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Floridaís Commuter Airlines from the 1960ís to the 1980ís: Part One
 by William Moriaty

"The Punisher"
 by Mike Smith
"The Punisher"  by Nolan B. Canova

Tambay Film Festival, Neck Aches, Horror Movies, Etc.
 by Andy Lalino

Cable Channels Fighting For An Identity (and Viewers)....Couch Potato Quick Takes
 by Vinnie Blesi

Politics: The World of Two Extremes....Put It In Your Planner....Save The Ship....Who Needs Indy?
 by Brandon Jones

Coming Soon....A Nice Cape....A Salute....What About "The Night Chicago Died"?....Cool Venues....Meet The Beatles, Part 14
 by Mike Smith

Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2003!
    Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our fifth calendar year!
    Number 214  (Vol. 5, No. 18). This edition is for the week of April 26--May 2, 2004.

   The Tambay Film Fest Winners
     by Leora Chai

Also: At long last, "The Punisher"

The 4th Annual Tambay Film Festival has come to a close, and the success of this year's festival created a whole new level of awareness and recognition not only in Tampa Bay, but in the independent film community.

From Friday April 23 through Sunday April 25, the 4th annual indie fest in Tampa's Channelside Cinemas had filmmakers raving about the extraordinary lineup of more than 80 films, features, Student films, documentaries and shorts, as well as the receptive, friendly audiences, relaxed ambiance and inspiring landscape.

The 2004 Film Festival winners are:
Best Animation goes to Pencilman meets Pencilgirl directed by Sean Sanczel
3rd place Student Film - The Littlest Cowboy directed by Todd Sepp & Matthew Van Hoesen
2nd place student film - Perihelion directed by Dennis Kwong
1st place student film - The Bug Man directed by Mike Miley.
Best short documentary goes to Human Shield directed by Debra Hussong
Best Documentary goes to The Male Nude directed by A. Delaplaine
Honorable Mention Short Film goes out to Blackwater Elegy - directed by Joe O'brian & Matthew Porter, Quarters - directed by Dan Cauthorn and Stuff That Bear directed by Bruno Coppola.
Best Short Film honors goes to Day of Independence, directed by Chris Tashima.
Honorable Mention Narrative feature film goes Anathema directed by Nicholas M. Robbins.
Best Feature Narrative honors goes to Lennie Cahill Shoots Through directed by Paul Oliver.
Humanitarian Award goes to Love Thy Neighbor directed by Gary Zamis.
The Herman Fox Filmmaker Award goes to The Passage directed by Daniel Casey- VanHout
The Florida Spirit Award goes to CLICK directed by Steven Kahler.

Young Filmmaker Award Winners
The winners of the Young Filmmakers Award are:
3rd runner up - Never Ever Die directed by Jessee Newman
2nd runner up - Trying to find the words, directed by Jean Paul Morselli
1st runner up - Winter Break directed by Nic Corirossi.
The Cedar Bennett Young Filmmaker Award Grand Prize Awards goes to the Mime, directed by Spencer Hopkins.

About Tambay Film and Video Festival
The Tambay Film Festival is a not-for-profit, (501)C-3 organization. We at the Tambay Film and Video Festival believe in the power of the media arts to influence the public and is committed to exposing audiences to new ideas and perspectives beyond the mainstream.

Company Website: http://www.tambayfilmfest.com

Tambay Film and Video Festival Press Contact:
Leora Chai
Festival Director
email: tambayfilm@yahoo.com
voice: 813-964-9781

At long last, The Punisher
Not since Daredevil have I known a fan/comics-based film to be as fiercely divisive as I have The Punisher. My god, the vitriol this movie has stirred up. I finally was able to go see it this past weekend with William Moriaty and Joshua Montgomery. We're in deep, deep trouble---know why? Because we all liked it!

Very, very unpopular opinion to have right now. This issue's movie reviews feature two reviews of the same film that, while not exactly diametrically opposed, definitely color the movie in vastly different ways. Please read Mike's Review first, then take in my "rebuttal". Mike's opinion is the one most commonly shared by fans right now. Mine is for the rest.

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