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A Fall Preview Look at Dr. Paul Bearer and a Few Other Bay Area Fright Favorites, 1972-1994
 by William Moriaty

"The Chronicles of Riddick"
 by Mike Smith

"The Day After Tomorrow"  by Nolan B. Canova

Robert A. Burns -- A Remembrance....Ronald Reagan, 1911--2004
 by Andy Lalino

Shrek 2....The Day After Tomorrow....Dungeons & Dragons
 by John Lewis

Quick Swipes
 by Vinnie Blesi

Thanks....Happy Birthday....Goodnight, Mr. President....Tell Me What'd I Say....DVD Watch....Meet The Beatles, Part 20
 by Mike Smith

Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2003!
    Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our fifth calendar year!
    Number 220  (Vol. 5, No. 24). This edition is for the week of June 7--13, 2004.

Reagan Remembered

 The Legacy of Ronald Reagan...for better and for worse.
 More Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time  (Go)
     Quick Links: Matt Drinnenberg, Mack Beasley, Steve Beasley, Andy Lalino, Samantha Grahn, Derrek Carriveau
 The PO Box Reviews.  (Go)
     11th-hour update, June 10, 2004: blues and pop legend Ray Charles has died at the age of 73. Please see Mike's Rant for a brief overview of this man's life and career.--N

Earlier this week, the 40th President of the United States of America, Ronald Wilson Reagan died at the age of 93 from complications of Alzheimer's Disease and pneumonia. At 93 he is the oldest former President who ever lived, outliving even John Adams' record by a scant few months. It is not the first time Reagan made history, but would undoubtedly and sadly be his last.

He brought old-school traditional conservatism back to the White House and the people (generally) loved him for it. Enough to re-elect him by a huge landslide for a second term.

That said, since my politics is rabidly left-wing (not to be confused with simply "liberal"), I have a little more jaundiced memory of the Reagan administration. HOWEVER, even I cannot deny the accomplishment of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and the fall of Communism, as we knew it.

"The Great Communicator" moniker was well-earned, and Reagan was easy to trust. His reduction of government was exemplary on many levels, but his approach to "deficit spending", while welcomed in many quarters, led to a Federal Deficit that quadrupled everything built up since the founding of the country up to that time!

The "Star Wars" program was possibly the weirdest thing he got obsessed with although many credit that (partially, anyway) with the caving in of the Soviet Union. We simply proved we could outspend them. The SDI program is still in place, but nobody can point to anything that it has actually built.

My sourest memory of that era has been published in an essay at Legion Studios.com. Reagan never seemed to like policy based on science or proof as much as he liked "beliefs". To me, his greatest impact on politics in this country was making it fashionable to determine policy based on "beliefs", particularly religious ones. NOT PROOF. NOT STATS. "Beliefs". That is, of course the very basis of arch-conservatism. Every speech would be peppered by sentences starting with "I believe..." uttered in the familiar sing-songy folksy manner. VERY easy for a proto-Rush Limbaugh to get inspiration from that.

Toward the end of his administration, Reagan decided Pornography was responsible for the downfall of man and orchestrated a witch-hunt not seen since the McCarthy era. It was also at this time witch-hunts for (falsely-accused) child abusers and devil worshippers were instigated based solely on the now-discredited "recovered memory" phenomenon. While Reagan was not soley responsible for this outrage, his adminstration encouraged the use of fanciful thinking, based on "beliefs".

I won't irritate the Reagan faithful further by bringing up the Iran-Contra scandal for which he had no recollection, recovered or otherwise.

His announcement in 1994 that he had Alzheimer's disease was saddening to even his harshest critics. Many claimed he had memory lapses during his Presidency and Alzheimer's made his wife Nancy the acting President, but even I have a hard time believing that.

Reagan was also the very image of the cowboy-statesman. A tough old bird, he survived as assassination attempt mere weeks into his administration, and several operations for cancer-related maladies in the years that followed. He even recovered from a broken hip incurred only a year or so ago. That he lived to 93 after all that is truly amazing. Hell, if he were to have suddenly recovered from Alzheimer's, he could run for President and win again!

Be that as it may, Ronald Reagan stands as the last representation of the "Greatest Generation", the WWII group who saved the world, and that much is a fact. We will not see their like again, and actually, that is a shame.

Have a comment you'd like to post about Ronald Reagan? A thread has been started on the Message Board. Click here to read it and post a reply or comment.

And now it's time for more of...
The Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time

To recap: Several weeks ago Mike Smith (of Mike's Rant) commented on the current Blender Magazine story regarding their picks of the Top 50 Worst Songs of All Time. He suggested we follow suit with our own Top 10 list. Folks apparently weren't listening closely enough (including me), so in the Rant of two weeks ago, the challenge was made official to staff and readers alike...and THEN the replies started coming in!

Please see last week's issue for the first salvo of Top 10 lists (including mine). What follows below is the current crop of offending ditties!

Continue to scroll down for more of THE TOP 10 WORST SONGS OF ALL TIME

The Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time by Matt Drinnenberg
Woops, Matt's Top 10 arrived last week right at the close-out on Friday, so actually should've been listed first for this week (it was not listed at all in an earlier edition). I temporarily lost the file; Mea Culpa, your esteemed editor needs more sleep! Again, apologies to Matt. ---Nolan

While I haven't had time for columns the last several weeks, I have tried to find the time to at least read the Pop Culture Review, so I've known about this top 10 since it was first mentioned by the Mikester. A few songs immediately came to mind, and to see some of the lists, I have to laugh that we all have so many similarities in what we deem worst songs.

1. Blind Man In The Bleachers -- David Geddes: This has to be the worst song in the history of life. The first time I heard it I laughed my butt off.
2. Run Joey Run -- David Geddes: "Daddy please don't, it wasn't his fault, he means so much to me." Goes downhill from there.
3. Convoy -- C.W. McCall: The only thing that makes me hesitant to put this hear is my dear old dad, who liked this song so much, he bought the cassette. For some reason, I keep thinking of Kris Kristofferson. (That's no slam on Kristofferson, as I consider him to be one of the most underappreciated talents in music.)
4. Rocky -- Austin Roberts: Mike and I used to laugh at this stupid song. For those who don't know it, consider yourselfs lucky. "Rocky I've never been along before, don't know if I can do it". Ugh.
5. I Needed You -- The Royal Guardsmen: I must confess, if Nolan hadn't reminded me of this song, I might not have remembered it. Only because I didnt listen to that much of it. I remember this though: A few moments after it started, I was yanking it off the turntable with the exclamation "That SUCKS!!!!". Could easily be No.1 on this list, and would be, if it were more popular.
6. I've Never Been To Me -- Charlene: Yuk. In rebuttle to this stupid song, I'll proclaim that I've never been to Paris, but I am usually with myself.
7. Boogie Oogie Oogie -- A Taste of Honey: Can there possibly be a worse song to win a Grammy? I think the group "A Taste of Honey" won for best new artist. (Side note: not sure who lost out to them for best new group, but this made me remember one of the biggest gaffes in grammy history, win Starland Vocal Band beat out Boston for best new group. How heiness is that!)
8. The Girl Is Mine -- Paul McCartney: Almost too gooey to mention. not to mention the fact that we know paul will win the girl, as Michael has other interests.
9. Bad -- Michael Jackson: Another entry for MJ, and what a fitting title. Nothing but grunts and "Oooo"'s. First time I heard this song, I thought it was all over for the wonder boy. I wasn't far off.
10. TIE: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da -- Beatles / Emotional Rescue -- Rolling Stones: Those who have read my past Rails should know I cringe at the Beatles' lone serving of crappola. It's also the main reason I prefer Lennon over McCartney, although Paul certainly has a huge vault of classics. As for "Emotion Rescue", when I first heard it I cried, and I thought my beloved Stones had sold out. And let's face it, they did. "Miss You" almost made me cry, but I saw the "Some Girls" tour, and when they did it live, they rocked. Saw them do "Emotional Rescue" live and it still sucked. Must point out that the album of this title has some rocking tunes on it, as well as blues offering, "Down In The Hole".

There are several others that could make this list, and it pains me to include my beloved Stones, but I consider "Emotional Rescue" to be an afront to all Stones fans. The rest pretty much speak for themselves.

The Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time by Mack Beasley

Impossible, there is no way to limit just 10 worst songs. Not when it's so easy to dispose of entire categories of what's called music by some. Take for instance Opera, total shit, never have we heard a song in any opera (this includes Tommy) that warranted anything less than gunfire. Rap and Hip-hop, more shit, don't spare the ammo boys. Disco warrants the vertical deployment of anti-personnel devices (Bombs). "You dropped a bomb on me" is a suitable ending.

All those '80s songs that used "synthetic drums" need to be included in a worst list somewhere but there is so many bad, bad songs during this period. New Wave, R&B, Rock and Pop all used those damn things. Included in the '80s category of "stuff that sucks" were all those Metal bands with a lead singer who had that shrill, squeal like a pig voice. Axle Rose comes to mind, great band, shitty front man. There were no less than a dozen others who sounded like they take it up the ass. Filling a list with Celine Dion or Olivia Newton John, Yanni, Whitney Houston, Barry Manilow and Prince would be too easy. I say delete the existence of all songs that are festering boils of estrogen. Anybody extending a note for more than 4 seconds or bending a note to a pretzel gets beaten on stage.

Sometimes otherwise great artist have periods when they write really crappy stuff. John Lennon and Paul McCartney are fantastic overall but then you hear, "Say, Say ,Say" or "Silly Love Songs" or "Woman" or "Just Like Starting Over" and it gives me the urge to stomp on baby chicks just to get back in the right frame of mind. Maybe Hinkley did John a favor. John was about to eliminate himself career-wise anyway with a sucrose overdose. Sir Paul exemplified this perfectly. Death by sugar.

Sometimes a really killer tune is ruined by not knowing how to end the damn thing. Here's where you insert 50% of The Allman Brothers library. "Jessica", great song but about a 3 hours too long. I've got songs I hate that I used to really like. A song like "Stairway to Heaven" is an all-time classic, right? It sucks now! Radio stations have played it to the point of torture for years. Add to that group "Layla", "Sweet Home Alabama", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Crazy Train" and a few other immortals I never want to hear again.

There is just no way to cover only 10 worst songs but here are a few I really dislike in no particular order:

Burning Love.............................Elvis
Fame.........................................David Bowie
Feelings.....................................I don't wanna know
Too Shy.....................................Kajagoogoo
Passion......................................Rod Stewart
Anything by...............................Limp Bizkit
Welcome to the Jungle.............Guns & Roses
You Oughtta Know.....................Alanis Morsette
Everybody Hurts.........................REM
(Entire career)............................Phil Collins

I re-read your list of top 10 worst and noticed you excluded Ed Ames from your celebrities list because he did some cool stuff. You're absolutely right, including his single hit "My Cup Runneth Over (With Love)". But, the reason for his success is because he was a singer with The Ames Brothers long before he was 'Mingo' on Daniel Boone. The Ames Brothers were pretty big in the mid-to-late '50s. They had a hit with "RagMop" and "The Naughty Lady from Shady Lane" plus a few others. Ya know, Fess Parker (Daniel Boone) also had a hit with his rendition of the song "Davy Crockett".

There are a few small benefits to turning 50 this year, namely, history. I remember these ancient songs because my parents were music geeks and had their HI-FI rocking around the clock with country, swing, western swing, Jazz, showtunes, big band and everything in between. I didn't start buying my own records until 1964 (Ricky Nelson) at 10 years old but my last download was Prong last week, I've covered some ground.

By the way I could add William Shatner's version of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" as the single worst cover of all time.

Except it would be beaten by his own even worse cover of "Tambourine Man", Leonard Nimoy's "Proud Mary" and Jack Webb's "Try A Little Tenderness". Readers, Mack wrote me back earlier to say he'd never heard these last few. I'm not surprised, very few people have, they've been buried for decades. I owe my hearing these classics of musical schlock to David T. ("Backbiter69" on the message board) who discovered them on an obscure compilation album, otherwise, I'd never know of them either. I replied to Mack that Shatner, et.al., to me, are among those I was referring to in my original list re: "TV and movie celebrities who're trying to 'break in' to the music biz."

UPDATE! According to David T./Backbiter69, the cassette we heard is called "Golden Throats" from Rhino Records! I found it as a CD available here: Rhino Records presents Golden Throats: The Great Celebrity Sing-Off--Various Artists!" It must be heard to be believed.

Thank you once again, Mack, for an outstanding contribution to our pages! ---Nolan

The Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time by Steve Beasley

I know that I've included a couple of entire catalogs and genres, but these days that's how I see things. Years before, I could never have disliked an entire genre of music.

1. Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks ('nuff said)
2. Anything by the Honeydrippers (Plant must've been going thru a midlife crisis)
3. I'm Bad by Michael Jackson
4. Anything by The Bee Gees
5. Achy-Brakey Heart (by that stupid wannabe country star, whose name I have finally forgotten)
6. My Name is Michael ('nuff said)
7. Anything by Britney Spears (A suggested GW Bush mandate...that Britney should only do centerfolds henceforth)
8. Anything by Justin Timberlake (who's name I haven't been able to forget because the media keeps reminding me)
9. I despise 'Boy Bands' just for general purpose!
10. Most anything on MTV* these days. (Maybe I'm just becoming an old fart!)

*In New Zealand, we have "Juice TV" which is only okay on occasion. But when it's your only option, I suppose they have to try and please everyone...at some point.

The Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time by Andy Lalino

Worst Singles of All Time
1. Any non-alternative song from 1987 to today.
Rap. Boy bands. American Idol. Grunge. Girlie angst. All smelly musical trends that managed to dethrone New Wave. Can't wait for the day when a new movement gets underfoot that will bury the Nirvanas, Britney Spears, P-Diddies, and Kelly Clarksons forever. England, where are you?!?!
2. "Out of Control" (Jefferson Starship; 1982): Geez, I caught this on Classic VH1 months ago, and couldn't believe what I was hearing (and seeing). This is probably the worst song I've ever heard, bar none. The video came off as a bunch of '60s rockers utterly confounded about which musical direction to go, and being overly weird and New-Wavey (beginning to get very popular at the time) to compensate. It's akin to dinosaurs crawling from the tar pits.
3. "Let's Hear It For The Boy" (Denise Williams): An utterly annoying '80s soul/pop song in an era rightfully dominated by New Wave. Explain: why were people listening to this when they had every option to expose themselves to bands like Big Country and Simple Minds?
4. "Footloose" (Kenny Loggins; 1983): Music for and by skinny twerps.
5. "Danger Zone" (KL; 1986): Dittos. Can we go back in a time machine and burn all prints of "Top Gun"?
6. "Big Trouble in Little China" (Coup de Villes; 1986): Johnny Carpenter, I love 'ya, baby, but the theme song of the film of the same name over the end credits did nothing but elicit groans from the moviegoer.
7. "Fright Night" (J. Giles Band; 1985): Has anyone ever sat through the end credits of "Fright Night" and heard this monster? Luckily, Peter Wolf ditched the band and was not responsible for this - probably the scariest thing about the movie.
8. "Anything I'd Do For You" (Bryan Adams; 1991): Not even sure of the exact title of this song, and didn't feel like looking it up. Syrupy, soury, used at untold numbers of weddings (our wedding song was "All I Want is You" by U2; we were so much cooler) - a horrid ballad tailor-made for airplay and big bucks. Thankfully, the otherwise talented Mr. Adams disowned it.
9. "God Is Watching Us" (Bette Midler). Here's another noxious ballad that I don't even know the proper name of, nor do I want to (But I'll tell you anyway, it's "From A Distance".--N). This may even be worse than Bryan Adams' tune.
10. "Axel F" (Harold Faltermeyer). Yeech!

Runners Up: "Pac Man Fever", "The Curly Shuffle".

To Will Moriaty: "Life is a Rock" is on your Top 10 Worst List? Say it ain't so!

The Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time by Samantha Grahn

While I have to agree with most of the previous selections, I have a Top Ten list of songs that I just can't stand! Now, I know they were supposed to have been a top forty hit so that everyone will know them, but I promise everyone will know (and loath) these songs, too.

10. We All Live In a Yellow Submarine by The Beatles - I love the Beatles, but I hate this song. It's one of those darn songs that stick in your head ALL DAY LONG! Watch, you'll see what I mean. Don't hate me if it gets stuck in your head, too!
9. Crush On You by The Jets - Neon outfits, big hair, bad dance moves...need I say more?
8. Curly Shuffle by Jump in the Saddle Band - What..I...This...Okay, I'm just speechless!
7. Walk the Dinosaur by Was (Not Was) - Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom.What? Someone was high when they wrote this song.
6. Superbowl Shuffle by The 85 Bear's football team - Okay, so maybe it's because I'm a girl and not a big football fan, but, come on! Stick to playing football boys! Please, please, please stop singing!
5. There's A Tear In My Beer by Hank Williams - Come on man! Suck it up! Quit crying.you big baby! A tear in your beer is alcohol abuse!
4. The Chicken Dance - Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea???? I played the bride in a dinner theater show where the setting was a wedding reception. We had to do every cheesy wedding reception song and, you guessed it, we had to do the Chicken Dance. Every week for 8 MONTHS!!!!!! If I NEVER hear this song again it will be too soon. Which brings me to...
3. The Electric Slide - This song just gives bad dancers an excuse to invade the dance floor and bump into each other.
2. Rumpshaker by Wreckx N Effect - Now, I know it has appeared on some other top 10 lists, but I just can't stand this song. It's, like, 3 hours long!!!!! Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating just a weeeeeee bit. It's still like 15 minutes long, isn't it? I think DJ's play this song at clubs as an excuse to go outside for a smoke break or something. You should not shake your rump for 15 minutes straight! You could poke somebody's eye out!
1. Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf - It never fails. EVERYTIME I go into a Karaoke joint, some yahoo has to subject us to this horrendous song. It is bad enough that NOBODY sounds good when singing this song, but the song is also 7 minutes long! Half of the song is some guy fast talking about a baseball game. Why do people think this is a good karaoke song to sing? It's not!

The Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time by Derrek Carriveau

I wasn't sure if I was going to participate in this particular challenge. It's too easy to pick a handful of crummy songs from a particularly disliked genre. I could turn on any current country station, write down the first ten songs I hear (provided I don't hurt myself or others before the task was completed) and be done. The same thing could be said for Top-40 radio, One Hit Wonders (though I am loathe to include a Worst Songs list and not name "Mickey" by Toni Basil) (Hey, that was a close call for me, too!--N), novelty songs and most of the lightweight "haircut" bands that Lalino waxes nostalgic about. The real challenge is to find the Ten Worst Songs by Bands I Like.

"Jazz Police" - Leonard Cohen. The one bleak spot on the otherwise perfect "I'm You Man."
"Death March" - Faith No More. Just an annoying song. I deleted it from my song list, so I can't even go back and say why I dislike it.
"The Greatest Cowboy of them All" - Johnny Cash. I've often said that JC is the only person that I want to hear talk about Jesus. This song; however, almost ruins my generosity on this subject.
"Lick Doo" - KYUSS. A short, uncredited joke song that tries to destroy one of the greatest albums of all time.
"The Unforgiven" - Metallica. A bland rewrite of "Fade to Black" that was whiney and uninteresting and obviously a sign of things to come.
"Tramp" - Otis Redding. I really liked Buddy Guy's take on this on "Sweet Tea."
"Big Time" - Peter Gabriel. It wasn't until I heard "Solisbury Hill" several years later did I realize that PG didn't completely suck.
"Verti-Marte" - The Twilight Singers. Mainly an instrumental track, but it tacks on annoying movie samples and a disco call. Why is this track over 5 minutes long when the incendiary "Annie Mae" is only 2 and change?
"You Shook Me All Night Long" - AC/DC. This sounds better within the context of the album, but by itself it is just annoying.
"God Gave Rock and Roll To You, II" - Kiss. Man, does this song suck.

Whew! OK rock fans, that's all for this week! If there are any songs we've overlooked, send in your Top 10 Worst Songs List and comments to Crazedfanboy1@aol.com. --Nolan

Birthday Wishes go out to my "little" brother, Ron Canova, who turns -- gulp -- 46, this Sunday, June 13th. Happy Birthday, Ron, and many happy returns!

The new Batmobile unveiled at a show in New York. Thanks to David T. for the link to this utter monstrosity: http://lfi.glbx.image-data.com/dynevent-action-nl.do?eventid=65156#

It Came From The PO Box
Starting this week, I'm going through my backlog of stuff I received at my PO Box address for review consideration that had no ready place to go until now. All of these people and I have been in email contact, so no one has ever been ignored, in fact everything has been investigated thoroughly. In some cases, over the course of nearly two years. Some are terrific and more deserving of attention, and other things are just awful (but still got attention). I'll be sharing all of them with you. I'm starting with some very recent stuff while it's fresh on my mind, but believe me crazed fans, there's lot of stuff and it's a weird road ahead! --Nolan
Afterthought 2004, IKO Productions.
Written and Directed by Katharine Leis
Starring: Meredith Webb and John Bixler
TRT: 6 mins

This got to my box about two months ago. The lovely and talented Katharine Leis (Run, Perspective, There's a Caterpillar In My Bok Choy) strikes again with this short shocker concerning a young woman's will to live.
    Slight digression: In one of the weirdest cascading events I've ever known, ever media-player device I had went belly-up soon after I brought this home. Actually, my DVD player was a borrowed one I had to give back, so I had a friend make me a copy of this on VHS tape. Then four VHS decks, all older models, went out inside two weeks. Finally, an old SVHS deck I had from public access days sprang to life and I was able to view Katharine's film! (I told Katharine to please not take any of this personally, sometimes my life is just haunted like that.)
    Back to the action: a young man is trying desperately to talk his young lady friend out of what seems to be her determined decision to commit suicide. After several minutes, she seems to be coming around, realizing she will hurt terribly those closest to her. The final scenes are a true trademark of Katharine Leis I will not give away, but suffice it to say it is a poignant and tragic ending that will stick with you for a long time. I know it did me.
    The two very attractive young leads pull off their roles with aplomb. The young man has a quality of a very young Emilio Estevez about him, but some friends thought he more reminded them of Tobey Maguire. Good chops, either way.
    It is known to my closest friends and to a few long-time readers that I have wrestled with chronic depression and suicidal thoughts my whole life. A movie like this hits home. In far less capable hands, this film could've been preachy or a mockery to those who suffer with this or who've lost loved ones to suicide. With the writing and directing skill consistently demonstrated by Katharine Leis, these sensitive subjects are in good hands.

Band and album
Produced by Dave at Bit by Byt, co-produced by Embrace the Fall.
Drums-Dan Creekmore
Lead guitar- Jonathan Powell
Guitar 2- Kyle Parrish
Vocals/lyrics- Steve Parrish, Jr.
Bass- Corey Hersha
Samples/backup vocals- Jon Meade
Keyboards- Ryan Dombrowski.

Technically, this is not from the PO Box but was given to me at my loathsome place of employment.
    One of the weirdest things I am grateful for, in-between battling with customers and slingin' Slurpees, is, once in a while, meeting interesting people. I'll miss that part when I eventually leave that hell-pit of despair, so I guess I'll have to be more sociable to make up for it.
    Case in point: the vendor who brings our magazines, Mike Lacey, and I struck up a conversation some months back about rock music and live bands. Turns out he was involved with a local rock band as far as hangin' out at practices and being a roady and stuff. All good friends. On one of his missions to 7-Eleven, one of the bandmembers, Jonathan, accompanied him. Very interesting and intense guy. Turns out we both are big fans of hard, intense metal (and I, an ex-practioner). I asked if I could listen to a promotional CD if one existed, I'd share it with my readers, he said sure.
    Fast-forward two or three weeks and Mike drops off (I wasn't there) a home-burned sampler of two songs from the local band EMBRACE THE FALL. (I say local, but I believe they're based out of either Plant City or Lakeland, can't remember.) The CD had a B&W paper cut-out copy inserted of what is, I presume, the album cover.
    I really love the sound this band makes! Strange wafting keyboard riffs underscore thud-heavy metal guitar lines, with machine-gun double bass drums driving the action. The VOCALS are what attracted me. There are two voices going on here, one is an almost Ronnie James Dio/Rob Halford-esque operatic swooning, the other the more familiar screaming-your-head-off-till-it-explodes flavor. I was shocked to learn it's because there are two singers!
Embrace The Fall
Above is a photo of the band they emailed to me. I'll relay contact and website info as soon as I get any.

You can download some of their songs from here: http://www.hxcmp3.com/bands/9608

Much, much more ahead! If you sent me or handed me anything and you don't see it here this week, don't worry, it's coming! ---Nolan

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