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What’s In A Name? A Look at the Origin of Names of Florida’s Towns and Counties A to B
 by William Moriaty

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 by Mike Smith

Do The "I, Robot"!
 by Andy Lalino

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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2003!
    Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our fifth calendar year!
    Number 226  (Vol. 5, No. 30). This edition is for the week of July 19--25, 2004.

Swingin' Summer
 "The I, Robot Rap"
  Flood Zone
  New Videos Coming
  The Return of Terence

No sooner had we gotten over the heady success of Spider-Man 2, the political quagmire of Fahrenheit 9/11, and the non-events that were Van Helsing and The Day After Tomorrow, that July brought with it an unlikely controversy: I, Robot and its "guaranteed" star power of Will Smith.

As of this writing I haven't seen the movie yet, but knew from the trailers it was not going to be faithful, except superficially, to the Isaac Asimov novel on which it purports to be based. TV critics Ebert & Roeper had a split vote. Fan boards seem similarly divided. Our own Mike Smith was quite taken with it. Our own Andy Lalino has written the "I, Robot Rap" a hysterical satire pretty much decimating the topic (and Will Smith) in this issue's Oddservations. (Note: Not everyone shares my opinion and I regret that some readers were offended by the "I, Robot Rap". Please see this issue's Lettercol for some fiery feedback regarding this. --N)

I am planning to see the picture sometime this weekend. I will definitely post my opinion, likely on the message board, but I predict I will sympathize with those who thought it was an exciting summer action flick, and also with those who groan at the requirement of Will Smith to star in July action movies, sci-fi type especially, for the rest of our lives.

Hey we still have Cat Woman to carp about pretty soon---Halle Bery was on Jay Leno last night (Wed, 7-22-04) and showed clips. CGI all over the place. But, hey, she learned to crack the leather whip like a pro!

Flood Zone
I was forced to launch this week's headline section with a miserably short piece temporarily until I could get some rest and recover from two of the shittiest days I've ever had. Basically, my house had developed the sudden habit of flooding itself with no known cause! Twice over two days I had to wet-vac myself to exhaustion, set out fans and hope for the best. I'd get home (or wake up) and again discover the whole west side and some of the north side was under an inch of water.

Imagine walking along and discovering water emanating from the walls at the floor level --- and there's no water running in the house and hasn't been! Since the sewer was recently replaced, and the roof was replaced only a few years ago, I became seized by the notion that somehow this was rainwater coming up through a breach in the system underneath the house. Tampa has seen near-unprecedented deluges over the past week's time so my first thoughts lept to that. All I know is, the water kept coming and it wouldn't stop. In desperation, even though the sewer had been ruled out early, I dug it up anyway....at 5:00am by flashlight. As I thought, the line was pretty clear (or clear enough) to continue to rule that out as a culprit.

Once day broke, and I'm contemplating hanging myself in despair, my good friend Count Poffula came to my rescue and with a calmer head traced the runaway water stream to a small break in a water line feeding the bathtub. Behind a wall with nowhere else to go, the overflow seeped outward into the hall and spread from there. We shut the water off from outside temporarily to make repairs -- and that finally stopped the leak. Everything's under control now (thank god), but every bone in my body aches and I haven't sweated this many gallons in many years. My eyes are still burning from being soaked in sweat. But at least it's drying out around here.

New Videos Coming
As promised last week (and come hell or high water--literally), I was finally able to get Jason Liquori some company up in the video section--namely the Jones' family rendition of "The Creature From The Green Latrine", shot on VHS as a home movie several years ago and seen by the public for the first time here! This could be construed as the first CLIPS production ever made.

There will be more, soon. I've got some great footage I've never finished, finally seeing the light of day, as better time-management has permitted. And anyone who's given me their trailers will see them here soon.

The Return of Terence
The irrascible Terence Nuzum has returned this week to give us his all new CD reviews in his inimitable style. Check it out. And BTW, I think he still has a spare CURE ticket for this Sunday--if you or anyone you know is interested, contact him now.

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