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áby Will Moriaty

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áby Mike Smith

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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2005!
    Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our sixth calendar year!
Number 287  (Vol. 6, No. 38). This edition is for the week of September 19--25, 2005.

Another Hurricane Threat to Gulf

  • PCR Welcomes New Sponsor
  • Nolan's Radio Appearance
  • New PCR Column to Debut
  • This is the 4th most active hurricane season on record since records began in 1851. Just weeks after Hurricane Katrina pounded Lousianna and Mississippi, our 17th named storm, Rita, is headed toward (as of this writing) Galveston, Texas, with some computer models taking it right back to New Orleans, though that is unlikely. Local governments, having learned the lesson from Katrina, are pulling out all the stops with mandatory evacuations.

    Residents of New Orleans had just begun filtering back into the Big Easy when they were told they'd have to evacuate again.

    As of this writing (Wed, 9-21-05), Hurricane Rita, like Katrina, went from a Category 3 to a Category 4 storm in a very short time, but shortly before I uploaded this page to the internet, Rita was reclassified as a Category 5 storm with sustained winds of 165 mph.

    In 1900, Galveston was hit with a hurricane that completely destroyed the city and up to 10,000 people were killed. While modern weather-predicting technology and advance warnings would seem to have rendered those kinds of numbers obsolete, it may serve to remind that the mayor of New Orleans was predicting finding up to 10,000 dead once floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina receded (as of this writing, the actual number is closer to 1,000).

    This super-active season has brought about the question of naming hurricanes once we're out of alphabetical letters! It has been reported that after "W" (we don't go to "Z" evidently), we start using Greek letters, like Alpha, Beta, etc.

    PCR Welcomes a New Sponsor
    We'd like to welcome TampaBayMuse.com to our sponsor's section! TampaBayMuse is your one-stop for news, art, music, an events calendar, and all things cultural in Tampa Bay.

    Nolan's Appearance on The Graveyard Shift A.M.
    As you may recall from last week's issue, I was invited to appear on a local radio talk show called The Graveyard Shift AM (1340AM on your radio dial) last Sunday by the show's host, Emilio Diaz (of "Emi & Ami Diaz"). I had a great time! I hope you all could catch some or all of it locally or on the internet.

    Emi called me that afternoon and we had a great talk (could've been called a "pre-interview", I suppose, but it was very causal) about all things fandom and it seemed like we were on the same page about everything. We agreed on what would and would not be good directions to go in (i.e., no to politics or religion). After a quick run-down of available topics (and there were plenty) I looked forward to the 9:55pm call from the producer.

    9:55pm, right on time, the producer calls. "Nolan? Hi, this is Graveyard Shift AM, we're going on the air in 5 minutes, we're going to put you on hold, OK?" "Sure!" I said. I listened to the 10:00pm CNN News feed (mostly about Hurricanes), then Emi came on, welcomed everyone to the show and went into some news bits of his own. I was then introduced.

    We started with the definitions and history of fandom, both historical and personal, and did a little trivia. While I am mostly fluent in Baby-Boomer-type pop culture, the younger Emi is huge into animé, video games and the like, which is fine, I learned a few things. Emi's a great host for this kind of thing, always up and very excited.

    While the second hour of the interview was intended to be devoted to the paranormal, we got so wrapped up in Trek-trivia and such, we really never got around to it! If I'm ever on the show again, it'll be all paranormal I'm sure.

    Several times during both hours, we received calls from someone named "Smokey Pot", allegedly a super-hero/stoner who seemed to be Emi's comic relief buddy. I learned later these skits were a regular part of the show. With so much ground to cover I think we could've better used the time for fan talk, but whatever, "Smokey Pot" or "Stoney Pot" or whoever he was I suppose keeps the show from getting too serious.

    Emi was so caught up in the night's antics, he forgot to give out the station's telephone number until 11:30pm. The only caller we had was PCR's own William Moriaty, who described his own start in fandom. Later, Will recounted an unreal experience we both had just before the show, where, stopped at a traffic light in South Tampa, we witnessed an unusually long (half-mile or so) procession of police cars and gov't vehicles exiting MacDill Air Force Base and getting onto the Crosstown Expressway! Weirdly, the first two communications I received after the program dealt directly with this story.

    To hear or download the entire program, please visit the program's website at www.emisuniverse.com/downloads.htm

    The Return of Terence Nuzum: New PCR Column to Debut in PCR #288
    Once and future PCR hellion Terence Nuzum (The Digital Divide, The Enlightenment) has announced his return to these pages with a new music column called The Audio Philes. Terence emphatically states this new column will not be about reviewing new CDs as The Digital Divide was, but (and this is a direct quote) "instead of current music reviews it will focus on essential guides to bands and musical genres".

    With the exception of the occasional CD reviews featured in the always excellent Couch Potato Confessions and Oddservations, Terence's long hiatus has meant no real dedicated music columns at PCR for quite some time, so I am, of course, extremely excited at this development.

    Please consider making a donation to help support Crazed Fanboy! Click on the "donate" link below and give whatever you can. I sincerely thank you for any and all consideration.---Nolan
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