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Book Review: "Welcome to Paradise"
 by Will Moriaty

by Mike Smith

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 by Terence Nuzum

The Return of "Horror"....R.I.P., Julius Schwartz
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Hate Groups in America
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Super Commercial Sunday Follow up....More on Why EW is Full of Idiots....A Night Out with Uncle Creepy....Slushpile
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Masters Of Horror Axed....The Monster Classics Are Back!
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In Defense....Movie News....The Brits Award Show....A Plug....Mel's Movie....Oscar Time....Meet The Beatles, Part 5
 by Mike Smith

Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2003!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our fifth calendar year!
Number 204  (Vol. 5, No. 8). This edition is for the week of February 16--22, 2004.

Growing Pains

I'm not sure if I've used that headline title before--it seems familiar---but even so, it feels appropriate now.

I'm happy more and more fans are finding us. But the more hits we get, the more attention we enjoy, the higher the stakes, more of the right and wrong kind of people are watching us closely, and we have to be more careful about a lot of things. Remember, while there are plenty of people on our side, there are always those who lust for our failure, for whatever reason. Don't give them a chance to succeed.

There have been a few alarming episodes recently that served as a reminder that this site is becoming a greater responsibility. That's not necessarily a bad thing, our credibility is very high, and we have some folks interested in perhaps investing in us, which is great---but it also means playing by the rules, something I've previously encouraged ignoring. Just as well we get used to it now.

Two immediate examples: Forbidden Video is now closed, more exhaustive research into "public domain" titles revealed almost NO title is truly "public domain", that's a fiction. If Forbidden Video comes back at all, it will be as another service entirely.

The World of Nolan's "live" intro segments, previously shown emanating from a modest bedroom set, will instead feature a dark background until I can set something else up to prevent copyrighted material, like posters or models, from being broadcast. Yes, it's getting that bad, but once again, if that's all it takes, fine.

Read this issue's Matt's Rail for an update on why his Masters of Horror website isn't up on the web anymore.

I credit Apopka filmmaker Jason Liquori for helping me to focus more on our original web video programming because that's where a greater potential for renvenue is. The Last Outpost will also start figuring much larger into our plans as well.

Anyway, just some more bumps in the road, folks. The best is yet to come! And we'll be doing it the right way.

And now, on the lighter side...
While I am always delighted to have a very full turn-out for any issue of Nolan's Pop Culture Review I am also a little peeved when half my children continue to dribble in their stuff Thursday night/Friday morning, well past deadline. I love you all, you know that, but I still have to work for a living people, for Pete's sake, c'mon, have mercy.

Carping aside, I need to alert everyone to the late-week appearances of Joshua (Black Dog) Montgomery, and the unexpected-but-welcome return of Brandon (Splash Page) Jones. And, you knew this was coming, another stimulating debate in the Andy vs Terence music meltdown featured in this week's Lettercol.

Joshua is still finding his way and his pacing, but I think he's a legitimate voice for his age group (at 20 years of age, he's now our youngest contributor). We were talking about Mel Gibson's upcoming movie "The Passion of The Christ" and its attendant controversy over its rumored depiction of Jewish culpability. The same night he read an article on the Neo-Nazi movement in Russia. This spurred a heated discussion on the nature of hate. Kind of gloomy, but it's what he needs to express at this time.

Brandon attended the Wednesday night film meeting at the 1515 Coffeehouse and gives a brief summary of that affair. Wish the same crowd had shown up last week, but whatever. Apparently there's been some progress in the movement to organize the Tampa film community, which is always good news. Brandon discovered his work on these pages has not been forgotten (guess that came as a shock), so was inspired to pound some keys and get me a Splash Page. I certainly welcome him back with open arms.

Letters to the Editor

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