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Nolan Pop Culture Review, 2003!
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The FSU film school is holding auditions for the upcoming thesis films that we will be shooting this semester in Tallahassee. If you are interested in auditioning tomorrow, January 29th at Andrew's On the Park (101 E. J. Arden Mays in Plant City, FL), please contact our office at (850) 644-6641 or email FSUfilmcasting@hotmail.com. There are ten-minute time slots available between 9:30 and 5:30. The films call for the following roles:
1. JOE (I): Leading Male mid-20-mid-30s, goofy yet handsome willing to skydive and bungee-jump.
2. MICHELLE: Leading Female mid-20s-mid-30, cute/sweet/bubbly/athletic - willing to skydive and bungee-jump.
3. SCOTT: Supp. Male late 20s-early 40s, handsome/athletic/odd - willing to skydive.
4. ROGER: Supp. Male early 20s-mid-30s, athletic/hunk/flirtatious - willing to skydive.
5. OLIVER: Leading Male mid-20s, fit/somewhat-handsome/expressive/American-looking.
6. AUDREY: Leading Female mid-20s, beautiful/French-looking/fit. This character will need to speak English with a French accent.
7. JOE (II): Leading male early-30s, sarcastic/middle-class.
8. MYRON (I): Leading male 25-30, sympathetic/everyman.
9. MYRON (II): Leading male 25-30, creepy guy.
10. SYPHERS: Supp. Male 30 and up, older/experienced man.
11. LUCIA: 18-24, beautiful/attractive/mysterious. Topless scene required.
12. MALE: Leading male mid-30s, Smart/fit/Normal to attractive.
13. FEMALE: Leading female 30s, Femme Fatale/beautiful but cruel/possibly Asian.
14. CAJUN MAN: Supp. male older, must speak with a Cajun accent.
Thank you for your interest, FSU Film School Casting Office
Megan Robb, Elliott Schackne
Clips Productions
is looking for actors to fill roles in the upcoming production of "The Urn". Please see the website for details, and/or contact Brandon@clipsproductions.com
  Number 149  (Vol. 4, No. 5). This edition is for the week of January 27--February 2, 2003.

The Hometown Heroes arrive in Tampa to a Stadium party and a mainstreet parade

I KNEW THE PSYCHIC ELEPHANT WOULDN'T LET ME DOWN!! In the week before Super Bowl 37 (excuse me, XXXVII), a news report came over the wire that a psychic elephant from Texas had predicted the Bucs' victory over the Oakland Raiders at the Super Bowl---and the elephant hadn't made a wrong Super Bowl prediction in 5 years.

Add number 6 to the pulchritudinous pachyderm's prodigious record!

A number of us worn-out, yet still hopeful, Bucs fans/supports met at mutual friend Denis Lebrun's house that fateful evening to witness--dared we hope?--the Tampa Bay Buccaneers victory over the odds-on favorite Oakland Raiders. What happened resulted in this first--and possibly last--sports-related column you're ever likely to see me write for this magazine. I'm not usually a sports guys. But this was no ordinary event. Please understand, I know other media have covered this to death already, and no, I don't remember the names of all the players and what they did exactly, this is more like a dream remembrance, a personal anecdote of a personal occasion. And I was there and saw it all. (Well, in front of the TV.)

The stage was set at the opening, from the beautiful rendition of "America the Beautiful" sung by Celine Dion (ironically, a Canadian), to the "Star-Spangled Banner" done proud by The Dixie Chicks (incongruous somehow, but certainly effective).

The first quarter was predictably slow-moving, what with both teams being more-or-less evenly matched: the number 1 offense (Raiders) against the number 1 defense (Bucs), and really isn't that what a contest is all about? Both teams mangaged to get in only a field goal in the first quarter. Will Moriaty and I groaned we hoped it would get a little more exciting than a score of 3 - 3, even tho we figured the ball may not move much with two tough teams.

Suddenly, the gods smiled on us and the Bucs EXPLODED into action with one touchdown after another (some as the result of interceptions) as The Raiders seemed to lose track of their mission objective. Overconfidence? Maybe. But finally, FINALLY, our critics were bamboozled by the odds-turning play of events.

At one point, the score stood at an astounding 3 - 34 (or something close to that), in favor of the Bucs when, in the third quarter(?), the Raiders mamaged to get in two touchdowns. Bucs fans started getting nervous: could this actully turn around this late in the game? Bucs, after all, have been known to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. During this period, Matt Drinnenberg's prediction of Bucs 32 - Oakland 20 was eerily close: 34 - 21! If it had stayed that way...whoa.

Then, the Bucs in the last quarter scored again. And then again: with Coach Jon Gruden desperately trying to run out the clock (a favorite strategy, I hear), the Lombardi Trophy blessed the Bucs with one last gift: Derrek Brooks(?) intercepted Oakland's ball again---with only ten seconds remaining on the clock---to score the final touchdown! That took 6 seconds. A field goal took up another 2. That left Oakland with an embarrassing 2 seconds left to save the world. Absolute hoot, that.

Final score, 48 - 21. My god, Tampa exploded into celebration, car horns and fireworks ablaze and who the hell can blame us? After 26 losing years, we hit paydirt on the 27th. Thanks and congratulations to Jon Gruden and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a job well done.

A Stadium Party was held Monday night January 27th. About 60,000 fans showed up for what turned out to be a disappointing 10 - 15 minute appearance by the team. No matter, everyone was joyful (for more on the Stadium party, see Malcolm Hathorne's piece below).

A parade down "Main Street" USA (OK, Bayshore through downtown) was held Tuesday, attracting 100,000 Bay-area fans for what turned out to be a more satisfying event. I'm sure most of you have seen the TV news footage of Warren Sapp dancing, et. al., and Gruden's holding up the trophy and of Malcolm Glazer with his constant "thumbs up" sign. (Malcolm Hathorne wrote to say he's sending pictures, which is great, and presumably eye-witness coverage as well).

From left: Will Moriaty, Nolan Canova, Denis Lebrun, and Gregory Van Stavern at the backyard barbeque, Super Bowl Sunday at La Casa de LebrunNolan, Will, Denis, and next-door neighbor "Bud" enjoy the post-game victory celebration from the sacred TV couch at Denis's
The hosts with the most: Michelle and Denis Lebrun, moments before we departed Super Bowl night......but not before we witness Greg's stepson Danny eat a grub worm (well, allegedly) as Will Moriaty looks on. Danny's an Oakland fan....he lost the bet.

From Malcolm Hathorne
I went to the stadium Monday night and witnessed the arrival of the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was a moving experience, generally. There were about 50,000 people inside the stadium and I hear there were thousands more outside who never made it inside. They just screamed and celebrated. It was loud. Then the Bucs finally showed up as they cruised in from the airport in the busses. And the place went wild when Malcolm Glazer led the entourage to the podium. He carried the Vince Lombardi Trophy aloft to the thunderous shrieks and howls of Buccaneer Fandom. It was quite a sight, especially after all of these years... The speehes were short and not perhaps as well correographed as you might hope, but it didn't matter much. The fans got what they wanted; a glimpse of the trophy and their hometown heroes. The speeches were over in about 15 minutes and that was probably as it should have been. People exited the stadium en masse, hooting and hollering and being joyful. It was cool. After the long walk back to my car, I made the mistake of deciding to wait a little bit to "let the cars thin out" before trying to head out of the massive parking lot, but I soon realized that a humongous bottleneck of rubber and steel was ensuing. But it really didn't matter. I just turned off the ignition and sat in the cool darkness listening to "Papa Joe Chevalier" and other national sports hosts as they glowed tribute to the Super Bowl Champs. They took calls from listeners, Live, and many called in from Tampa, people also exiting the stadium. But best of all were the tributes from other nationally based fans and pundits who heaped praise on the well deserving Champions of the NFL.
I also went to the Super Bowl Champions' Parade in Downtown Tampa Tuesday, and it was really neat. I got some great pictures which I will send soon. (Excellent! Looking forward to seeing them!--Nolan)
From Steve Beasley
I watched the Super Bowl LIVE! on ESPN (Aussie version) Monday the 27th here, in NZ. What a game it was......from the opening coin toss to the trophy presentation to the post-game commentary. I couldn't have been happier, except that I am probably the only Buc fan on this side o' the world (Auckland, New Zealand). All this great sh*t happening AFTER I leave Tampa! Although I will say, if it took my leaving Tampa to help the Bucs acheive superstar status.....I'm happy to help. The last 2 interceptions caught me 100% by surprise, as I'm sure they did the entire world. That Pittman is something else! He also, could have been a contender for MVP of the game. Everyone at work and Sose's family are constantly commenting on the game! It feels GOOD!

Will Moriaty has contributed a new Schlockarama addition and I have some exciting web video news, but it'll have to wait---out of time for today. Check back.

Also, definitely have some opinions on George Dubya's State of the Union speech. Suffice it for now to say I strongly disagree with his proposed ban on human cloning, I'm not so sure his revised Medicare/prescription package is workable or desirable, and his tax revisions at-a-glance seem to continue to help mostly the rich. The sobering and serious Middle-East talk, particularly itemized treaty violaions from Suddam Hussein, were his most effective proposal for war yet---February 5th is when the sh*t hits the fan!

La Floridiana
This week's issue
La Floridiana by William Moriaty
Hungering for Memories. The Friday Extra supplement of the January 17, 2003 edition of the Tampa Tribune had a great article by Kurt Loft titled "Hungry for Nostalgia?" The article was about restaurants in the Bay area that have come and gone over the years. I thought I would take this opportunity to do my own reminiscing about some of these wonderful eateries, as well as some not mentioned in the article... .................Click here for more.

Movie Reviewmovie review
This Week's Movie Review:
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Review by Mike Smith.
Apparently, television isn't as glamorous as it looks. There is a lot of slow time in your life. If you're like producer Chuck Barris, you get hired as a contract killer to make the day move along faster..... .................Click here for more.

Deadguy's Dementia
This week's issue
Deadguy's Dementia by Michael Scott


The Digital Divide
This week's issue
The Digital Divide by Terence Nuzum


Matt's Rail
This week's issue
Matt's Rail by Matt Drinnenberg
THE BUCS ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!!!!Can this really be happening? Is this a dream? Or some far-fetched fantasy I'm experiencing in a dream state brought on by some psychosis? Will I remember any of what I'm seeing?..... .................Click here for more.

Mike's RantMike's Rant
This week's issue
Mike's Rant by Michael A. Smith

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.
Hey Nole,

Another fabulous piece by Will.....I hope he doesn't mind me adding my personal memories to his grand idea of a restaurant memorial page. (Readers, I'd like to direct your attention to the subject of Steve's inspiration namely this week's La Floridiana, where, in an unusual move, I decided Steve's own reminiscinces were better suited than in this Lettecol. Check it out!--Nolan)

Steve [Beasley]


The old restaurants list is very good, incomplete of course, but good. Please add the following memories....(Same drill as above, folks, we've opened the floodgates here: Mack's list.---Nolan).

Mack [Beasley]

To send an email to Letters to the Editor write to: Crazedfanboy1@aol.com.  Any emails sent to this address will be assumed intended for publication unless you specifically instruct me not to. I can and do respond privately, if that is your preference. Frequently, it's both ways.---Nolan

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