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The Hauntings of 3016 Villa Rosa Park
 by Will Moriaty

"Runaway Jury"
 by Mike Smith

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by ED Tucker.
(With add'l commentary by Nolan Canova

Where is the Scary TV?....Top Halloween TV Picks
 by Vinnie Blesi

Quick CD Reviews....RIP: Elliott Smith
 by Terence Nuzum

Old School Haunts....Modern Monsters....Music
 by Terence Nuzum

Scary Movie 3....Soul Survivors....The Tribute
 by John Lewis

It's Halloween!
 by Matt Drinnenberg

Movie Notes....The Kid Stays in the Cartoon, Too....How Super Is He?....He's Still Got A Name
 by Mike Smith

Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2003!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our fourth calendar year!
Number 188  (Vol. 4, No. 44). This edition is for the week of October 27--November 2, 2003.

Scary times

OK, OK, I know this issue got out really late, have mercy, I'm one man working alone here!

Before another second goes by, let me express my heartfelt sympathy to the good people of California whose homes and loved ones have been lost to the most expensive and destructive brush fires in the state's history. My god, what an awful mess. The smoke plumes can easily be seen from space. At this writing the inferno is still out of control with hopes pointing to possible showers during the next couple days. I hope it rains like hell.

Hopefully, the long-awaited, and much beleaguered, second episode of The World of Nolan can debut before this week is out, but it's giving me a lot of problems. The new system and new programs are taking me longer to get used to than I thought -- but I will tame it. I beg your kind indulgence on the delays, I'm working as quickly as possible to finalize the show and upload it.

HEY-ZUES MARIMABA, we had a pretty good turn-out this week, Halloween must've inspired everyone! Will Moriaty concludes his multi-part Paranormal series with a personal adventure. After a months-long hiatus, we welcome back Terence Nuzum with two columns in one week, The Digital Divide and The Enlightenment for our special Halloween issue. Check out his quick reviews of some hot CDs and scary movie picks. Unfortunately, although Brandon Jones' Splash Page just made it in the door, I'm flat out of editing time for this week due to the new The World of Nolan episode (which he stars in!), so please look for S.P. next week, my apologies. A new chapter of Dinosoldier is set to hit the stand...Nolan's Newsstand to be exact, the exact place you're standing! The first issue of Flash Fantastic is up! Find the link and check it out. Vin Blesi of Strange Agents fame chimes in with Halloween TV observations, and Matt Drinnenberg concludes his two-part Halloween retrospective. ED Tucker has sent in a superb review of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake! I saw it last week with Scott and Corey. Short version: I liked it! ED's review will be the official one for PCR, but I couldn't resist adding some comments of my own under ED's. Look for me there.

...was my first priority the later it got to Halloween. I'm sorry I had to postpone some things as it got down to the last minute. And it STILL wasn't enough time. BUT....the new segment is finished (well, finished enough) and will be available within 24 hours, barring catastrophe. If I had to give one piece of advice to any up-and-coming 'zine publisher/video producer/online store manager it would be this: get used to sleep-deprivation as a way of life. I am falling asleep at the wheel, but I promise I'll be back tomorrow to check on the Real Player and your comments. Platinum Visa Card
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