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Charlie Carlson’s "Weird Florida": Unleashed!!!! Book Release Party
 by William Moriaty

"The Amityville Horror"
 by Mike Smith

Debralee Scott Dies at 52 .... "Zombiethon" (1986)
 by Andy Lalino

Right To Die, Right To Live
 by Nicholas King

Conversations With Gorbly...."Sahara"
 by John Lewis

Bucco Focus....Stupid Is As Stupid Does
 by Matt Drinnenberg

Where's Matthew McConaughey?...Beautiful Noise....Passing On....Speaking Of Music....I'm A Star....Jaws: The Story, Part 14
 by Mike Smith

Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2005!
    Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our sixth calendar year!
    Number 264  (Vol. 6, No. 15). This edition is for the week of April 11--17, 2005.

Back On Track?

"Brain Robbers From Outer Space", Part 2
Coffeehouse Film Review reminder
Weird discs showing up in the mail

This has been a very strange Spring season indeed. Nothing seems like it was only a month or so ago. But then everything happened at once. Independent Art Magazine. NolanCon. Tax time. Vanishing PCR writers...

Happy to say, everything seems to be coming back to normal finally (except for the missing PCR writers). Independent Art magazine and NolanCon are coming along slowly but surely.

One thing's for sure, and it seems I'm just as much at fault, is for the past several weeks, the PCR seems to be running about a day late. I dare say that's because of what's on everyone's plate right now so I'm hard-pressed to criticize, but please know, reminders are sent to the writers regularly so that we don't get too far behind! I'm not used to starting Wednesdays with no Movie Review or Oddservations. Fortunately, the recently ephemeral Will Moriaty is in this week with La Floridiana.

We welcome back Nicholas Rex, for this issue anyway, after a very long absence. Hopefully, he'll find his sea-legs again and write more often.

Strange DVDs in the mail.
Has anybody else besides me gotten a free DVD in the mail from the "Reopen 9/11" people? Looks like a hoot, but at three hours it's a lot to take in. The way I understand it, the organization (and presumably the movie) goes into detail about several discrepencies in the government's version of 9/11 and the evidence. I remember some of that from some intensely interesting Coast-to-Coast shows (AM radio) where the guest illustrated things like the small hole in the Pentagon, and lack of wreckage.

I'll be perusing this disc over the weekend, and I'll give you my opinion next week.

"Brain Robbers From Outer Space", Part 2.
Same as above. This weekend I will be catching up on DVD-viewing and reviews. Sorry for the delay---hassles, you know, hassles.

Coffeehouse Review Series Reminder.
TOO Productions presents the next Coffeehouse Film Review on Thursday, April 14 from 8 – 10 p.m. at Studio 1515, located at 1515 Seventh Avenue in Ybor City. Coffeehouse Film Reviews showcases independent films made by local filmmakers. Coffeehouse Film Reviews is held every second Thursday of the month and is free.

This months film’s include:
The Dance by 1dayfilms: The Mob's most notorious and legendary hitman has grown old and senile and the Mob is worried he may spill his secrets to the wrong people. To protect these secrets, the Mob sends their new stud hitman to take out the legend. But, if the legend is being taken out, he plans on going out on his own terms.
Trail of Tears by Voodoo Mojo Video Productions, Inc.: A look at the crash of the advertising agency industry in 2001-2002
Plus, an Indiana Jones Fan Film (postponed from last month) and more!

    TOO Productions feels that there are very few, if any, regular outlets in the local area for local independent filmmakers to showcase their films. Hopefully, this monthly event will provide that outlet for everyone, from experienced local independent filmmakers to local college and high school filmmakers experimenting with film production for the first time. TOO Productions promises your film will be shown!
    Studio 1515 is owned and operated by Walter and Sarah Romeo, who opened the coffeehouse in order to provide local artists a place to gather and share their art. Coffeehouse Film Reviews is another way to provide a showcase to local artists.
    TOO Productions is looking for film submissions for future events. For more information on the event or for information on how to submit a film, email tooprod@hotmail.com or paulguzzo@hotmail.com. All genres of films are accepted – feature length, shorts, documentaries, comedy, horror, love, art, drama, foreign language, experimental etc. No pornography!

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