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Will and Karen's Cabbage Key and Key West Kraziness, Part Three
 by William Moriaty
"Beyond The Sea"
 by Mike Smith
Romper Room Memories, 1973....Will Eisner Is Gone...."Sellevision"....While They Suffer, Let's At Least Make Sure We Feel Good
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One Angry Young Man
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2004 To Me
 by Clayton Smith
Hell Didn't Freeze, Well, Maybe Not Yet....Some Comments Regarding The Year's End
 by Brandon Jones
Happy New Year....I Am The Champion....Winter Fest
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Congrats....25 More....Passing On
 by Mike Smith
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The Ogre by Clayton Smith

2004 To Me
I so apologize for the tardy entry, but I now just got the chance to get onto a computer. I hope your Christmas was good and the new year should be a bit better. As for my column, here it goes.

From the depths of the apartment complex, accross parking lots and shopping areas, comes the Ogre. Greetings everyone, due to the fact that I have entered my column in late I'm pretty sure this won't reach you guys until the next year, unless by some grace of God (in this case Nolan is God in this web-based universe) my article has been posted on this very last day of 2004! (Oops, sorry, couldn't do it.---Nolan [God]) Now there is so much I could talk about, but I'll just let you in on the few amazing things that I've gotten to experiance in 2004.

The start of the year did not excite me at all considering that I am a bit of a nut when it comes to things such as the stars, the paranormal, and anything up that alley! 2004 is the year of the monkey and that always means bad luck for me, but it wasn't like that at all. This past year I got to see the Suicide Girls up close and personal and get a taste of what they really are about not to mention hear some new sounds from groups like Bloom, RetardoBot, my friends @ Neglected Superhero, and Lethal Injection. I got the shit beat outta me while watching Gwar, playing pool with a bunch of rednecks at a few new bars that opened up, and by the Suicide Girls after their tour while attempting to get an interview with them.

We all truly rocked the vote this year with one of the most nerve-wracking elections to date. This past year we also shed many tears to lost loved ones who gave their lives to protect this country, lives that could have been spared if not for a certain individual and his hasty actions, lack of judgement, and lack of common sense.

Not only personal loved ones were lost, but many famous faces and personalities that we all grew up to love and respect. A Superman, a man that could see the would far better than we could, a man whose voice moved mountains, and a man that showed reality not as a cruel joke, but that even the simplest of things are always perverse!

I got to witness this year the gathering of many people right on the very site of ground zero on 9-11-2004. President Bush was re-elected (don't remind me).

I do believe that if I got anything out of this year it would be that you shouldn't take life for granted and that if we can all just sit down smoke a pipe and eat pop-tarts, things would be a lot better. Now that I've rambled about my little slice of these past 12 months, I'm gonna go hibernate now, and when I return I will be born anew in the year 2005. Hope to see you all there and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.................now go home and get drunk: I'm tired!

Love always,
Your neighborhood Ogre

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