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Nolan Pop Culture Review, 2003!
This week's
La Floridiana
Movie Review
Mike's Rant


Yo Soy Irini Productions, Inc. is accepting resumes for Directors for "True West." Interviews will be conducted the week of 1/14-1/19/03.
Casting will be the week of 1/20-1/24/03.
Show dates are March 22, 23, 28 & 29.
Please email Peter D'Alessio or call Yo Soy Irini Productions, Inc. if interested.
Also seeking male actors 20-60 years old and female actors 40-60. Please include headshot when mailing for info:
Peter D'Alessio (Head of Production & Development Yo Soy Irini Productions, Inc.)
101 E. J. Arden Mays Boulevard, Suite 200
Plant City, FL 33563
813-719-2019 office, 813-719-2617 fax
Clips Productions
is looking for actors to fill roles in the upcoming production of "The Urn". Please see the website for details, and/or contact Brandon@clipsproductions.com
  Number 148  (Vol. 4, No. 4). This edition is for the week of January 20--26, 2003.

I'm a believer! The Bucs victory in Philly


 The Golden Globes

If you were to tell me only a few weeks ago I would be HOOT HOOT HOOTing over a football game, I'd've said you were nuts. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, long an assumed failure for ever making the Super Bowl surprised the living sh*t out of everybody last Sunday with a win over the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10, thus securing the NFL Championship, despite 28-degree weather and a host of other problems! (The weather 's important--for 25 years it was regarded a curse that we couldn't win in any weather under 40 degrees. That has been disproven twice now; that mojo's over.)

This town hasn't seen this much excitement since...well since the last time we hosted a Super Bowl (2001, I think)!

Now, of course, we're already greedy for the top prize, and who can blame us? I mean, it should be enough that we're even going AT ALL, but now we're ready to take it all the way. And you know what? THAT'S FINE BY ME. I've have so had it with being the laughing stock of the country for all the wrong reasons. It started by having the fooball team with the longest losing streak in history. Then, every goofy thing from f*&ked-up elections to kids plummeting planes into buildings and everything in between has repeatedly marked us as a state full of looney tunes.

I'm not a sports writer, so please forgive me that I'm not running my personal list of highlights from the game. Even tho I can see them in my head, I have a poor memory for names and worse for spelling them. I'll leave it to Mike Smith (The Rant) and Matt Drinnenberg (The Rail--if we ever hear from him again) do up great pieces on it.

I have a good feeling about 2003. Despite wars and rumors of wars I think we're gonna be alright. The again, how many times have I heard "If the Bucs play the Super Bowl, it's gotta be the end of the world!"

The Golden Globe Awards
Nope, didn't see it, but heard plenty about it. Planned a longer piece about it, but ran way short on time this week trying to set up some other surprises for you guys, so I will just say this: congratulations to Nicole Kidman (best picture and actress--"The Hours"), Jack Nicholson (best actor--"About Schmidt"), Martin Scorcese (best director--"Gangs of New York"), and the cast and crew of "Chicago"! (Everything else.) Please see this issue's Mike's Rant for more the first in on Academy Award nominees for director.

Some contributors have been tricky to get a hold of lately, so this edition of the PCR is a little sparse, but please don't lose faith...there have been many times like these in the past and they have always...er...passed--so far!

It's not fancy, but it's heartfelt: check out the new streaming video on the Crazed Fanboy homepage where I gush about the Bucs. OK, it's dopey, but I feel like I've done my part for sports fandom.
William Moriaty has done us proud once again with his recent Dade City tree-planting honoring the late Dr. Paul Bearer. The how and where of this is a great read and I have a little something to say, too, in this week's "La Floridiana". Not only that--but Will somehow mangaged to find time to update Schlockarama with TWO new reviews of cheesy movies: Bad Girls Go To Hell and Navy vs The Night Monsters. Check 'em out!
The ubiquitous Gustavo Perez called to invite me to the private premiere of his and Mark Nash's independent film "The Raging Bells". In production for over a year, the cast featured on The World of Nolan public access show, this has been a long time in coming. The prognosis from Gus? "It looks just like a real Hollywood movie, you're gonna be blown away!" Can't wait! After this, the public will have access to it when it exhibits at the Tambay Film Festival around April.

La Floridiana
This week's issue
La Floridiana by William Moriaty
"...you're owed a memorial tree by me." Those were the closing words in "La Floridiana's" column of July 13-19, 2002 in NPCR #122 in the article titled "Dr. Paul Bearer--Gone But Not Forgotten". On Friday, January 17, 2003, I made good on my word by donating a Pignut Hickory tree planted in the memory of Dick Bennick, better known as fright show host Dr. Paul Bearer..... .................Click here for more.

Movie Reviewmovie review
This Week's Movie Review:
A Guy Thing

Review by Mike Smith.
This has certainly become the season for romantic comedies. In the past six weeks, we've had "Maid In Manhattan," "Two Weeks Notice," "Just Married" and now "A Guy Thing." If the season has ended, thankfully they saved the best of the lot for last....

.................Click here for more.

Deadguy's Dementia
This week's issue
Deadguy's Dementia by Michael Scott


The Digital Divide
This week's issue
The Digital Divide by Terence Nuzum


Matt's Rail
This week's issue
Matt's Rail by Matt Drinnenberg
REVIVED STATUS. Readers---Matthew wrote me just before the weekend to tell me a new Rail will appear in the next PCR! (#149). However, due to the time-sensitive nature of sports predictions, I have included his prediction here and now for Super Bowl Sunday:
(Posted 1-25-03)

Mike's RantMike's Rant
This week's issue
Mike's Rant by Michael A. Smith
MEMORIES (Buccaneers)......MEGAN'S QUESTION (Austin Powers)........THE DOCTOR IS IN (Dr. Demento).... ....PASSING ON (Richard Crenna, Al Hirshfeld)........ .................Click here for more.

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