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The Ogre by Clayton Smith

Exhibitor Corruption
Through misty forests, upon the side of the Dire mountain, and down the twisting steps you enter the Ogre's Lair. Welcome back to humble abode and I do want to appologize for the sudden disappearance since we've all last spoken. It seems that work and other projects have been keeping me quite busy as of late. And speaking of work, I wanted to bring up a very interesting topic on the subject of working enviroments and the corruption in most business fields!

Now just in the past month I have noticed, peeked into, and overheard things that you would normally hear off of T.V. shows and movies, but unfortunately scheming goes on everywhere.

My first example would be a movie company called N.E.D. (National Entertainment Distribution). This is one of those Mom and Pop companies gone all wrong. It has been known that N.E.D. would sign leases to movie theatre buildings, get loans, and then just up and leave without having to pay back a single penny. Aside from those minor things all they really care about is the money that they are obtaining and in the end, just leave everything in shambles, ruin movie-going experiences for most people, and live happily with all their money for a long time.

Personally, I think that if your going to run a business, do it because you have the fire to do so!

My second example of corruption in the modern workplace is kinda shadey. Due to specific contracts that I have signed I cannot directly speak ill of my workplace, where it is, or given names ((cough cough 5unR153 cough cough)). This is a company that I even heard the owner say, and I quote " We'll steal ideas from just about anybody so we can be better!".............well maybe not to the "T" , but you guys get the idea. One thing that really irks me about these guys is the fact that they come rolling straight in telling us how to do our jobs and how to talk to our customers. . . . . . . . . Really bad move move on their part, I don't take orders, I simply follow if they sound alright! Embezzlement, Fraud, and Decay in the places we love going to most whether its the movies, grocery store, ammusement parks, or just to pick up a pack of smokes. These are the things that go on behind the screens and sadly enough most of us don't even realize it.

Well it's time for this Ogre to go take himself a shower and clean off all the corporate gunk from his ass. So until next time my little snacky cakes, GET THE HELL OUTTA MY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ogre

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