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 by Mike Smith
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The Ogre by Clayton Smith

Dating Sims
In the deepest parts of the Mountains you come across the Ogre's Lair! Down the twisting staircase and into a room filled with treasures beyond your wildest dreams.........or really his dreams. Good evening all, here is another installment of interesting things that I have found either on my travels or on the web. Today I would like to bring up on the subject of games, Dating simulations, what kinds there are available, and who enjoys playing them!

First we have a dating "sim", as they are known to be called, by the name of Gangaru Girls. Your task if you so choose to accept is to date as many of these girls as you can and end up having wild sex with the one of your choice......if you courted her correctly, that is.

You start off as a regular "Joe Shmoe" (you may choose your name) and to get to know these girls better you have to raise your stats in intelligence, strength, and charisma! Naturally in the begining they will want nothing to do with you because you're stupid, weak, and above all else, Ugly. You have 100 days to raise your stats as high as possible to better yourself, as it were, so you make casual conversation, dating, giving of gifts, and then afterwards hop into bed with one of these girls and fuck the living daylights out of them!

Now I bet you're all wondering how you up your stats. Well, first off, you can increase your intelligence by going to school and studying, increase your strength by going to the gym, and lastly increase your charisma by drinking lots of alcohol (if that were the case in real life, then call me Fabio!!!)! Now once you've introduced yourself to one of three girls and she gets to know you better you can start calling her, she will give you her number. After you have had many conversations and after you've received her number, you may start dating her.

Here is the tough part kids! If you paid any attention to some of the things the women talk about you can gain information about their likes and dislikes. While dating they will ask you questions to see if you have been listening. Each time you correctly answer, her love meter will rise and soon hopefully you can kiss her.

Another part of the dating process is giving gifts. To obtain gifts you have to work like most of us out here in the real world do. You have to pay for gifts and places to take these women on dates to! Now after all that is done you are on your way to getting laid!!!! In my personal opinion I give Gangaru Girls 3 swords of approval from a scale of 0 to 4. I really liked the graphics and the storyline was pretty good as well as the mini games you can play in it.

In reality, this is probably your best way to practice if you actually plan on getting a girlfriend and going on some kind of date if you're new to the dating scene.

Other than that, this is the Ogre signing out and I will be back later to tell my tales of schtuff and perhaps give some tips on how to go about picking up women. Until then, GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY LIVING ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ogre

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