance started with a woman dressed in '20s men's attire escorting two other females unto the stage with the song "Big Spender" playing. Well, I'm not going to be the one here who gives you anymore boring ideas about what was playing and what they were wearing, but I will tell you that the rigged cd player they used for the music stopped on two performances. What I really want to talk about is the tits and ass that I mainly went there to see, my Favorite Suicide Girl I couldn't remember her name to save my life, but she was dark (skin-toned, you dorks ) nice ass, and well-rounded tits with the cutest red crosses covering the nipples. Needless to say I left the State theatre with the biggest grin on my face and with hopes to go to many more shows like that. So for all you other perverts out there I highly recommend visiting the Suicide Girls website at least once in your life, because if they do anything else in public, be sure to hear about it from me right here.


Joshua Montgomery"Black Dog" sez...

Well I got to go see a few bands play and the Suicide Girls take their clothes off out there at the State Theater in St. Pete, and got to see one good band and one really shitty band. The crappy band was RetardoBot. These guys are a cheap knock-off of Mindless Self Indulgence, a band who has a good underground following though they only put out one CD that I know of -- their music is electronical (that's pretty much what I could label their sound). But anyways, RetardoBot was a cheap knock-off of them. As their set went on, their lead singer kept taking off his clothes until he was strutting around in his boxers on stage. I find that really disturbing. If you ever hear of them do not waste your money.

But the second band, Bloom, were wonderful. Their guitarist played so great that it took my breath away. They sounded a bit like the Rolling Stones. These guys are going places, and they are well worth money to go and see.

The Suicide Girls put on a wonderful show--it was not just stripping, it was artistic and beautiful, their choice of girls was very good. The only downside to some of the girls is they where super skinny with little breasts, plus you could see their bones. Now I love the female form but some of the girls where creepy like the walking dead. But the rest of the girls were breath-taking.

Over all it was a good show, and we got to smoke inside! Place was packed with punks and goths, so it was a rousing good time.

Signing out,
Black Dog

"The Ogre" is ©2004 by Clayton Smith. Also, thanks to Joshua Montgomery for his guest editorial.  All graphics, unless otherwise noted, are creations of Nolan B. Canova.  All contents of Nolan's Pop Culture Review are ©2004 by Nolan B. Canova.