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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2003!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our fourth calendar year!
Number 193  (Vol. 4, No. 49). This edition is for the week of December 1--7, 2003.

Christmas Shopping

So here we are. The first jobless economic recovery I remember in a while. According to the White House, we're in the midst of some kinda economic boom. 'Fraid I don't see it myself. I should imagine of all businesses, FAO Schwartz would not have to declare bankruptcy for the second time this year due to lower-than-expected sales if this was going to be a season to remember.


The bargain-basement wonders Target and Wal-Mart are doing bang-up business as folks from all walks of life met in some kinda trailer-trash nirvana as they barged through the doors at 6:00am the day after Thanksgiving.

As Charlie Brown said..."I just can't stand it..."

I am pleased to observe that online businesses have experienced brisker activity, but that's understandable when there's no overhead! Even we here have tasted a wee bit of success, mostly through Forbidden Video. If I could ever unchain myself from my hideous night job, I'd've been able to get the CF T-shirts and stuff I wanted available at The Last Outpost. OK, 'nuff said there.

You eagle-eyed readers have no doubt noticed by now a small change in graphics and layout at the top of the Crazed Fanboy homepage. The embedded Real Player, part of my layout for so long, has proven impractical for more growth-oriented plans and had to be scrapped. For now anyway. I still love an embedded player, I think it really jazzes up a webpage. But the links you see up there now are able to do a little more and are a lot more versatile. They will kick up your machine's own Real Player, enable you to have more control over certain things, and enable me to do some neat tricks from this end. Well, theoretically. Hopefully, more videos will be arriving a little more frequently now.

For now, think of it this way: as I complete each segment of an "episode" (not even sure how I define "an episode" anymore), they will be uploaded ASAP and linked to older segments. The newer segments and linked older ones will play in succession, BUT you'll also have the choice of playing separate, discrete files or an entire episode non-stop, from the top, with one click. Pretty cool.

For example, at pagetop right now, if you click the TV set graphic itself, or the link that says "From The Top", The World of Nolan will start with my new roll-in (please take a look, I'm real proud of it) before going into the first segment, which this week is Jason Liquori's short feature, "Skirmish Between Two Planets". But you'll notice, if you want to skip the roll-in (to, like, give yourself time to recover), you can go right to Jason's link and start there. Or the Rakuween video. Tomorrow, I could stick a one-minute message in there before "Skirmish" without having to delete and re-upload the whole thing. The pause time between segments is negligible, at least on my machine. Let me know if you have any problems.

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