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Nolan Pop Culture Review, 2003!
This week's
La Floridiana
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  Number 145  (Vol. 4, No. 1). This edition is for the week of January 1--5, 2003.
Happy New Year!
Here we go again!

OK, first things first. I hope everyone had a joyous and safe holiday season and didn't get into any serious trouble on New Year's! Ha ha. That being said, it's time to once agan seize a new year by the antlers and make it our own.

Something nobody noticed, but I meant to comment on in the 2002 year-ender issue, is that I deliberately "adjusted" the publishing calendar to jive with this year's release timing. Last issue, the text under the banner proclaimed "For the week of December 23--31". No one counted, but that's 8 or 9 days, depending on how you count. But it's definitely longer than a week. That was so I could time this issue for Wednesday the first, and I was going to need every second of that extra time. If you notice under THIS issue's banner (the new one I just threw together, thank you very much!), the date says "For the week of January 1--5". That's only 5 days. This year, this first week by necessity will be one of transition, and even though it is a real issue, it's still a developing one, too.

The same, but different...
As I said last issue, the look an feel of this year's PCR will not be THAT drastically different from 2002's version (which was radically different from 2001's version), mainly the graphics will get updated, and a few other subtle changes. The background color will remain the same as I think it works well. All the writers will still have their own "staging" areas, but, of course, designs will fluctuate and likely get a little simpler.

RE: OPTIONAL RE-BOOKMARING OF THIS PAGE. I'm glad you all are here and that mean's something worked right---but, in case you haven't noticed, this section's homepage address (look in your browser's URL bar) has changed again. It used to end in "nolansnewsstand02/pcr2002.html" to reflect 2002's data (a shortsighted move of mine to begin with). It now simply reads "npcr" or "npcr/index.html" to establish a permanent location. So...if it's changed, how did you get here? Simple, as it turned out....I left a permanent "detour sign" in the old location that automatically re-directs you to this new location. There should be no problems with that if your Javascript function remains enabled (and it really should, oh paranoid ones). However, if you wish to side-step that, you may want to consider re-bookmarking this page, keeping the new address only. Up to you.

UPDATE: 1-03-03. The new pagetop Archives buttons that weren't operational January 1 (as far as their traditional "mouse-rollover trick" goes) are now fully implemented. (Note: the buttons will remain active, even if an error creeps in such as an image that won't load).

You may have also noticed the "Contributor's Homepages" link box has been removed from the nav bar. I did that because I eventually determined it wasn't doing anyone any good there, and that our cherished contributors had contact info on their own pages anyway. If the nav bar grows any longer, it'll be to more directly link it back to Crazed Fanboy dotcom.

And speaking of Crazed Fanboy...
This past couple months have been a real killer, because I've been trying to develop THREE web projects at once: the 2003 PCR and the 2003 Crazed Fanboy homepage, AND multi-media simultaneously. (Last year, I don't think I updated the homepage until well into the year.) This year, however, is very special as I've endeavored to include the first baby-steps of multi-media. If you check out the refurbished homepage, you may notice a new celestial background and some new sections. Gone is the "Other Media Appearances" section. Altho all those links still mean the world to me, they were getting pretty dated from a regular visitor point of view (but they will still be locatable in the Archives or the new "links" section, due to go active by the end of this week). Added on is a new Florida Filmmakers section I'm extremely excited about. I had tried to have it ready by the first, but I was unexpectedly snowed under with holiday-family commitments (including today, Wednesday), so that section is still under construction. It'll be up soon, tho.

Another very exciting thing is the inclusion of "A Minute With Nolan" embedded right on the CF Homepage, playable at start-up, that hopefully will play in y'alls browsers! (It's currently configured for Windows Media Player only, but that may change.) basically, it's a miniature "The World of Nolan" TV show, but scaled down to 'net size. I'll be (theoretically) updating that weekly and have special guests and/or movie trailers. BTW, altho I'm targeting for a minute's runtime, tests have been anywhere from 40 seconds to slightly over a minute---we just have to watch bandwidth and such. Try it out and let me know what happens.

La Floridiana
This week's issue
La Floridiana by William Moriaty
Book Review-- "Paradise Screwed", selected columns of Carl Hiaasen edited by Diane Stevenson. Also: The "Tragic Kingdom" Strikes Again......New Tim Dorsey Book Due Out........ No Fiasco Here........Florida's Old Faithful...... .................Click here for more.

Movie Review
This Week's Movie Review:
Review by Mike Smith.


The Enlightenment
This week's issue
The Enlightenment by Terence Nuzum


Deadguy's Dementia
This week's issue
Deadguy's Dementia by Michael Scott


Matt's Rail
This week's issue
Matt's Rail by Matt Drinnenberg

MATT'S MERRY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION! .................Click here for more.

Mike's RantMike's Rant
This week's issue
Mike's Rant by Michael A. Smith
THE TURTLE RULES!........PASSING ON ..............Click here for more.

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.
To all Readers of NPCR,
I left Tampa on February 27th, 2002. My departure, although for a fantastic opportunity and a new life in New Zealand, was and still is somewhat depressing. I do miss family and friends back home. I saw Nolan at least on a weekly basis if not more. Though he can try your patience like no one I've ever met before or after, he is and has always been, a great and true friend. Why he waited until I left Tampa to become hugely successful, I'll never know.HAHA! The Bum!

Anyway, as you all know, I came to New Zealand to be married to a 'Kiwi' chick. That marriage, as well as my life, is wonderful here......if you don't consider the cost of living and the weather. Petrol (Gas) is insanely expensive in New Zealand. It generally runs from the high .98-ish to about $1.07-ish per litre. Tranlated to American measurements, figure about $3.50-$4.00 per gallon. YIKES! Grocery stores are the same. If you think you live poorly in Tampa, try NZ.

The weather here, in a word...rainy! It rains and rains and rains and rains and when it finished, it rains some more! The beautiful days are incredibly gorgeous, just as you saw in The Lord of The Rings". As green as a polished emerald, the sun providing a nice warmth. Hills and valleys abound. When I mentioned the copius amount of rainfall, the locals say, "That's the price we pay for this beautiful country". Whatever works, eh?

I keep up with Tampa news primarily thru NCPCR, having never missed an issue. Although I'm not as regular a contributor as some, I enjoy their articles. I was introduced to my recent tome aquisitions via NCPCR columnist Will Moriaty. The only "Florida" writer whose works I was familiar with was Dave Barry. Will introduced me to Tim Dorsey's compilation which I thoroughly enjoyed. As crazy and off-balance as Serge Storms (a central character in Dorsey's books) is, I found myself envying him. A madcap adventure from page 1 of the first book. Since I already finished reading the series I was eager for more, so I started reading Carl Hiaasen. Again, a Florida-based crime adventue story full of eccentric characters. All the Little Birdies by Dan Allison is one that I wanted to read, couldn't get here, but Nolan is sending me a copy Dan sent him--autographed! (Yeah, I'm a little late with that--oops, sorry! On it's way now.---Nolan) Thank you, Will!

Also thanks to Will for the Indie film reports. I enjoy them immensely. I love the Florida "places of interest" pieces that Will does, too. I've been to most all of the ones he's mentioned and appreciate the updates. Keep up the good work, Will!

As for movie reviews, I commend Mike Smith for reporting with a fan's heart. It's obvious he hasn't been "bought" by studio heads or film companies like most reviewers. I agree with damn near all of his reviews. I agree with Nolan's too, but since we went to the movies together so many times, we know each other's tastes.

I wish Nolan had been able to keep his job at the "Village" (i.e., my security job I lost due to downsizing--N). I will miss the many 'meetings' that we had there.

But, having said that, Nolan has made that unfortunate situation better, by not losing sight of his vision. That's one thing that always amazes me about Nolan....not letting major life upheavals de-rail his plans for world conquest! I remain....envious. I get majorly depressed and give up with minor setbacks! The Rules According to Steve?

Last but not least......PLEASE don't vote in another Republican or Democrat! We need a Libertarian in office, both local and national. If no Libertarian runs, then it's okay to vote for a Democrat.

And the sooner we omit any reference to religion in government and the entertainment industry the sooner we can begin real progress. To choose to be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or any sect (cult?) is to choose a side. Remember, if you belong to the human race, who can you fight with? We're all human (well, maybe not Nolan HAHA!) Without 'sides' there can be no stupid war. There has been more war and death due to squabbling over religious issues than any other reason. Have doubts, then read "The Spanish Inquisition", and where Torquemada stole land, tortured and killed....all in the name of Christianity. The only difference today is that they use guilt to get people's money and property. However, lest it be said that I'm picking on Christianity, most sects (or cults), including Muslim....are guilty of the same social crimes as Christianity.

The below writing is just to mentioned a few issues that stoodout to me in particular. The high points for me were..........
   1. Small plane plunges into Bank of America by Nolan Canova
   2. Inglis, Florida banning Satan by Nolan Canova
   3. La Floridiana's 'Television shows and movies filmed in Florida' by Will Moriaty
   4. La Floridiana's Hampton Dunn 'epitaph' by Will Moriaty
   5. La Floridiana's Low Budget/Zero Budget Movie reviews by Will Moriaty
   6. The 74th Annual Academy Awards issue
   7. "Rattlesnake, Florida" by Will Moriaty
   8. Rave Reviews of indie flick, "El Lector' and all locally produced indie flicks
   9. Nolan makes the St. Pete Times!
   10. The Tim Dorsey books reviewed by Will Moriaty

Happy New Year!
Stephen Beasley
Auckland, New Zealand

To send an email to Letters to the Editor write to: Crazedfanboy1@aol.com.  Any emails sent to this address will be assumed intended for publication unless you specifically instruct me not to. I can and do respond privately, if that is your preference. Frequently, it's both ways.---Nolan

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