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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2005!
    Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our sixth calendar year!
    Number 277  (Vol. 6, No. 28). This edition is for the week of July 11--17, 2005.

Hurricane Hell
Are Floridians back to running for cover?

With last year's hurricane season still all-too-fresh on many Floridians minds, forgive us if we are alarmed by not one, not two, not three, but four name storms that have approached the U.S. this season, a first for this early in the summer, heck, not even the middle of July yet (as I write this).

As I sit here, Hurricane Dennis, our first hurricane, has just plowed a path through the Florida panhandle, Pensacola specifically, very close to the one plowed previously by Hurrican Ivan. Thankfully, Dennis was not quite as powerful (winds "only" about 125 mph), nor did it sit as long, but the damage is impressive: something like 2 billion dollars in damage, compared to Ivan's 7 billion.

Hurricane Emily churns in the open Atlantic, not expected to come closer than about 1,000 miles south of the U.S. Still....one has to wonder why our luck is so bad with hurricanes recently?

According to the chief hurricane guru, Dr. William Gray, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Colorado State University and consultant to the National Hurricane Center, we are in what is known as "a cycle", one that either favors or discourages hurricane development. Lucky us, we are in the beginning of a 30-to-40 year "upward" cycle of storm activity we haven't seen since the early part of the 20th century.

So, the question is no longer "how many" (a bunch), the question is "where"? Are they going to all hit us? Unfortunately, there seems to be no easy answer as even the experts are sometimes confounded by hurricane tracking. (Tampa's would-be doomsday storm, Hurricane Charlie, was predicted to level us last August 13th. Just three hours before making its expected landfall, it made a sudden western turn, pummeling the Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte area instead, countering nearly all computer models. Conversly, Hurricane Dennis followed the forecaster's predicted path almost precisely, right through to the end.)

Coffeehouse Film Review Reminder
TOO Productions presents the next Coffeehouse Film Review on Thursday, July 14 from 8 10 p.m. at Studio 1515, located at 1515 Seventh Avenue in Ybor City. Coffeehouse Film Reviews showcases independent films made by local filmmakers. Coffeehouse Film Reviews is held every second Thursday of the month and is free.

This month's films include:
Back to the Machine by Damien Kincannon: In the future, man's greatest fear may come from what lies beyond the machine. The Army's latest top secret experiment is loose; set free by its creator. They desperately try to keep the situation quiet; to track it down before it can change into a living weapon and achieve its truly deadly potential. 10 minutes
Inspiration by Railgun Productions: A short film about the internal feelings of a screenwriter with writer's block. 8 minutes
Wish by KSFilms
Sitting Vigil by Hocus Focus Productions (Jason Liquori). Part of the "Death Plots" compilation.
Once Not Far From Home, directed by Ben Van Hook, written by Todd Thompson and starring Erik Per Sullivan from Malcolm in the Middle: A dramatic story about a curious little boy, a beautiful young girl, and a mysterious old house that holds the secret to their love and fate. A captivating, thought-provoking tale that proves true love really does last forever. 18 minutes

TOO Productions feels that there are very few, if any, regular outlets in the local area for local independent filmmakers to showcase their films. Hopefully, this monthly event will provide that outlet for everyone, from experienced local independent filmmakers to local college and high school filmmakers experimenting with film production for the first time. TOO Productions promises your film will be shown!
Studio 1515 is owned and operated by Walter and Sarah Romeo, who opened the coffeehouse in order to provide local artists a place to gather and share their art. Coffeehouse Film Reviews is another way to provide a showcase to local artists.
TOO Productions is looking for film submissions for future events. For more information on the event or for information on how to submit a film, email tooprod@hotmail.com or paulguzzo@hotmail.com. All genres of films are accepted feature length, shorts, documentaries, comedy, horror, love, art, drama, foreign language, experimental etc. No pornography!

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