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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2004!
    Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our fifth calendar year!
    Number 241  (Vol. 5, No. 45). This edition is for the week of November 1--7, 2004.

Florida Senate race goes to Mel Martinez (R)

Creature Feature meets Crazed Fanboy at the Halloween Horror Picture Show '04

One the tightest presidential races ever in American history finally came to a conclusion as I write these words, at noon November 3, 2004, the day after election day. Threatening to become a repeat of 2000's fiasco, all eyes were on the Buck-Eye State, Ohio, still using punch-card ballots, where a win by John Kerry could have cinched the election for him. It wasn't until late the next morning that the necessary electoral votes needed by George W. Bush to win re-election were confirmed in the few remaining unconfirmed states. Later today (Wed) John Kerry is expected to concede the race and later still Bush will give his acceptance speech.

In Florida, things went a lot smoother than 4 years ago, the new touch-screen voting machines proved reliable. The only hitch reported at all was a precinct downtown that ran out of provisional ballots forcing some voters to wait several hours for their delivery.

At this writing, the Senate race between Betty Castor (D) and Mel Martinez (R) is still too close to call, and a recount seems likely.
UPDATE Thur. 11-04-04: Mel Martinez has won the Florida Senate race by a very narrow margin. After one of the closest and nastiest campaigns in Florida history, former USF president Betty Castor conceded the race and, from what I now understand, has retired from politics permamently.

For those who used to live in South Tampa, District 11, Jim Davis was re-elected. For those who remember Ronda Storms (District 4, she who wrecked public access TV), Ronda enjoyed a landslide victory, go figure.

For those who used to live in Florida, here are some Constitutional measures voted on and their results. This is merely a brief overview, more detailed information can be found online:
Amendment 1: Parental notification of the termination of a minor's pregancy. PASSED
Amendment 2: Changing the rules of the "citzen's initiative" for constitutional amendments, moving it up to February 1 and adding various new approval processes not in place before. PASSED. (Not necessarily a good thing--makes it harder for regular folks to get things on the ballot.)
Amendment 3: Medical liability judgement cap, limiting lawyers contingency fees to 30% of the first $250,000 received by claimant and 10% of damages in excess of $250,000. PASSED. (Everyone loves to stick it to the lawyers, this is intended to decrease frivolous lawsuits.)
Amendment 4: Authorizes Miaimi-Dade and Broward Counties to hold referenda on whether to authorize slot machines in existing paramutual facilities (like greyhound races and Jai-Alai). PASSED. (Seen by some as a gateway to legalized gambling in Florida. UPDATE. An earlier edition of this week's PCR reported that this amendment did NOT pass. At that time the count was overwhelmingly against it. However, provisional and absentee ballots, counted later, overturned earlier estimates and the amendment PASSED, albeit by a very narrow margin.
Amendment 5: Raises Florida's Minimum wage to $6.15 an hour. PASSED. (Duhhh. Despite a nasty ad campaign that called this a "job killer", Floridians had no problems voting themselves a $1 raise.) UPDATE. Although this result is confirmed, the amendment is being challenged by the Florida Association of Retailers.
Amendment 6: Repeals the previous bullet-train initiative. PASSED. (I never figured how people thought we'd pay for such an expensive luxury, anyway.)
Amendment 7: Makes medical malpractice information on any facility or provider available to patients upon request; does not disclose involved patients' identities. PASSED.
Amendment 8: "Three Strikes You're Out". Doctors who have been found to have three or more cases of medical malpractice will not be licensed to practice in Florida. PASSED.

OK, so now we've got Bush for another four years. I will not comment on that result in this headline section, I'll save my feelings for the message board, but I will say here and now I'm not happy about it.

I've written before, either here or on the message board, that an important PCR writer would not be returning as a regular columnist if George W. Bush was re-elected. Do not look for any more Couch Potato Confessions. Vin Blesi has stated he cannot be a part of a publication that gives voice or support to the radical right wing. I do not support the radical right, but I do encourage a dialogue in these "pages". Vinnie finds this unacceptable, and while I love Vinnie and respect his feelings to the Nth degree, we do not agree on this. We will miss him and Couch Potato Confessions very much. I do hope he'll continue to contribute to the message board. And speaking of the message board...

On the board this week, William Moriaty, the first PCR writer to post a "Presidential Endorsement" suggested we not post any more politically-themed messages (read: Bush-bashing) after the election. Sorry Will, I don't think I'll be able to help myself!  I might, however, prune some of the older political topics, whose value has expired, either now or towards the end of the year.

On an unrelated matter, I have discontinued the "Festivals From Elsewhere" forum on the message board; it really wasn't going anywhere and I didn't get enough out-of-state notices to keep it current. Older topics over the entire board whose value has expired (or haven't gotten replies in months) will likely be pruned now or towards the end of the year as well.

The Halloween Horror Picture Show, 2004

Click on images to enlarge
Entering the tiny dealer's area at Cooper Hall, USF
Actress Chanel Bagwell and filmmaker Jason Liquori
Simon Lynx, left, and Chris Woods at the ICON Film Studios table
Florida indie legend Joel D. Wynkoop (left) and me
Relic Films head, the very shy Greg Rivera (left) and me
Sandy Lalino, left, and Julie Bartel
Joel and Andy talk shop
Here's a keeper! From left, Jason Thomas, yours truly, and Professor Paul Bearer II !
From left, Simon Lynx, Professor Paul Bearer, yours truly, and Chris Woods
Paul Bearer Productions' producer Jason Thomas and I talk about Creature Feature
I get ready to snap a picture of Andy Lalino and Jason Thomas
I look on as the Professor and Joel Wynkoop act menacingly
Ah, now I get it! They're at each other's throats!
Click on images to enlarge
The Professor snuggles up to "Sheep's Clothing" star, Chanel Bagwell
The Professor and I talk fandom. Jason Thomas watches carefully
Andy snaps a picture of the Profesor with "Filthy" actor John Biebrich
I have no idea what the Professor, myself, and Chris Woods are looking at!
Creature Feature super-fan Lonnie Dohlen with Professor Paul Bearer II
I actually got up on stage to say a few words at the HHPS-04! John Biebrich looks on.
Actress Chanel Bagwell puts the bite on Hocus Focus Productions' Jason Liquori
Jason Liquori shares a moment with actress Hollie Winnard and friend
John Biebrich on being John Biebrich!
Shelby McIntyre (left) and Natali Ragan have joined Simon and Chris for what was supposed to be a casual shot. Right.
The lovely and talented Krista Grotte (aka, "Necro Nancy" of the Nightare Collection) with Nolan, as Sandy Lalino attacks from behind
Here I'm flanked by horror authors Lynne Hansen and Jeff Strand. It was an honor to meet them
Joel D. Wynkoop makes a sale! Getting the money from Shelby McIntyre is another matter
When Creature Feature super-fan Lonnie Dohlen arrived to pick me up to go to the Halloween Horror Picture Show, it was apparent we were going to get lost. The 30-minute drive from my house to the University of South Florida was matched by the nearly 30 minutes it took to find Cooper Hall once we got to USF. My sole complaint, right at the outset, is an event like this should never be held at such an out of the way and unfamiliar place. The smallish turn-out was undeniably linked to this, along with the unfortunate timing of being the same day as Guavaween. Not to say that HHPS was a failure---far from it. You can see from the pictures accomanying this article, a lot of good people got together and had a really good time. And I've heard from the head honchos that it was successful as far as ticket sales, so I'm certainly glad about that.

Winding our way around USF finally put us face-to-face with "Filthy" actor John Biebrich (no other landmarks or signs--thank god he was standing outside). He pointed the way in and we finally found the tiny dealer's area leading to the auditorium.

First faces greeting us as we entered were PCR's own Jason L. Liquori of Hocus Focus Productions, the elusive Greg Rivera of Relic Films, and Chris Woods & Simon Lynx from Icon Film Studios. On the far side of the room I could see Mr. and Mrs. Andy Lalino (she in a terrific scarecrow/zombie outfit/make-up), and on the opposite wall, Florida indie film legend, the irrascible Joel D. Wynkoop, who was playing his videos on a TV right at his table. Guarding the door to the auditorium was none other than the great and powerful OZ, Rick Danford of Enigma Films (Enigma Films together with Andy's Metropol Productions are who're responsible for this event). Later, I spoke briefly with Kerry Hogan of Renegade Films (Rick's former company) about the possiblility of another Saints & Sinners Film Festival (Maybe next March, he said). I was delighted to have a rare encounter with Relic Films' Greg Rivera, who I hadn't seen since Saints & Sinners 3. He loaned me a copy of his award-winning horror film "The Uninvited" which I'd wanted to see since it premiered at S&S 1!

Lonnie and I made our way in to watch "Eterne Sangre", already in progress. We noticed the lip-sync was way off, so I told Rick something must be wrong with the print. He replied the movie was from Chile and was overdubbed in English! DUHHH!!! What an idiot--deduct 50 fanboy points for Nolan. I tried to watch a little more of it. Looked like a great flick! (This was one of those unusual events where, because of the unique circumstances, I did much more socializing than movie-watching, for which I apologize. Normally, I am critical of those who do this. Please see Andy's column for a better overview of the movies themselves.)

Something made me go back out to the lobby, maybe it was to find a drink or something when I was made aware of the arrival of Professor Paul Bearer II !! The new host of Creature Feature was there along with his producer Jason Thomas (Paul Bearer Productions). I talked to Jason a good long while and got lots of informative tidbits. The Professor's "bumper spots" broadcast so far were not filmed at WTOG 44 in St. Pete, but in Orlando, using borrowed equipment and volunteers. The spots were then given to WTOG 44 to use for a series of October specials to promote the return of Creature Feature. If 44 gets enough interest in the show, it will return in January (the next legit TV season). Mr. Vump the midget is also from the Orlando area and got his name from referring to a bump on his head as his "vump" (his foreign accent is real, but played up for the role). The absence of pet spider Spenjamin Bock will be addressed in a future episode and will be possibly done via CGI!

I complimented both gentlemen on the increasing quality of the shows to date. I found the actor who plays the Professor very likable--with his wry wit and gift for improvisation he is exquisitely suited for this type of work (and personal appearances). I was flattered to discover they knew exactly who I was and what website I had and that I was writing about them. (The actor is remaining deliberately anonymous for the time being.) One last question: "Who does the Professor's make-up?" Answer? Both at the same time: "WHAT MAKE-UP?!?" Ha ha, I walked right into that one.

Soon they were gone and it was time for me to take the stage and address the few film fanatics who had stayed thus far. After the music video "You Make Me Feel So Dead" (Pitbull Daycare) finished, John Biebrich ("Filthy", Weekly Planet's "Best Actor in Tampa Bay") semi-mangled my introduction, confusing me with a film producer, but straightened it out once he read it in a better light. I walked up and started talking. No mics, didn't need 'em, just me and my public--all 15 of them.

I spoke about how the Bay area film community has really come together in the last several years, and how many great film-related events we have. And with the right support and continued momentum that it's only a matter of time before we're really "on the map". I acknowledged the work of Andy, Rick, and the Icon boys Chris & Simon as being most at the heart of it. A smattering of gracious applause and I was outta there. ("Gotta Make Them Angels" would be the next movie.)

I didn't get the night off from the hell-pit of despair (my regular night job), so I couldn't stay for the costume contest, Icon's "Chameleon", Hocus Focus' "Sheep's Clothing", Metropol's "Filthy" (I'd seen those three before, though), or "London Voodoo" (I hadn't seen that one). I was, however, pleased to run into late-arriving Krista Grotte before leaving the festivities. You may remember Krista as "Necro Nancy" from my first abysmal web video about the Renegade Film Festival. Krista is ten times hotter in person.

Shelby McIntyre (Other Side Cinema) appeared and got into a couple of gag pics. I was unable to hang around and talk for very long by that point, unfortunately, but it's always good to see Shelby. (I did congratulate him, however, on his film "Night Demons" winning a best of show award recently.)

Just as I was readying myself for departure I had the inestimable honor of meeting two local horror authors of great repute: Lynne Hansen and Jeff Strand. They were a delight to talk to and I'm pleased to say Jeff has already posted messages on the Message Board! Thanks, Jeff!

L-to-R: Simon Lynx, Professor Paul Bearer II, Nolan B. Canova, Chris Woods
I want to thank Rick Danford and Andy Lalino for the opportnity to partake in this event and for the chance to speak to the audience. Hopefully next year's extravaganza will be even bigger and better---and more centrally-located!

For more great info on this event, including a better-detailed summary of the movies top-to-bottom, please see this issue's Oddservations!

Please consider making a donation to help support Crazed Fanboy! Click on the "donate" link below and give whatever you can. I sincerely thank you for any and all consideration.---Nolan
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