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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2003!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our fourth calendar year!
Number 179  (Vol. 4, No. 35). This edition is for the week of August 25--31, 2003.

"The World of Nolan" lives again!

Mars Attacks
The Ten Commandments
Our brilliant local government

In case any of you hadn't noticed it yet, the TV set graphic at pagetop, which has been "dark" for 4 months, sprang to life earlier this week because -- drumroll please -- the first episode of The World of Nolan is finally edited, encoded, and ready to air!

Well....stream would be more like it. This is internet video, with the strange highs-and-lows and weird phenomena that plague it. But this is what I've wanted from, basically, the beginning. Watch for it later this week. Why later? I'm looking at an upload time of several hours' duration which is none too easy to find around here.

Mars Attacks
As I write these words, it was only a few hours ago the planet Mars was closer to the Earth than it has been in 60,000 years or than it will be again for at least a couple hundred more. In other words, this is pretty much once-in-a-lifetime stuff.

The moment of closest approach was 5:51am Wednesday, August 27. And I was there, looking heavenward at the brilliant, dazzling, reddish light of our planetary neighbor, wondering how come we never made it there. With people, I mean. Manned landings. Such a rare opportunity and, except for the little rover-landers we shoot up occasionally, we never took full advantage of it. I wasn't able to take any photographs because I don't have a good enough telescope or camera, but there were plenty others who did. I look forward to seeing the results of everyone's skywatching over the next several months.

The Ten Commandments
The judge who put up a monument of The Ten Commandments on public property in the middle of the night is getting the attention he so obviously wanted. He knew he'd never get a permit for it, he just went ahead and did it anyway (the Lord's work?). I don't feel sorry for any fines he winds up paying or any further disciplinary action he must endure, because it was all so preventable. He wanted to test the system and now he found his answer. The monument has just been forcibly removed despite a few protesters and a handful of site-squatters. But really, is that so surprising?

That said, I want to go on record saying that, despite being an atheist, I have never found public displays of religious artifacts offensive. Public annoyances, like getting chased by pamphlet-pushers, is another matter. But seeing a manger scene at Christmas or the Ten Commandments anytime of year is just decoration at best and background noise at worst. I understand and sympathize with all those who take it soooo much more personally, but really, we have much worse problems to worry about than this.

Our brilliant government
For current and ex-Tampa residents: the Southwest Florida Water Mangagement District (usually referred to as "Swiftmud" by slang) has decided that since we're in the middle of the heaviest, wettest rainy season in decades with local areas and neighboring counties in flood-emergency situations, that the drought is over and we might see the one-watering-day-a-week curfew lifted, and return to two days a week. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I don't make this up, people.


by Jason L. Liquori

 PART 4.
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