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"Webb's City, Inc. - - The World's Most Unusual Drug Store"
by Will Moriaty
"Bad Boys II"
by Mike Smith
and who owns television and more by Vinnie B.
Ashley answers her critics...again!
 Ashley Lauren
by Brandon Jones
HeroClix, New movies, and Comics
by John Lewis
80s horror films are over-rated?
by Matt Drinnenberg
Webb City revisited...Ashley...Happy Birthday...By Your Command...Passing On
by Mike Smith
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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2003!

Number 174  (Vol. 4, No. 30). This edition is for the week of July 21--27, 2003.

New Deal!

Welcome to the completely overhauled Crazed Fanboy homepage and Nolan's Pop Culture Review homepage, and no, you're not seeing double---they are now one and the same.

For any of you who missed out and don't know what I'm talking about, I have been doing double-duty for years trying to update two homepages and, basically, failing to keep up. The stakes are much higher this year as we're supporting web traffic many times higher than in previous years, and too many projects are happening simultaneously for me to get too distracted from my first priority, which is achieving success for myself and those around me through this website. The previous "classic" issues of PCR are safely stored in The Archives and tell you the truth, I haven't quite yet figured out how I'm going to number new issues, so this week, we'll continue as normal with "issue 174".

The "leaner and meaner" look to the site is a deliberate attempt to "de-bloatify" things that were getting out of control and to encourage more site-wide surfing. Updates should now proceed much smoother and my direct involvement shorter. However, I certainly don't want it to look "hack" either! In my quest to re-design and re-format, I hope I've struck a good balance

BTW, if you're wondering why the page is centered and doesn't take up the full screen at max rez on your computer screens, it's a subliminal reminder that PCR is a part of a greater whole--the starfield sneaks through here and there. Besides, a little star-gazing between articles is good for you. Let me know what you think of the new format.

Anyone recognize these two rogues?
Young Will MoriatyYoung Nolan Canova
William Moriaty, left and Nolan Canova in senior pictures at the age of 17½ in 1973! Yikes! What a difference 3 decades makes, eh?
No, this is not an ad for "Classmates"! Ha ha. The shocking revelations to the left are what Will and I looked like just prior to high school graduation in 1973. I'm bringing these out now because we're set to attend our 30th high school reunion this weekend. We've never attended any previous years' events due to any number of obstacles I won't bore you with now, but I'm kind of glad it's happening for us this year with so much popping around the CF compound. I doubt seriously if we recognize anyone at first glance, and it's pretty much guaranteed no one will recognize us unless they've been closet Pop Culture Review fans.

A final highlight of the event isn't really part of the schedule -- we're due to rendezvous with Florida Folk Hero and author Dan Allison afterwards at a St. Pete Beach bar & grill. Will & I will likely have pictures and a follow-up story next week.

Bad Boys II upset predictions?
Despite the R rating and critical booing on this noisy sequel (Roeper & Ebert gave it "two thumbs WAY down", and our own Mike Smith's review barely squeaked it by with two stars), Bad Boys II managed to rule the box-office last weekend with a $46.7 million take. I don't get it, do you?

Doc Ock unveiled at San Diego Comic Con
Alfred Molina (Chocolat, Dudley Do-Right) scored the part of the multi-limbed villain set to do battle against Spider-Man when the much-anticipated sequel Spider-Man 2 debuts July 2, 2004. Director Sam Raimi, fortunately at the helm again, revealed all the gossip at this year's San Diego Comic Con. For more info go to the source at

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