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PCR #252  (Vol. 6, No. 3)  This edition is for the week of January 17--23, 2005.

"Hotel Rwanda"
 by Mike Smith
Class is In! "Student of the Unusual" - An Interview with Student Body President Terry Cronin!
 by Andy Lalino
Martin Luther King Day
 by Clayton Smith
The Not-So Astonishing X-Men....Punk Update....Movie Updates....Couple of Notes
 by Brandon Jones
King Kong 2005....Jim Warren On The Move....Football Prognosticator....Up This Week?
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Snow....Happy Birthday....Movie Notes....Oscar Time....Jaws: The Story, Part 2
 by Mike Smith
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The Ogre by Clayton Smith

Martin Luther King Day
From the recesses of the darkend complex and over the cracked pavement of evil comes the Ogre...

Martin Luther King Day has come and gone and hearing the cheers for next month's Black History Month had gotten me to thinking! African-Americans have a whole month to themselves, but what about the Native Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Orientals, and dare I say it, the white crackers that founded our country! I know that it is important for all of us to research and learn about our history, but my only question is are they gonna include all the info or just water it down like they have done for so many decades?

I, for one, think that they should include stories and general knowledge of not just what happened when the slaves came to America, but how they became slaves, what happened in Africa before we began the trading, who all were also working with slaves. (This would be the Irish because they were down on their luck as well, but also too damned drunk to care about who was black, white, or green for that matter!!!) Most importantly, how will this all effect our kids and nieghbors in years to come.

Now that I have ranted about that I would also like to point out a little something my mother mentioned. With everyone bitching about equal rights and other bullshit of that nature, let's for once think that no matter what your race, creed, sexuality, or gender has to do with something, you are all still nothing more than red-blooded, stinking humans.........YES!!! The same damned species that has roamed this earth for only the Almighty knows how many years! I beg that you all keep this in mind and next time you look at your neighbor just remember that you all can still pro-create...except for gay couples (when you guys can have kids asexually, come see me, I would love to know how that happened).

Now with all of that out of my system I plan on going to some shows, conventions, and even a few bars to pick up some women because if you can bang it, DO IT!!!! This is the Urban Ogre signing out and letting you all know that you need to chill out and smell the flowers a bit more. Now get the f*ck outta my house!

Love always,
Your neighborhood Ogre

"The Ogre" is ©2005 by Clayton Smith.  All graphics, unless otherwise noted, are creations of Nolan B. Canova.  All contents of Nolan's Pop Culture Review are ©2005 by Nolan B. Canova.