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The Ghost of the Cabbage Key Inn
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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2003!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our fourth calendar year!
Number 187  (Vol. 4, No. 43). This edition is for the week of October 20--26, 2003.

Now the fun begins...
Fall has fell....
evil pumpkin A new World of Nolan episode imminent! How friends are celebrating Halloween.
The traditional deformation of PCR's front page
Governor Bush intercedes in the Terri Schiavo case

My, my, my, how time flies, eh? Seems like only yesterday it was, like, MARCH and I had all the time in the world to get where I wanted to be by Halloween, because that's when I started planning it. Everything in the world has conspired to slow me down, BUT here we are.

Over the next several days or so, look for the Halloween episode of The World of Nolan to debut! That's behind schedule too, it'll go up segment by segment, but at least I am confident it'll be all be up by Halloween! The first segment deals with a certain PCR-alumnus, a Dover-based boy and his haunted house which brought in 150 fans last Saturday night.

I'm still hoping to get Mssrs. Castellano and Lalino to stand still long enough to get in front of the camera and say a few words about the season and what's going on with them. As for who's doing the show's brief intro...heh, heh, well, a certain anti-Hollywood, Tirade-prone young filmmaker has something he wants to Enlighten y'all with just a little.

To new readers: No, we haven't undergone a permanent green-hued facelift, that's just me messing around with my 'zine like I always do on Halloween (and again at Christmas, and once more for New Year's). This week's changes are moderate, next week's will be slightly more gruesome. Since I'm in business now, I have to watch how carried away I get, lest visitors think they've reached the wrong website! We'll be back to normal the first week of November. Whatever "normal" means for a bunch of crazed fan-types.

...are apparently too busy getting into Halloween to get in their PCR-related stuff to me this week! Can't really blame them: Brandon was writing a new script and doing his "Rakuween" thing, BUT "Splash Page" did make it in this week, and we're happy to see it come back! Also Vinnie Blesi won't be contributing a "Couch Potato" this week, BUT that's because he's getting ready for a Strange Agents band reunion this Friday at the Covivant Art Gallery (details announced in last week's issue)! William and I will be attending that event, sounds really interesting. I am taking my video camera with me, so watch out world!

I have to make mention of a development in this special case in this otherwise Halloween-themed issue of PCR, because it continues to make history. Just recently Governor Jeb Bush signed into law new legislation that empowers him (or any FL governor, I assume) to intervene in special life-or-death cases where power of attorney is cloudy and no clear written Will was filed stating near-death wishes. Governor Bush ordered Terri's feeding tube restored 6 days after it had been removed by court order. This will do doubt continue to be challenged by those who feel this puts too much government control into private affairs. However.....friends of the family and champions of the case are relieved to having at least bought some time for further testing.

Just overheard this bit of news on a quasi-related life-and-death struggle (as some would say), as President Bush has vowed to sign a new partial-birth abortion ban as soon as it's ready. Admittedly a gruesome procedure I always thought was used in medical emergencies only. Opponents vow to challenge the new law in court the same day it's approved, saying it's unconstitutional and violates the Roe vs Wade decision that legalized abortion 30 years ago. Here we go again. Hope the Supreme Court's got some free days next year.

I got an impressive number of responses to last week's rant on why I've decided to live without cable television for the forseeable future. All agreed about the service and rates, many former customers have switched to satellite, others just suffer along for lack of better choices close to home. I share a couple of your letters in this week's lettercol. Check 'em out.

Incredible that the day is finally near. The "baby" of our "old gang", movie make-up maestro Corey Castellano, turns...gulp...FORTY years old Monday, October 27th! I plan to be at the big "gala" birthday fest this Sunday following a brief visit to this year's Necronomicon (where Corey has a dealer's table). 'Scuse me while I go shopping for a triple dose of Geritol (do they still make that?).

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