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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2003!
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  Number 158  (Vol. 4, No. 14). This edition is for the week of March 31--April 6, 2003.

Waves of Fandom


 Updates at Crazed Fanboy

 Nolan returns to Public Access

 Vinnie Blesi debuts new website

 New columnist joins PCR

   And.....a special interview on the way!

It's been a slow news week for anything else but the war. Fortunately, fandom-at-large has not been resting on its laurels! There have been a few perturbations in Crazed Fandom lately...

There are some changes and updates being made to the Crazed Fanboy homepage that you will find in place over the next few days. Yes, I know, "it's about time"...
The World of Nolan
First, up in the corner where I constantly espouse the imminent arrival of "The World of Nolan" internet TV show is a new graphic. That is in place to assure you all that I have not forgotten about it, nor is it on the back burner. My original plans were for it to go live, but unfortunately it took me two months to determine that it is not practical given my present set-up. So I will be pre-recording whole episodes for on-demand streaming, which I think you'll enjoy just as much if not more. The only draw-back is not being able to take live phone calls, but until we get more known, maybe that's not so big a deal right now. Look for that to debut, even if it's an introductory session, before the end of this month.

So, get ready to appear on The World of Nolan because I will be calling you. It will not be originating from Public Access. But speaking of Public Access....

Last night (as I write this), I returned to public access television in a guest/technical capacity only to help out an old friend. Malcolm Hathorne, producer of UFOs and Metaphysics has been mentiond in this 'zine many times, as has our sometimes volatile relationship. Funny how creative people are like that. But no matter how bad it gets, we (generally) always get back together. Well, sure, it's mutually beneficial---and what's wrong with that? We talked about UFO incidents as they have been portrayed in the mass media (Signs, Taken), and discussed the impact these presentations have. It was cool, I enjoyed it. However...

I want to go on record here and now by saying my separation from public access as far as doing my own show has nothing to do with any problems I ever had with the facility and its staff, all of whom are top-notch to work with. I recommend it heartily for anyone wanting to learn the ropes of TV production and/or just spout off about politics or whatever. My problem is I want to go commercial, which is flat-out not allowed at the facility. I understand that.

My other problem is, and this has been growing in me for years, I am siezed with contempt that the Tampa Bay area is so reviled and shit-upon by the rest of the country, that the arts and film community has been under-supported (that has improved only in the last year) and too many talented and creative people are not being promoted or compensated. Except The Bucs, of course, our chief annual export. I long ago decided Crazed Fanboy was going to be a commercial endeavor, but it's only just now really happening. And I will have guests on TWON with something they've made and want to sell and I'll sell it for them. (My website's URL is no longer allowed to be spoken on public access for that reason alone, you know, but those are the rules, and I know that.) I still plan to keep my PA membership and standing for the forseeable future. It's simply time to move on and out.

The Online Store
The other very exciting thing is I am finally close enough to launching the online store to announce it to you now. The Last Outpost graphic should be uploaded to the CF homepage by the time you read this. Like the TV set, it's a place-holder for a very short time. The infrastructure is in place, I have a few things I have to tweak before it's ready to go, but look for that also to debut before this month is out!

Strange Agents debuts official website
Old friend and recovered Andromeda Society colleague Vinnie Blesi has announced that his band's official website www.strangeagents.com is open for business! The following is the official press release:

Strangeagents.com offers archival video, audio, and photos from many of the legendary Strange Agent performances of the last 50 years. In addition, new multimedia content will be added in the future.

An official launch party will be announced later in the year, with a rumoured appearance by many FUTURE/past agents and other surprises.


HAHA, God I love Vinnie, he slays me! You can also read the official press release here. Please everyone, go visit the site, check it out thoroughly, and drop the Vin-meister an email!
New PCR Contributor
Matt Cerrato and I go back pretty far, and my inner circle has heard the name crop up in various conversations, rants, diatribes, curses, and discussions for over 20 years. We share a common history in Bay-area rock bands (don't ask--it's all going into that book I'm writing someday), collectible toys, and action movies. We always seem to have a lot to talk about. Well, Matt recently decide to write for the Pop Culture Review! Came completely out of the blue, but I'm grateful and really jazzed about it. Matt has an extensive knowledge of collectible toys, with an emphasis on action-figures. He's also highly-opinionated, which makes him perfect for this 'zine. To sample his introductory column, Mad Matt's Plastic People, find Matt's contributor's box below, or simply click here. (Yes, I know this means we have two Matts now, like we had two Mikes for a while. To save confusion, the linking short-hand title will simply be "Plastic People". The URL will still reflect "Mad Matt", tho.--N)


Stalwart PCR contributor Michael A. Smith (Mike's Rant) has recorded and is transcribing an interview he recently had with actress Linda Harrison of "Planet of the Apes" fame (the original 1968 movie and its sequel where she played Nova). Look for that to appear here next week! Congratulations, Mike! And to Linda: welcome to our section of the Crazed Fan Universe! (Hmm....wonder if Tim Burton will be reading this? --N)

La Floridiana
This week's issue
La Floridiana by William Moriaty
OK, OK, so I already I miss the on-hiatus La Floridiana bad enough to dress and format a column just to see a "tidbits" piece float -- so sue me. Anyway, here's a brief tidbits journey into La Floridiana!....--Nolan......RALLY FOR AMERICA......DEM BONES......DAN ALLISON'S NEW WEB SITE......BIRDS OF PREY... ................Click here for more.

Matt's Rail
This week's issue
Matt's Rail by Matt Drinnenberg
GENERAL GERALDO Too bad "truth's savior", our good friend Geraldo Rivera, is keeping up with his rebel image by endangering the lives of our brave fighting men and women overseas...... KING KONG LIVES!!!! ...mere weeks after I wished the big guy happy birthday,Peter Jackson has just released the first bits of info on his upcoming King Kong epic..... ................Click here for more.

Movie Reviewmovie review
This Week's Movie Review:

"Basic"  reviewed by Michael Smith

Mad Matt
This week's issue
Mad Matt's Plastic People by Matt Cerrato
New column! Newest contributor Matt Cerrato joins the team to share his knowledge and opinions on toys and collectibles. Read his intro here.... ................Click here for more.

Mike's RantMike's Rant
This week's issue
WELCOME ABOARD........THE NEXT BIG EPIC........ DATE CHANGE........PASSING ON........ .............Click here for more.

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.
Thank you for mentioning the passing of Buddy Pendergrass in the recent edition of PCR (Last issue's La Floridiana tidbits, in fact.---N). I was honored and fortunate to have worked with Buddy over the years during my tenure at The Home Shopping Network. He was indeed a special individual. I met Buddy through his wife, Debbie, who was a V.P. at Home Shopping. Buddy would visit our post-production facility (then called Telemation) often, and would brighten up the work day with his visits. When needed, Buddy would step in as Sound Designer when Telemation's was on vacation or out sick. But that was only a small part of Buddy's legendary career as a musician, audio engineer, and sound designer.

As stated in your memorial, he was a member of both The Tropics and White Witch, two heralded local bands that gained national notoriety. Buddy was also one of Florida's leading sound designers and engineers, working on everything from Tom Petty concert sound checks to local car commercials. I'm sure some of us Tampa Bay old timers recall those (Tom Stimus, T. Buff, Dayton Andrews, etc.). During Buddy's memorial service last Wednesday, his friends and family recalled those sessions, back in the days when audio tape had to be manually spliced and taped back together again. Buddy was a master audio editor, and one of the fastest in the business. In recent years, Buddy and Debbie ran a Tropic Sound Studio, a facility specializing in Christian music recording. Buddy was also a proud father; he had two sons: Ted (who is a friend of my wife's) and Clayton.

Buddy died of cancer, but I'm not sure which type.

The number of people who attended Buddy's service was astonishing. Buddy was a natural leader and a man of great character; the way he lived his live was inspiring to all that knew him. I'm sure he was content to know that so very many people were touched by knowing him and wished to bid him a final farewell.

- Andy Lalino

Andy, thanks so much for such a heart-felt tribute. Obviously, Buddy's passing hit his close friends, family and colleagues the hardest. His young age (55) just adds to the tragedy. He will be sorely missed.---Nolan

Re: The Oscars. (Our diatribes listed last issue.---Nolan) While everyone's caught up in the Michael Moore politics, a few items appear to have gone unnoticed. First, on Moore's rant - it only goes to show that they can lower the microphone, but you can't shut off the Mike.

"Well, I'm glad they cut back on all the glitz," host Steve Martin deadpanned. "That'll show them." Indeed, as the ratings fell by over 30% because...hmm...NO ONE CARES!!! There's a freaking war going on.

Sean Connery looked like he came off the set of another "Highlander" sequel or, better yet, he robbed Jerry Seinfeld of the "puffy shirt." This is Bond for the love of Pete!

How about Jack Nicholson responding to a jab with a "bird" of his own. Very sneaky Jack.

Does anyone else feel odd about giving an award to Roman Polanski? I mean, there is a warrant out for his arrest.

Lastly, just punishment for Jennifer Garner. We saw that crappy "Daredevil" movie and you have to present awards with Mickey Mouse. A Mickey with a voice problem. BAM! How's that taste?

Gotta love the Oscars!

Brandon [Jones]

I put the Roman Polanski award in the same category as the "John Landis award for best accidental decapitations during filming", in that yes, we're horrified, but the show must--and did--go on. (Landis was exhonerated, at least, and can still live in this country.) Say, Robert Blake isn't set up to shoot anything this year is he? HAHA--ahhhh, double-entendre morbid humor, forgive me....---N

I would like to give a hearty "Welcome aboard" to Mad Matt as well. My wife and I collect female action figures, (200+ in our collection) everyone from anime, TV, movies, etc., so we'll be interested in his take on the biz. Our museum accepts 6-packs for admission (hehe).

Looking forward to your column,
Richard and Janet Sousa

I am a teen in the south Tampa area and I used to come on your site all the time to see what is going on in the area w/ the local band and film scene, but to be honest your site.................suxxx!

That was, of course, until I came on here the other day and to my surprise you had a new addition---so I checked it out much like I do all of your other new things, and I have to say that because of this new addition I will be visiting your site more often! So I just want to say that, thanx to "Plastic People", you salvaged a viewer! Thanxxx.........ok maybe not.

Hey Nolan, it's Sam (Plastic People's kid)! Anyway I thought I would make my dad feel special and I am abusing baby-sleeping time, love your site, thanks for screwing up my head for many years alongside of my father.

Lots of love to ya!
Sam (Symantha Cerrato Savinon)

Hey kiddo, thanks for writing, glad to have your old man on board. Keep him in line for me, it's the least he deserves for screwing up your head all these years. As far as the site formerly sucking, but better now due to a correcting influence.....uh-oh, do I sense another potential young "Tirade" author in the offing, only this time a (gulp) female?
   Readers: in an earlier edition of PCR, I misspelled Symantha's name as "Samantha". Although she signs her mail "Sam", I forget she spells the full version with a "Y". Woopsy...!---Nolan

Just checked out the new PCR. I am looking forward to the new articles on collectible toys. I hope, given his age, that Matt will give ample coverage to the vintage lines of toys that I collect and far prefer to anything modern. Unfortunately the modern lines tend to get all the attention these days because they are so readily available to less decerning collectors. Even as excellently crafted as they are, I find it hard to believe something like, say, the McFarlane Spawn line will be anywhere near as collectible 20 years from now as the Mego lines from the 70's are today (20 years after their prime). Let's face it, toys like the Mego lines were never designed to be collectible, and to me that is at least half of what MAKES them collectible.

ED Tucker
Jax, FL

Ha, ha, firing away right out of the gate, that's my boy ED! I couldn't agree more, in fact, what got Matt and I started gabbing 20+ years ago (besides heavy metal) was GI Joe stuff from the '60s (plus Major Matt Mason, Hot Wheels, etc.). While I don't know exactly what Matt plans to write about week to week, I do think we're on the same wavelength. (I don't want to steal his thunder, but I think he's with you on MacFarlane.) That being said, altho I agree with you that latter-day offerings of and for the super-hero/anime/movie spin-off/blister-pack mania set will ever accrue the sentimental value that old lunchboxes, spaceships, and submarines built-for-two did for us (how can they?), there is a market of impressionable young people whose only accessibility--or inspiration-- was after Star Wars (that's a major fan date calendar division, similar to B.C. and A.D.). Matt is extremely well-versed on that era too.
   I want to remind EVERYONE that this is an open forum, and we all welcome your input on all topics 24/7. I've already received a peck of emails just on the mere announcement of the Plastic People column. This promises to elicit a whole new realm of response towards us in the future as a different branch of fandom is finally being addressed here. I realize people collect toys for a variety of personal reasons.
   Final thought--the more I've thought about it the bigger the concept becomes. (The success, the failures, the hits & misses of all eras. And the frauds. Remember, it was just a few years ago you could custom-order a gen-u-wine, full-scale,
Lost in Space talking Robot for $7000-$12,000! Just thought I'd throw that in...)---Nolan

To send an email to Letters to the Editor write to: Crazedfanboy1@aol.com.  Any emails sent to this address will be assumed intended for publication unless you specifically instruct me not to. I can and do respond privately, if that is your preference. Frequently, it's both ways.---Nolan

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